Yesterday Today and Tomorrow November 14, 2017

This will be a Heads Up and for your information update.  My new * Temporary * email address…………

What’s been happening in my world.

I went to the doctor yesterday as I was so sick.  I do not have Strep which was a concern.  I declined the flu test, did not like the way it was done, adding insult to injury.  I was given a Rx for cough suppressant  and Tylenol to keep my temp down to no more than 99.9  As I said in a bit further in this update, my ears were ok as was my heart. BP was high for me, very high.. it goes up before quakes, down before eruptions?  I usually run 115/65 yesterday it was 140/80 very high for me.. perhaps its the virus but in the past my BP was the same or lower with any illness.

So watching this as well I know other sensitive’s also react with Blood Pressure changes before major quakes.

Since the 12th there has been several < 3 > events that have me if not concerned, at the least watchful.   THIS IS NOT SAYING THAT THERE IS GOING TO BE A LARGER FELT QUAKE, ITS JUST A HEADS UP AND OBSERVE YOUR SURROUNDINGS.  IT’S A GOOD TIME TO BE SURE THAT YOUR EQ OR EMERGENCY KITS ARE CURRENT, AND MOST IMPORTANT, GET YOUR OUT OF STATE PHONE NUMBER AND MAKE SURE ALL MEMBERS OF YOUR FAMILY HAVE THAT SAME NUMBER.   This is not just for quakes but any emergency, be it weather, or any other kind of emergency.

1st. There was a beaching of 12 Sperm Whales off  ,the coast  near Aceh Province Indonesia I believe they are trying to tell us something is not right in their world, this can be due to changes in the water temperature, feeding issues or military exercises or as in this case, I believe changes in the EMF/frequency they are reacting to in the water .  This is the location of the Boxing Day “ Christmas 9.2 Quake “ 2004.  It has been my experience that when the whales beach,  they are picking up changes in the EMF and perhaps infrasound that increase before quakes and volcanic eruptions.  It was a large pod of Sperm Whales beaching along the Southern Oregon coast in Florence, that connected the dots for me as to the connection not only to the sounds and quakes/volcanic events, and pain and quakes/volcanic events, both of which I experience,  but the connection to the whales and the quakes.. that beaching was 3 days before there were 4 moderate quakes within 24 hrs. in Big Bear CA.  So what is the cause of this latest beaching of whales? I know for me personally I have had major sound volume increases in the last 2 days. The sounds are the same, still fog horns but when I was out yesterday I was in the car, it was quiet and the sound was deafening.

It could be as a possibility that Bali Indonesia where the Agung volcano is location is the cause.  Perhaps its getting ready for a major eruption?  Or perhaps the quake will be in a different location, another country like Asia, Oceania, Japan or even the US……. There were beaching’s along the coasts of different beaches in New Zealand and Scotland before Japan and the Boxing Day quake, or it could simply be they beached due to becoming ill or losing their ability to sense direction as often happens before quakes and after military exercises.

2nd Then we have the new and ongoing swarm of quakes in Monterey County CA.  This is not far from San Francisco and it is on the famed “ San Andreas Fault ‘  the largest quake from this swarm was a 4.6 yesterday and there has been dozens more.  I am not sure how this will come through but this is the list of quakes from when this swarm seemed to pick up around the 11th 3 days ago.

These are about 16-17 miles from Hollister CA.. Hollister CA was the site of my first official quake prediction to Rick Lester, Geologist USGS,  of Menlo Park.  I called him and told him that the “ sound “ had changed and I expected a quake to hit N CA within 72 hrs. and then 2 days later there was a beaching of Pilot Whales along the East Coast and I called him again and told him now I was sure there would be a felt quake in N and or Central CA within 12-24 hrs. The next day there was a 5.7  quake felt quake near Hollister its official location was on the Calaveras Fault, but it was called the Coyote Canyon Quake which hit August 6th 72 hrs. after I notified Rick Lester it was going to happen.  So I do correlate quakes and beaching’s.  Most all of the connections to N CA events have been tied to beaching’s of Pilot or Killer Whales along the East Coast near Massachusetts. But you have to remember the story of Humphrey the Humpback Whale, on two separate occasions was in the SF Bay and would not leave. In both instances I called Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco and told them a quake was coming to the area/SF Bay and as soon as it happened, Humphrey would leave.  In both cases, the quake hit, and the next day he was gone.  Why?  I believe it was due to the metal of the Golden Gate Bridge acting as a parabolic and focusing that EMF into the bay where he would cross under the bridge and it was painful for him, either physically or it caused pain and disorientation to his ears/ hearing.  I know this is true because it affects me the same way.
Also on the 13th there were two quakes within a few miles of Ferndale, CA.. offshore. Usually they would be between Eureka and The Bay, SF Bay proper but occasionally they also hit Ferndale.. still watching the area of Willits as it is a focal point for quakes.  If you recall I have talked about Willits in the past as to how I felt there, especially at their library and warned them about a quake I felt building. The did not remember having quakes at that time. Shortly after I was there, there was a quake and it was felt at their library where I had been ill.. but although the main fault near Willits is the Maacama Fault I just this morning found a new clip online that they say “Willits should be prepared for a major quake similar to the two quakes that hit Mexico in September.   The Maacama Fault runs right through the city of Willits and is moving or creeping as they call it and that can be seen by crooked curbs and cracked driveways, streets etc. According to USGS geologist, there is potential for a 7.0 or greater quake to strike that area. So if you know anyone close to these locations, of the recent quakes in N CA including Santa Rosa, Ukiah, Santa Clara County etc. Monterey, The Geysers, Cloverdale etc. and even Mammoth Lakes, Sierras,  I wanted to remind you if you or anyone you know notices changes in the water pressure, toilet water levels, wells going dry or artesian this is important information. As is major ant invasions and earthworms coming up all over the ground. Before the Loma Prieta Quake there were numerous persons who lived in Santa Cruz CA, reported to me after the quake there wells had gone artesian and or dried up 2 days before the quakes, had I known I would have sent the information to my contacts and perhaps they might have been prepared for that World Series Day quake. Jim Berkland, USGS Geologist,  was right on the money on this one he tied it into missing pets, Jim died a year ago this last July.

So if you notice anything unusual let me know right away… I in turn will contact the proper people who I have spoken to the in past. Watch for ant invasions, earthworms all over the top of the grass or on concrete… cats climbing high to get off the ground, unusual animal activity such as pigeons being unable to fly before larger quakes.  Since my email has crashed you can do best by calling or texting me or email me at my alternate email   not sure this will work as a link but that is the address for those who do not have it, my phone is 503-999-5745 and this is 24 hrs voice, message or text.   ( I have no way to monitor missing pets but its believed they run away sensing that something is coming and are frightened. Many return after the events. This does not have to be a major quake just one close to their surroundings ) When I was first figured out it was the seismic and volcanic events that was affecting me,  one of the first persons I made contact with was Dr. Leon Otis. He had Project Earthquake Watch and so I referred Jim to him as we had spoken on several occasions previous to the eruption of Mt St Helens and my move to Sacramento, CA. He started the project shortly before I connected the dots of the beachings and quakes and was invited to the Woodlake Inn in Sacramento for the USGS National EQ Symposium about 7 months after the major eruption of St Helens. This is where I met Don Irwin and Alex Cunningham who later asked that I call all by predictions into the OES ( Office of Emergency Services ) Warning Center for California * Collect * from Oregon which I did for about 1-2 years before moving to Sacramento in December 1981.

This is the list of the recent quakes in the area I am watching. Although they are close to Hollister, they are listed as Gonzales or Ridgemark, CA. Hollister is one of the locations I include in “ the Geysers “ and apparently this is a season for the “ out of the ordinary “ since not only did I not get any of the major precursors before the Iran/Iraq quake, I did not see over 200 quakes at The Geysers before the 4.6 event of yesterday near Gonzales. For me this area includes but is not limited to “ The Geysers, Gilroy, Hollister, Pinnacles, San Juan Bautista, Los Banos, Tres Pinos and at times, Cloverdale and Healdsburg.  I am watching the latter two as if something is brewing beneath the San Andres, hopefully the hot springs will react. Even The Geyer’s proper should react as would Mammoth, with a sharp increase of activity.
If you will recall my last update on the 12th, I was and have been watching Mammoth Lakes. Not only because of the stomach pains I and others are experiencing but because with the ears popping and pressured/ hurting and achy heart and headache they also go with Bishop which in turn leads to Coalinga and that can include Parkfield and Avenal…Parkfield is also picking up a bit so as I have said before, keep an eye on the area near Coalinga which can include Fresno, and Bakersfield, Grapevine and Castaic. The difficult part for me is that all the symptoms I have just listed also go with the virus I have at this time.  Went to the doctor yesterday due to the coughing and headache, earaches etc.. the doctor said “ Your ears are clear, your heart is fine “ boy have I heard that before.  So once again besides the virus I am also in the grip of growing precursors or symptoms.

Here is the list of recent quakes nears Ridgemark and Gonzales, CA. as of November 14th

  MAG    DATE    LOCAL-TIME  LAT     LON    DEPTH    LOCATION        y/m/d     h:m:s     deg     deg     km  2.1 2017/11/14 08:08:08 36.660N 121.285W  0.7   18 km (11 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.8 2017/11/14 06:40:58 36.657N 121.286W  4.8   19 km (12 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.1 2017/11/14 06:40:19 36.658N 121.287W  4.4   19 km (12 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.1 2017/11/14 06:39:48 36.658N 121.286W  6.2   19 km (12 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.9 2017/11/14 06:39:00 36.657N 121.287W  5.4   19 km (12 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.8 2017/11/14 06:20:47 36.637N 121.250W  5.2   22 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.6 2017/11/14 06:14:33 36.646N 121.262W  4.0   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.5 2017/11/14 05:38:06 36.646N 121.264W  4.3   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.3 2017/11/14 05:17:47 36.645N 121.254W  4.3   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.3 2017/11/14 04:43:19 36.632N 121.243W  4.2   23 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 1.7 2017/11/14 04:12:27 36.636N 121.254W  4.7   22 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.6 2017/11/14 03:40:04 36.645N 121.257W  3.4   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.9 2017/11/14 03:22:39 36.646N 121.261W  4.0   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.1 2017/11/14 03:07:47 36.638N 121.252W  4.6   22 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.0 2017/11/14 02:58:59 36.657N 121.287W  4.7   19 km (12 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.6 2017/11/14 02:39:13 36.626N 121.243W  5.3   22 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 1.9 2017/11/14 00:43:46 36.647N 121.261W  4.3   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.8 2017/11/14 00:10:35 36.242N 120.812W  5.4   29 km (18 mi) E   of King City, CA 1.1 2017/11/13 23:55:33 36.642N 121.257W  4.3   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.3 2017/11/13 23:41:17 36.644N 121.261W  3.7   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.2 2017/11/13 23:07:02 36.646N 121.256W  2.6   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.9 2017/11/13 22:27:43 36.645N 121.261W  4.4   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.6 2017/11/13 22:11:50 36.645N 121.261W  1.2   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.1 2017/11/13 21:34:32 36.636N 121.252W  4.1   22 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.1 2017/11/13 20:47:51 36.643N 121.259W  3.8   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.3 2017/11/13 20:19:32 36.936N 121.437W  5.2   10 km ( 6 mi) NNW of Hollister, CA 2.8 2017/11/13 20:17:29 36.645N 121.259W  3.5   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.5 2017/11/13 20:17:11 36.642N 121.258W  4.6   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.2 2017/11/13 19:38:39 36.632N 121.241W  3.7   23 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 2.2 2017/11/13 18:57:03 36.632N 121.247W  4.7   22 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 1.3 2017/11/13 18:29:07 36.632N 121.250W  5.0   22 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 2.1 2017/11/13 18:25:55 36.632N 121.247W  4.9   22 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 1.1 2017/11/13 18:00:03 35.764N 120.301W 12.1    5 km ( 3 mi) N   of Cholame, CA 2.1 2017/11/13 17:47:50 36.646N 121.262W  5.2   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.8 2017/11/13 17:43:14 36.643N 121.257W  4.9   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.2 2017/11/13 17:05:35 36.642N 121.258W  5.5   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.0 2017/11/13 16:37:43 36.635N 121.248W  5.8   22 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.1 2017/11/13 16:36:49 36.626N 121.235W  5.6   23 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 1.6 2017/11/13 16:05:04 36.634N 121.244W  4.2   23 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 0.8 2017/11/13 15:48:21 36.636N 121.261W  6.6   22 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 1.1 2017/11/13 15:39:13 35.875N 120.435W  4.2    3 km ( 2 mi) S   of Parkfield, CA 1.2 2017/11/13 15:28:33 36.641N 121.256W  5.9   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 0.8 2017/11/13 15:27:58 36.635N 121.250W  6.3   22 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.4 2017/11/13 15:25:39 36.633N 121.248W  5.5   22 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 0.8 2017/11/13 15:04:48 36.636N 121.254W  5.9   22 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 0.9 2017/11/13 15:00:14 36.638N 121.252W  4.6   22 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 0.9 2017/11/13 14:44:40 36.638N 121.258W  5.9   22 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 0.9 2017/11/13 13:57:47 36.634N 121.257W  5.5   22 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 0.9 2017/11/13 13:20:29 36.629N 121.247W  6.0   22 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 0.8 2017/11/13 13:16:17 36.639N 121.256W  5.7   22 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.0 2017/11/13 12:51:08 36.603N 121.220W  3.8   22 km (14 mi) NNE of Soledad, CA 2.7 2017/11/13 12:45:59 36.637N 121.247W  4.2   22 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.1 2017/11/13 12:45:46 36.637N 121.248W  4.0   22 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.0 2017/11/13 12:40:48 36.640N 121.253W  4.7   22 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.6 2017/11/13 12:38:25 36.634N 121.246W  4.6   23 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 2.2 2017/11/13 12:36:38 36.639N 121.255W  5.8   22 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.2 2017/11/13 12:18:36 36.630N 121.249W  5.8   22 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 1.0 2017/11/13 12:02:47 36.641N 121.255W  4.9   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.7 2017/11/13 11:50:17 36.638N 121.255W  5.0   22 km (14 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.5 2017/11/13 11:49:43 36.641N 121.254W  4.9   22 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.4 2017/11/13 11:41:43 36.641N 121.256W  4.4   21 km (13 mi) SSE of Ridgemark, CA 1.9 2017/11/13 11:34:37 36.628N 121.240W  5.6   23 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 4.6 2017/11/13 11:31:29 36.630N 121.244W  6.3   23 km (14 mi) NE  of Gonzales, CA 1.8 2017/11/13 05:47:28 36.292N 120.306W  6.3   17 km (11 mi) NNE of Coalinga, CA 1.6 2017/11/13 04:39:25 36.316N 120.889W  5.4   24 km (15 mi) ENE of King City, CA 1.7 2017/11/13 04:05:02 36.296N 120.305W  6.6   18 km (11 mi) NNE of Coalinga, CA 1.2 2017/11/13 01:41:17 36.985N 121.649W  4.2    8 km ( 5 mi) WSW of Gilroy, CA 2.5 2017/11/13 01:04:38 35.712N 121.049W  6.1   15 km (10 mi) W   of Lake Nacimiento, CA 1.5 2017/11/12 19:56:21 36.464N 121.043W  6.5   24 km (15 mi) NE  of Greenfield, CA 1.5 2017/11/12 04:13:11 36.963N 121.605W  4.3    6 km ( 4 mi) SW  of Gilroy, CA 1.5 2017/11/12 04:04:42 36.962N 121.605W  4.3    6 km ( 4 mi) SW  of Gilroy, CA **1.9 2017/11/11 23:18:53 36.742N 121.258W  8.4   12 km ( 8 mi) SE  of Ridgemark, CA** 1.3 2017/11/11 16:30:52 36.010N 120.581W  4.2   18 km (11 mi) NW  of Parkfield, CA 1.3 2017/11/11 16:10:20 35.941N 120.462W  6.4    5 km ( 3 mi) NNW of Parkfield, CA 2.5 2017/11/11 09:01:53 36.039N 120.616W  4.2   23 km (14 mi) NW  of Parkfield, CA 

Sorry for how this posted.. use this link to check out the quakes. Click on the yellow or Red squares and it will give you a list of the quakes. They are in a long line of quakes. Can’t miss them.


Then we have the 3rd issue. As you all know by now I set specific timelines for major quakes. These are set not by symptom but by precursor activity I observe.  In the many years since I put these observations together, there was maybe one other quake that did not have the precursors.  Since the precursors are in my personal belief “ not natural “ this quake had to be natural for the most part. The Iraq/Iran quake hit where the Arabic and Eurasian Plates meet and formed the Zagros Mountains.  A string of a dozen or so volcanic cones.  So perhaps that  was a natural quake.  Although the Primary and Secondary Precursors have shown up within 24 hrs. of the 7.6 in Iran/Iraq.  The latest news on this event is now that over 500 have been confirmed as killed and over 7000 injured and the tolls may go even higher.  I Will continue to watch this area for more activity.  3 days after the main quake, the probable largest a/s will hit, or in some cases the main shock the previous event being a foreshock. Often the largest a/s will hit within 12- 24 hrs. plus or minus 12 hrs.
Then we had the Costa Rica event at 6.6 and that one caused headaches and heart pains.  This also followed a particularly strong series of leg events such as with Peru/Brazil and or Columbia/Ecuador and Guatemala.  Again the timeline for the largest A/S is within 12-24 hrs. plus or minus 12 hrs. We are in the final 48 hrs. plus or minus 12 hrs. for the a/s of the Tres Picos, Mexico Quake..

We still have till the 26th of November for the Puebla MX quake a/s to happen.

CA quakes…

All quakes 950* 1018 * this is up.  New numbers are * xxx * between * and *

The Geysers, Northern CA 137 /  * 117* ( this is down but the number of quakes in this area seems to be increasing )

Central CA 24/ *109 *  this is up and includes Coalinga, Parkfield, Soledad, King City, Kettleman City, San Joaquin and Ridgemark. CA.

Mammoth Lakes, Long Valley CA back up to 221/ *224 * this is up *

Southern CA 41/*40* Yorba Linda, Huntington Beach and Fontana among others

More S CA, Imperial Valley and Landers Quake Zone 267/*246* this is down…Anza, Cabazon, Joshua Tree, Julian, Big Bear City, Palomar Observatory, CA, Aguanga, and Borrego Springs, Idyllwild and others.

Special Mammoth Lakes.. 243/ *351* include Dixon Lane, Meadow Creek and Hawthorne. This one is up and I watch this area as it all pertains to the Sierras.

Far Southern CA into Mexico and Mexico proper.. Imperial, Westmoreland, Niland and El Centro as well as Delta BC MX, Progreso BC MX and Coahuila BC MX. * can include Baja CA MX and Gulf of CA as well as Mexicali and Jalisco,  Calexico and Oaxaca and Chiapas, Michoacan and Colima..

Recent quakes are hitting closer to Bishop, this goes into headaches achy heart and ears plugged and pressured which I have had the last 2 hrs.. so watching Coalinga, Bakersfield, Fresno, and Grapevine, Castaic. * Includes Avenal and Parkfield 4 :15 PM PDT  * this was within 24 hrs. of the quake that hit Ridgemark/Gonzales CA *

This is not as complete as I had hoped it would be. Its going to be a challenge to get this to go out. Email formatting is totally different than Outlook. Hopefully this will be sent out before morning.
Solar activity has been pretty quiet

Cat is fine but sleeping a lot at this writing

Ants are back but not in great numbers will continue to monitor them.

Lots of road rage, anger, shootings, disasters etc. and murders, domestic violence and suicides go with these quakes. * this was written before the shootings once again in Corning CA yesterday *

Still lots of activity in Chile, Bolivia and or Argentina the last few weeks quakes in Chile continue….this seems to be generating some sadness again.  Maybe its just me but it feels like something is happening yet again. ( this was before the Iran/Iraq quake )  I am feeling it again.  Sadness again this after noon so whatever is happening is not done.  Again I mentioned the sadness before the Iraq/Iran quake.  I did not even recall mentioning it which is in itself a precursor, I do things on Auto Pilot as it were. Say, or write or tell someone something and contain no memory of the what I did.

Quakes and their symptoms continue in Turkey, Greece/Crete, Italy and Dodecanese  Islands of both Turkey and Greece. * they report that the quake in Iraq was felt strongly in Turkey and Pakistan.  Continuing to watch  China/Pakistan/Afghanistan and India/Nepal as well as Taiwan, Leeward, Windward , Virgin Islands and Trinidad Islands.

At this time I have what I consider a volcanic headache. L side back and or side of head.  I also have some chest pains, but this could be due to the virus I am fighting. I have had earaches on and off for 3 days.. again can be virus but most likely related to the quakes in Taiwan, and Coalinga/ N CA and Stomach pains of Mammoth Lakes, Cascades, AK and Landers Quake Zone…
Something I noticed wanted to share.. you know I watch Anniversary Quakes was checking some stats on 1979 when the quake hit near Hollister and noticed that we had strong quakes in Iran, and Costa Rica, NZ and Bali Indonesia * which is one area I was/am watching * and Oceania locations, Guerrero MX, Numerous locations in Indonesia and Brawley CA, several of the Dominos, Loyalty, Tonga, Solomon’s, Fiji, Vanuatu and AK. Panama/Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexicali, Oaxaca, and Honshu and the Philippines. As you know we have had several of these events already this year so it will be interesting to see if we get more in the next couple of months.

The timeline for a major quake I set yesterday was November 13-20th plus or minus 12 hrs.  Not that it has to happen but this is the most likely time based on past experience when it will.

PS: final Sorry to be so graphic.. Sabrina just got sick. Really sick. This is the first time in almost a year she has actually vomited.  She usually just coughs and as you who are cat moms and dads know gags… but this time she was sick.  I think the last time she did this it was over a 7.0 in Oceania or Dominos but not 100% certain as all my information was on my computer that crashed.  She has in the past reacted to Oregon like Mt Hood, N Oregon/S Washington and Offshore Oregon events, * this would be possible with all the N CA activity * and Yellowstone, Missouri, as well as Mexico, Nepal, Japan and as I said Oceania.  ( Could be a/s to one of the quakes I covered above ) or it could be a surprise location.
I have had to work on this on and off so that is the reason for the large gap in the time when this was started and done. Actually began it in small time slots over night but did not start to put it together till after 9 AM.

Cropped Charlotte 2010 TBA

Charlotte King  ~Salem, OR ~ November 14th 2017   * 9:52~12:02 PM PST ©  ( edited for typos and formatting on November 15th )


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