Northern California and Other Quake Information

I am happy to report that the quake that I was watching for in Northern CA offshore area did not happen.  We did have a 3.4 but that was not anywhere near as strong as I would have expected based on the beaching. Out of 7 beachings on the East Coast,  all but 3 have been followed by quakes of at least a 5.0 or greater. The quakes followed the beaching of whales in Florida or Mass.

In the mean time we had quakes in other locations.
There was a series of quakes in Italy.  This was the first time I made a connection between the quakes and symptoms, not just sound.  The symptoms I had were sharp heart pains and earaches in one or both ears.  The quakes hit in September of 1979 about a month after the Northern CA quakes connection to sound and beachings in FL.  I recognized the symptoms immediately.

The precursor’s of the Italy activity were  sharp electrical shocks across the chest but mostly on the R side.  Later earaches also started.  These symptoms lasted 3 days before the quake hit.

Then we had the major 8.0 in the Solomon Islands.  If you have read by blog you know that this is an area I coined ” the Domino Islands ” and includes about  9 locations.  Since there had been a quake on the 19th in the Solomon Islands I was pretty sure there would be another one following my timeline for a/s.

So when the symptoms hit I knew exactly where the quake would hit.  The pain started at the base of the R lower rib which is exactly where it should have been.
The low back was getting very painful.  I also began to get burning pain, I recognized it as what I had felt before the major 7.4 quake in Japan in 1994.
I was getting intense spasms.  Deep and burning nerve spasms.

The pain began to build and they lasted for over 2 days. I finally had to go and see a massage therapist who has magic hands, Rosemary was awesome and with her deep muscle massage she was able to stop the spasms.  That lasted 3 hours and then the pain came back stronger than before.  The pain was so intense all I  could do is sit and not move. I used heat and hot water bottles and finally was able to get to sleep, then woke about 30 minutes before the quake hit.

So within 10-20 minutes the pain was gone.   Each of the a/s the pain hits again.
So once again my body was right on the spot for another major quake.
Also as I had posted in my previous update I had a timeline that was for a major quake between January 14-21st. for a 7.0 or greater, obviously this one hit.
Then 2 days ago I set a new timeline again based on precursors I watch for.

The ants have disappeared another good precursor for quakes.
I have had some symptoms L shoulder blade for Japan
Right shoulder blade for Kuril Islands and full upper back which is Indonesia.

There has been some stomach pains with sharp heart pains and this is Imperial Valley, Borrego Springs and or Mammoth Lakes CA activity.
This one is January 23-30th plus or minus 12 hrs.

Will update as needed.

Will be updating my subscribers as soon as I am able to stop the pain in my arm.. with rotator cuff injuries its difficult to type for very long.

Charlotte King ~ January 25, 2017~ 1:43 AM PST