Yesterday Today and Tomorrow June 29, 2016

0nce again I have been at the mercy of my laptop and my posts reflect this. So my apologies and hopefully this time it will last a bit longer before it crashes.
I am sure it has to do with charging.  As long as the charger is plugged in, it runs but as soon as its unplugged, the black screen appears.   So I am going to try to get this update done and posted before it crashes again. Maybe tape the charger to the laptop would help.
I will start by saying I am   feeling slight symptoms of a solar flu attack.  This one is going to be tough starting out as strong as it is.  I attempted to connect with a solar scientists, a professor in  AZ today but he was either one, totally clueless in what I was asking him or 2, trying to be funny or 3, just didn’t care and frankly I think it was all 3.

When I explained how I am feeling the flares before they happen, he said ” do you feel it when your neighbors start their car ” I said no, and he said ” I am serious, do you feel it when your neighbors start their car?  again I said no, and he said  “that is much stronger magnetic field than the Sun ”  He intimated that it would be impossible to feel the flares on the Sun and suggested staying with my own data base of contacts.  So basically I was dismissed.  I felt like an errant child.  I hate being talked down to. 

Sorry but that is the way I took it.., anyway the solar pressure was starting to build last night, sternum and into the back and upper stomach.  I am going to finish this update before I get the Hot Sweet Peppermint Tea.  Sometimes its 12-72 hours before an event will show up and I can’t imagine this not happening even though a quick glance at current activity has not shown anything. The Sun looks amazingly quiet.
Since my last update there has not been any major quakes.  Some like Mexico I have felt but nothing major.
Mexico causes the sharp heart pains and stomach pains.  The pain hit last Thursday and was so bad I thought I was going to have to go to the ER..  but it stopped within 30 minutes so I let it go.   I waited for the quake, in one of several locations.  The Landers Quake Zone, S CA into Mexico and MX proper and or Borrego Springs area.
The heart symptoms followed a 2.9 in Santa Monica and as you know, if you have been on the list for very long, Santa Monica is a precursor for both Landers and Northridge CA quakes.  So the sharp heart pains followed Santa Monica within 30 minutes so my best guesses were as above. Actually my best guess was for S CA into MX and MX proper. 
This time it was the right assumption it was near El Centro CA.. which is part of that area I just mentioned,  That would be Mexicali, Calexico, Brawley, Westmoreland, El Centro, Ocotillo Wells, Baja CA MX and Gulf of CA…   and into Mexico proper which is Jalisco, Guerrero, Chaipas, Oaxaca, Michocan, Colima.
There has been concern about the area of Borrego Springs.  This is only 55 miles from Brawley so it can go with this area as well.  I had thought it was much further away but according to online reports that is not the case.    Actually one person who has been on my list for a very long time reminded me that Borrego Springs used to be included in my S CA into MX list, I had forgotten this, that is why I went to check the proxmity of the two locations.  I guess they could be in the same range of distance.  So I will be adding that into my list but for the record, Borrego Springs has a few other symptoms that I did not notice before quakes in S CA into MX. Mostly it also has a slight bit of vertigo which I barely notice but others are more affected by that symptom especially those in the area of S CA. 
Borrego Springs  and S CA into MEXICO areas including Anza, Idyllwild, Julian, Brawley, Westmoreland  El Centro, Mexicali, Calexico, Gulf of CA and Baja CA MX and  the areas of Landers Quake Zone  This includes Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Big Bear, Ludlow, Bagdad, Baker and Landers..
Chile continues  to cause all kinds of problems
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