Why so much Solar Flu?

Early AM today I was awakened once again by what I have termed ” Solar Flu” this is the instantaneous onset of pain in the sternum and into the back. It feels like a tight band wrapped around your chest. * DO NOT CONFUSE WITH A HEART ISSUE *  I take the 2 Lecithin  soy capsules 1200 mg apiece and  follow it with 2-3 Tums.  Or take 4 Lecithin powder capsules 1000 mg each, and 2-3 Tums… then I follow it with a cup of very hot and very sweet Peppermint Tea… and soda crackers, up to a dozen crackers.

This attack woke me up at 1:40 AM and I checked the solar activity at 1:50 AM…. this is the way the solar KP Index showed up… it usually takes about up to 8 hrs. for the change in the KP Index to show up..  So this time I am posting the before and after photos.  The solar disk is clear but what is happening behind the solar disk can also have an impact as well as solar winds etc.


Charlotte King
Salem, OR
April 10, 2017 ~ 2:35 AM PDT

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