This is a portion of my last update.  If you want to read the entire update please send me a personal email and I will add you to my list. The updates are FREE and I try to send one out at least every 7-10 days. Some times they will be more often and if its quiet, they may be further apart. But be assured, if something is happening, building for a major event, you will see it here.  Also remember I am not a psychic I do not ” see ” these events before they happen, but I do feel them before they happen in the form of various pains in my body.


Just thought I would send out this update since its been a while since the last one. I have a series of symptoms that prompted me to share them with you.  I am not making any major quake predictions at least not at this time but I do have a few concerns. Please if I am rambling my apologies, this headache is making it difficult to concentrate. It began with the continuation of the Aleutians quakes that began early last week around the 16th of the month.. more and more quakes are hitting near AK but gratefully no tsunami’s with any of the quakes has been generated.  There has been more quakes along the N CA coast as well as Seattle/Tacoma area. There has been a small swarm of quakes near Santa Barbara Channel.  A few smaller events in the area of Long Valley, stomach pains, Sierras. There was a small group of quake near Big Bear which causes the seismic flu symptoms along with low back pains .. these were followed by quakes in OK, KS, MO, but then there was a quake this morning in OH and then several more in MO.. the MO quakes are a bit disconcerting as they are only about 12 miles from the New Madrid Fault system.. this fault has been known to cause some major quake movement, in 1812 it was the site of the New Madrid quake, the largest quake that has ever taken place in the US. The damage was slight due to the lack of population. This was on December 16th,  1812. That quake was measured between a 7.5 and 7.9 and was followed by an A/S the same day of 7.4

There are other quakes that are also happening but these are the ones I am watching most closely. There was over a mile collapse on highway 1 near Monterey, CA on the coast near Big Sur. With an avalanche that went under the highway into the ocean.  This can be actual movement like a avalanche just bringing down earth and debris or it can be due to some kind of latent seismic movement. Since I get avalanches real time I wonder if there is a precursor to quake activity that is generated before the quake much like the p and s waves but maybe even before that.. like a ( n or t ) wave.. sorry did not know what to call them. So is there some kind of a signal generated before the actual quake, by perhaps seconds or nano seconds? There has also been an increase in quakes in Mexico, as I stated in my last update, this is not a surprise but the fact that USGS is now carrying some of them, more than before is a surprise so they are making the USGS reporting stations. These mostly cause headaches and sharp heart pains, not severe since the largest so far has been about a 5.6 off Oaxaca.. but the recent ones are in the 4.0’s.. and higher. There has been a 5.5 in Guam, no specific symptoms identified. A 5.1 in Amukta Pass, AK

A 5.1 in Dutch Harbor, AK

5.7 yesterday in Nokolski, AK These were the largest quakes that were reported in the last couple of weeks. There were also quakes in Philippines which neared 6.0 and many quakes in Oceania and The Dominos as well as all the smaller US quakes.

What prompted this update tonight..  starting yesterday AM I began to get pain in the chest, and I have confirmed my heart was ok, so its seismically related.  So then the pains since they were all on the L side they could be tied into the L ribs which is Oceania.

Then about 5:15 yesterday afternoon I was on my way home from shopping and my R ear plugged up totally.. usually I can squeeze my nose and blow or inhale and that clears it, that did not happen.  It stayed plugged up all night and into early this morning. The L ear began to also plug up about 6:45 PM and stayed plugged up also most all night and into early morning. The R side is Taiwan, Leeward, Windward, Trinidad and Virgin Islands, and the L side is China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India including the Nicobar and Andaman Islands.

There were several quakes in Taiwan yesterday, last night but the ear issues continue. Not as severe as last night but still definitely noticeable. The quakes were 4.6 and 5.0There has been some L side shoulder blade pains which is Japan.  If the quake were over 6 magnitude it will include sharp needle like heart pains.


Charlotte King
Salem, OR ~ May 25, 2017~ 9:56 PM PDT