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Its long past due for an update.. my laptop battery failed and had to find one on line
and wait for it to get here and then family happened and I was tied up with my mom in law 
for a few days.  So since my last update there has been lots of activity but nothing major in this last two weeks.  If you have rec’d this email and no longer want to receive them, just send an email to my address and I will unsubscribe you.
For those who wonder what makes our USGS do what ever it is they do… there are plans to begin to set off explosives in 16 bore holes along the Hayward Fault. They are attempting to map the fault. In the past when they did this in Oregon I made it clear to anyone who would listen this was going to cause quakes… I also notified KATU in Portland.  I said ” if this makes any difference, it will take about 3 weeks ”
So I waited for the 3 weeks and the Portland area, was hit with a swarm of small quakes near the area of Mt Scott.. there had not been any quakes in this area that I am aware of..   So now they are trying it along the Hayward fault.. this time the stakes are a bit higher.. they do not even address the possibility of a quake due to their ” test “.. so I will hold my breath for the next 3 weeks and see what happens.  I understand the concept of wanting to know where the fault goes and does it intersect any other fault but what are the risks and are they worth it?

If they are concerned about Fracking causing Earthquakes and they admit Geothermal drilling causes earthquakes, how can they justify the use of explosives along a very active Hayward Fault and the potential earthquakes.
Article from San Jose Mercury News…September 10, 2016 
Quakes picked up soon afterward in Northern and Central CA? * My comment *

On Friday morning, geologists prepared to install 500 small portable seismographs along a 10-mile line that crosses the fault through the cities of San Leandro and Castro Valley.The experiment — a partnership between the Menlo Park-based U.S. Geological Survey, Cal State East Bay and community volunteers — will create a three-dimensional image, like a medical MRI, which helps predict how the region will respond to shaking. This can be used to help the communities prepare for future earthquakes so that millions of East Bay residents aren’t so violently surprised.

“Understanding that fault structure — and how the energy will move along that fault — is important,” said Rufus Catchings, USGS geophysicist and co-chief of the project. “We can improve our ‘Shake Maps,’ which helps first responders. It helps homeowners, who may want to retrofit their houses,” Catchings said.

After the last post I continued to have solar flu for several more days till the KP index was back to all green.  We are in green again but I have had a moderate case of Solar Flu but did not see anything and then I saw we had a filament collapse and a flare but it was on the back side of the sun, but apparently the side of the sun has little to do with feeling what is happening.. heart burn, sternum pains and back pains… pressure.

I was going to post yesterday but helped unload and then stacked 3/4 cord of firewood. I had intentions of doing an update last night and then fell asleep about 8 PM almost unheard of for me but thankfully at least I can move today with little pain.

My heart has been causing enough issues that I started taking a baby aspirin each day.. just as a preventative to possible issues later in life.

I have had pressure and pain on the chest for 2 days and with the headache I suspect its Turkey   This is one location/area that can mimic a life threatening illness so please do not take any chances with your health.  Turkey symptoms include chest pressure, headache, L elbow pains.
Mostly there is the chest pressure and it can at times also be accompanied with earaches and sharp heart pains since some of the locations that go with Turkey can also go with areas that cause more intense symptoms.   These are obviously Turkey, and Aegean, Caspian and Ionian Seas and Crete and Greece.. * these last two cause the sharp heart and earaches *
They are doing so much geothermal drilling in this area so its difficult to tell if these are natural quakes or man made.
Headaches have been constant as I always have a headache this is not a big statement but they have been above the threshold of what I always feel.For the most part they are all back of head which is volcanic in origin base of skull, for me mostly the L side or L of center.. right where the skull joins the neck.  I am not sure about others but for me this area actually swells up like fluid buildup or a gland that’s swollen.

I have had a lot of Japan symptoms which for the most part are not so bad, just the L shoulder blade but when the quakes are building for a larger one over a 6.0 then I start to get sharp heart pains.  There has been a couple near 6.0 but thankfully no 6.0 events in that area since my last update.R shoulder blade pains hit a couple of days ago and this was/is Kuril Islands.. they also had some activity but nothing of concern.

Still getting earaches on and off either one or both ears at the same time or alone.  The L side is China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India with Nicobar and Andaman Islands and Nepal  We have had recent quakes in both Pakistan, and Afghanistan and China, India also has had a few shakes specifically both Nicobar and Andaman Islands and Nepal as well. * Nepal causes major stomach pains *
Not so much vertigo since the last post but slight on and off since this last Sunday
Myanmar is also due for an A/S and that would be September 9-16
R earache which was/is Taiwan, Windward, Leeward Virgin Islands and Trinidad Islands,  Some have had activity but not all.
Mostly I pick up the areas of Taiwan and Windward/Leeward and Trinidad.  I seldom count Virgin Islands since there has been so much activity in this area recently its difficult or would be difficult to tell if there was a hit since they are happening daily and sometimes hourly

Italy is still getting hits from the 6.2 of
August 24th is due for a possible felt A/S…. 12-72 hrs. plus or minus 12 hrs.
this also applies to the area of Myanmar within 12-72 hrs. plus or minus 12 hours.
 Another location I am posting for possible A/S is S. Georgia Islands.. its due for an A/S now  within 12-24 hrs. plus or minus 12 hrs. .
Sometimes this is listed as South Sandwich Islands but I am feeling it will be actually S. Georgia Islands. 

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Charlotte King
Salem, OR  September 15, 2016