The Real Story Behind ” Seismic Flu “

This is how I put together the seismic flu© and what causes it.

What prompted this post was the recent quakes two of which were at least 5.8 and 5.7 caused the usual ” Sierras symptoms of ” green apple bellyache ” but this time I also had seismic flu©.. both the stomach varieties but what interested me was the intestinal flu symptoms.  Other sensitives also reported experiencing the same symptoms.  So I decided to check out the geology of the locations where I get seismic flu such as Wasatch/New Madrid.. Landers Quake Zone, Cliff House N CA, and the recent activity in Hawthorne NV… * 50 miles and some areas less  from Mammoth Lakes  and other Sierras locations *

” Seismic flu”   *The Instantaneous onset of stomach or intestinal flu symptoms that come and go within 12-24 hours without a fever * © 1980

Seismic flu… the real story.. Again sorry for the exceptional long post but wanted to share with you all how I put the ” seismic flu© ” together and by checking just tonight I was able to confirm two other events where I had attacks.

One in Temecula CA and one in Bellevue WA. Wanted to share with you the seismic flu© and how it came about.

Seismic flu goes with such locations as the Wasatch and New Madrid, and Big Bear along with parts of N CA.. the Sierras in the past have caused some symptoms but I was not sure till today when I just checked my geology on the CA/NV Sierras that it too is responsible for seismic flu©.

You can get stomach flu symptoms which some did with Mammoth Lakes and Hawthorne NV locations as well as you can with the New Madrid.. then you can also experience the intestinal variety of seismic flu© which goes with the Big Bear and especially Idaho of the Wasatch Now I find it can be caused by parts of CA/NV Sierras. Some locations can exhibit both types of flu. The way I put together the intestinal flu and how its caused was by two of my mentors both died before I was born. Edgar Cayce who called IDAHO the Idaho Batholith an area of pure granite. He stated that the granite geology was good because it would vibrate but not liquefy under pressure as bed rock and sandstone etc. would do.
The best location I can come up with for the New Madrid fault would be New Madrid Missouri so I just checked and this is what I once again the cause of seismic flu© for the New Madrid proves accurate.

There are two major types of igneous rocks present in Missouri Granite  and … Crystals do not have as much time to form when the rock cools and hardens …The granite boulders in Elephant Rocks State Park are not only beautiful and enjoyable, but are also a textbook example of weathering granite.

So then on to my other very famous mentor ” Nikola Tesla ” One of his closest friends was Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain who would stop by occasionally to say hello and watch Tesla work on one or another of his projects.

I read the full account of this in a book entitled ” Man Out of Time ” by Margaret Cheney.. Anyway the story goes that Samuel stopped by on his birthday and Tesla decided to have some fun with him and suggested he might like to stand on his vibrating platform. Samuel did as suggested and seemed to really enjoy it.. soon Tesla told Samuel he had best get off the platform or suffer the consequences..  Tesla left the room to get something. Samuel who had gotten off, was back on the platform fully enjoying the ‘ vibration’ which gave him a feeling of vitality as Tesla said it would. Tesla returned and again said ” You better get off the machine ” it was only a few minutes later that Samuel got a very perplexed and surprised look on his face and fairly shouted at Tesla ” Where is it? ” and Tesla directed him to the bathroom. He and his staff were chuckling as they all knew the Laxative effect of the vibration. That is what I picked up on.. the vibration so what vibrates? Granite. So anywhere you have granite, you have the propensity for ” Seismic/Intestinal ” flu… so when I began to experince some ” Seismic flu ” symptoms beyond my usual ” Green Apple Bellyache ” I did come checking and this is what I found. About Mammoth CA * Sierras * and Hawthorne NV.. Geologic map: Ross, 1961, Geologic map of Mineral County, Nevada (pl. … of alluvium described as black loam overlying decomposed granite. … and may have been included with production from the Pamlico area in the Hawthorne district The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the Western United States, between the Central … The character of the Sierra range is shaped by its geology and ecology. … by glaciers exposed the granite and formed the light-colored mountains and cliffs Roadside Geology of Northern and Central California … some estimates, the Sierra Nevada batholith contains more than one hundred separate granite plutons. Granite. Granite dominates the geology of Yosemite National Park. This is part of the story on Tesla.. from Science Traveler. One day Mark Twain dropped by the laboratory and Tesla decided to have a little fun with him. He asked Twain to step up on a small platform and then set the thing vibrating with his oscillator. Twain was thrilled by the gentle sensations running through his body. “This gives you vigor and vitality,” he exclaimed. After a short time Tesla warned Twain that he better come down now or risk the consequences. “Not by a jug-full,” insisted Twain, “I am enjoying myself. ”Continuing  to extol on the wonderful feeling for several more minutes Twain suddenly stopped talking. Looking pleadingly at Tesla he yelled: “Quick, Tesla! Where is it?” “Right over there,” Tesla responded calmly. Off Twain rushed to the restroom, embarrassed by his condition. Tesla smiled; the laxative effect of the vibrator was well known to the chuckling laboratory staff.

So as I said Granite vibrates, the vibration is what causes the ” Seismic Flu ” so like Big Bear, and other locations near Landers Quake Zone and Wasatch/ New Madrid, parts of N CA near the Cliff House …. all contain granite geology.. One other place as I mentioned to other sensitives and perhaps others privately was how in the late 80’s I was visiting Temecula CA,  in May and was hit with major seismic flu and barely made it to the bathroom.. did not know why other than a quake hit there a short t time later, very moderate in size. Just looked this up. “Southwest Granite is Temecula Valley’s leader in Granite Fabrication and Installation. * so once again confirmation and validation  Then we have” Homage artwork boulders, three locations in Bridle Trails neighborhood of Bellevue WA, using “local granite … There are at least five geologic provinces in the area: the Cascades … Although the largest volcanoes like Mount St. Helens get the most attention, Most of the Coast Mountains are composed of granite, Bellevue is where I spent the night in the hospital in 1981 March 31 which was 48 hrs before a major eruption alert was given for St Helens * I had sent the alert to Dr. Chris Dodge in Wash. DC the morning I got out of the hospital and that was a full 2 days before they issued the alert. I had been at USGS in Seattle, and was taken seriously ill with an attack of seismic flu so severe I could not drive and the scientist who I was with took me to where I was staying with friends said that I was near catatonic  and then I was taken to the ER where I spent the night. Its my belief that St Helens precursor activity which I picked up on as usual but due to the proximity to the mountain it also caused the vibration of the granite and that in turn affected me on its own but being in the USGS office and near the drums/ machines at the USGS made it much worse as they had phone lines coming in from all the Cascades over 30 drums were monitoring St Helens alone.  I have known since the early 80’s when I am in pain and on the phone with another person in another location if something is happening in their location, I pick that ” something ” up via the phone call.  This has been shown to be accurate every time its happened.
Just another confirmation as to the causes and locations of ” Seismic Flu  ” ©