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Thank you to those who have sent emails with feedback to my recent radio interview, again my apologies in getting the information out late. It was not the computer this time, but the provider issues.

For those of you who did not catch the program on XZone Radio with Rob McConnell this is the link for the interview.

Welcome to my new subscribers.

Its been a busy few couple of weeks since my last update. Right after that update, there was the 7.1 quake in the Aleutians.  So that one was definitely a hit.  Since then I have been having the usual symptoms but a couple of newer ones have cropped up.

One such new one is the R side eye pains. It seems to affect the eye just like Chile does on the L side. It hurts when you blink and the socket around the eye also is painful.. I am not sure exactly where this is, in the past the it closely resembles  the symptoms I experienced when I was visiting the Oregon Coast in 1991 in March.  I had been back and forth dozens of times having lived there and also only being 39 miles from the beach to my home here in Salem.

We started out towards the coast and almost immediately I had a major headache.  Then it was joined by cheek bone pains and around the eye sockets.  This pain was like someone hitting me on the check with a ball pine hammer. It hurt so bad, the closer I was to my destination the more it hurt.  I knew it was something building not sure what.. but it was close and big.. so this new R eye pains have caused me some concerns since the previous pains similar to this ended in a major landslide on the Oregon Coast near Tillamook with over 1 million cubic feet of dirt and rock sliding down.

So I am watching for more symptoms… but then we have had several quakes today on the Turkey/Iran border… this one is new, not Turkey but the combination of the two countries. At this same time I am also experiencing deep earaches R side and then today L side.  These can be part of the usual locations such as Taiwan and connected locations and China and connected locations.  Its not Italy etc.. because I am not getting any heart pains, and that would also rule out Palm Springs etc.. for the same reason.   So I am watching to see if the earaches come back at the same time the R eye pains do, if so, I will watch for another quake in Turkey/Iran.  If not, I will watch and see what happens.. perhaps an entirely new location?

Since my last update there has been lots of quakes in lots of locations some are larger and some not so large but lots of them. Hundreds.   One such location I am watching is Puerto Rico which can also be a candidate for the R earache since its not all that far from the Virgin Islands.

Only 111 miles… so its possible it could or should be included in the Taiwan etc locations.

I believe other than Turkey and Iran, Puerto Rico has more hits on quakes in the last few months than anyplace other than Mexico.
I am concerned about this area mostly due to its proximity to the Virgin Islands with the possible tsunami a major quake could cause, it would be devastating to both humans and property.

In other areas I am watching the volcanoes which seem to be more active at this time… we have had major eruptions off New Zealand and in the Philippines.  The White Island and Taal volcanoes … Hawaii seems to be showing up more in the reports again and that would most likely be caused by activity at Kilauea on the Big Island.  There has been an increase in activity at both Popo in Mexico and Etna in Sicily as well.  There has been renewed activity in several volcanoes in the Aleutians AK and in Russia…

My information says these are new activity but they also report that the activity has calmed down since the 16-17th of Feb. With occasional quakes and or bursts.

Semisopochnoi, a stratovolcano,  in the Aleutians went active again on the 14th of February

Reykjanes, Volcanic system a shield volcano,  in Iceland, also activity picked up on February 14.

Piton de la Fournaise  * A basaltic shield volcano, in France,  seems to be calming down since its last measurable event on Feb. 13th.

Kuchinoerabujima’s Shindake Crater * Ryukyu Islands, Japan * a young stratovolcano *

In the last few days I have had almost daily headaches… and I am hearing from others with the same complaint.
not a great deal to report other than the usual things.   Depending on the location of the pain, depicts for me at least if we are looking at a specific geographical area or at volcanic activity.
I know in the last month I have taken more Meclizine than I have since the 80’s and 2010 also needed lots of Meclizine.

Earaches continue on and off mostly on the R side.

There has been some rib pains, mostly on the R for the “ Domino Islands “ and the islands are already getting hit. Tonga and Fiji and Solomon’s to name a few.   The rib pains this time seem to be more towards the lower ribs.

Indonesia with the full upper back pains has been causing lots of symptoms.. it can also cause the headaches especially when they are on the back of the head or over the eyes tying the symptoms into volcanic activity.
Then we have to remember that quakes over 6.0 in the water can also cause earaches.. any where.

I have had some leg pains again.  Again R side. So watching for quake activity in Peru/Brazil/Columbia and Guatemala.

If your leg pains happen to be on the L side, watch Guatemala and Ecuador.. Azores

In checking the quakes logs I see there was a 5.1 in Taiwan early today.  So that would account for some if not all of the R earaches but since I just experienced the pains again, either we are looking at another quake or possibly another location?

The quake reports show Turkey is indeed continuing to shake. First it was Western Turkey and Turkey /Iran Border area and now 5.0 in Eastern Turkey.. this is a concern. It makes me wonder if we are looking at a tectonic event building.
Then of course we have Greece and Crete and Italy all to consider… so will continue to watch these areas.  The only good thing is that I have not been getting the heart pains I correlate with Italy and Greece.  We are looking at a/s time for the Turkey /Iran quake.. so continue to watch for that.  See that Luzon Philippines had a 5.0 today.  This is R side headache but mostly its on the R side, not back of head, unless its connected to one of the major volcanoes. Such as Taal and or Pinatubo.

There have been the usual quakes in the US.. the East Coast seems to be getting a few more quakes than I recall.. they have been hitting such locations as VA and NY and SC and even IL… the quakes continue in such locations as OK, AR, KS TN and MO.. CO, and TX.. for the New Madrid are there has even been quakes in ID, UT, MT, WY, and parts of AZ, NM. And NV..

None have been that large, some have been felt but all have the potential to cause symptoms and some have, especially the ones in the New Madrid with the low back pains.   The ones in TN and MO are of concern at times but for now, they are pretty much status quo.

There has been several reports of ants in recent days, I have had more than usual but not what I would call an invasion.  They come and go and I have had several show up on my laptop and arm while typing.  I just blow them onto the floor… I am sure for me at least there is no major invasion since they are leaving the cat food dishes alone.

One thing I have noticed is some spiders coming in.  I had one large one about 10 days ago.  He positioned himself where I could not get to him, so needless to say, I slept very little for about a week. Then to make it worse, he disappeared last Saturday AM,  and I had no idea where he went, so no sleep..  Finally the need for sleep took over and since Saturday AM it has been ok.. hoping he starved and or died of natural causes.  So then this morning, another smaller one, which I promptly sent to where ever it is spiders go when they die.  I Was typing a few minutes ago for this update and there was the Big Spider again, back in the same place.  I had entertained picking it up on a soft dust mop and releasing it outside, I had gotten kind of attached to him, but when I saw it again tonight, I knew I could not go without sleep again, so I brought in a step stool, carefully climbed to the  2nd step and that spider is also gone and then I turned towards the window and a 3rd spider.

I know its not the Hedge Apple’s not doing their job, there are no spiders in my firewood on the porch and or on the ceiling of the covered patio. So why?  My best guess is they are coming in much like the YellowJackets do before quakes.  Not necessary to be local but something has stirred them up, especially now.   I know other sensitives have also mentioned spiders to me.. none recently but in recent past.  So if you too have had some spider activity let me know.

There has not been any reports of beachings but I did hear about some fish out of the water in Taiwan which likely was due to the quakes in that area in recent days.

To add to the observations, ants in the bathroom, not a common happening but early this morning, Sabrina/ my cat, was sleeping and she woke up jumped up and got sick.  So that in the past has been Oregon, Simi/Yucca Valley/ Big Bear and or Japan over 6.0, with the headaches I suspect its either another offshore Oregon event, hopefully S Coast, and or Japan since there has been several quakes in the 5.0 range in recent days.  Plus the volcanic activity on going in Japan.  I will say, Japan is L shoulder blade and I am not getting much pain in that area.. more the Kuril Islands on the R side shoulder blade.

Intense sleepiness hit this afternoon.  I had to sit down immediately dozed off, my husband did the same.. headaches and sometimes earaches, achy heart symptoms and mid upper back pains can go with Loda Prieta Quake Zone.  This is the only location I can actually tie into over whelming sleepiness.

Carb craving has been awful the last couple of days along with Popcorn.  Both are classic precursor symptoms for larger quakes, not necessary to be a major quake.  Lots of bread, crackers, potatoes, corn all carbs.. and sugar… pie, candy both are almost a daily staple right now.  I have heard from others experiencing this same problem at this time.

We are  not in a timeline for a major quake right now but I expect to see my usual precursors any time at which time I will send the timeline to our subscriber/geologist.. I have been sending my updates to Jim for some time and will continue to do so as long as he is willing to accept them.

Although we are in the beginnings of moving into Solar Maximum, we are still in Solar Minimum, and even though the sun has been almost totally devoid of sunspots, the Coronal Holes on the Sun do cause solar flu.. recently we had a solar wind hit us and it was coming from a reverse magnetic area on the sun.. I was as sick as if there has been a major flare.  I can attest that having my gall bladder removed did nothing to stop the symptoms.  Hence my belief that although the gall bladder was affected by the solar activity, it is the tissue surrounding the gall bladder that actually causes the problem.  The Lecithin still seems to help as does the Peppermint Tea.. but as always check with your medical professional to be sure these ATC supplements will not interact with any medications you are on or medical issues you may have.  This especially goes for Meclizine.. ( very dangerous if you are pregnant )

Also we are in the timeline for the Anniversary Quake of the March 11th 2011 Fukishima Quake in Japan.  This covers from today through the end of March for a a/s of that quake.  3 weeks before and 3 weeks after the 11th.  This is not a prediction but its definitely an observation for another quake.

Total Quakes for 7 days…  1014 for California

The usual quakes in CA are as follows.

Larger events of mention..

3.1 about 20 miles from Ridgecrest

3.1 about 20  miles from Oxnard CA..

4 days ago

4.3 near Ferndale  Offshore N CA.. ( this one is due for an a/s )

Northern CA.. SF and The Geysers area…  * 241 * this says a quake of 4.0 or greater is due in N and or Central CA. within the next 4 days.

Southern CA … Los Angeles area   * 31 * quakes about the usual.

Sierras, .. Mammoth, Bishop among others..  *64* quakes a bit below the normal for 7 days. Most are Mammoth Lakes.

*345* quakes near and at Ridgecrest with quakes at Little Lake, Searles Valley, Johannesburg, Coso Junction, Olancha…. That is still a lot of activity since the two larger quakes last year.

*176* close to Anza, Ocotillo, Borrego Springs, Aguanga, Julian, Cabazon, Mexicali, Idyllwild, Westmoreland, to name a few.. 4 of these are part of the area known as “ Imperial Valley “  Borrego Springs is the area that can cause me the most problems with sharp heart pains and stomach pains combined. Only had that a couple of times in recent weeks..

As I am closing I wanted to add, that I feel we have an event building. Between the insects, sleepiness, cravings etc, and number of quakes in The Geysers, something is up.. not for just CA but other locations, already mentioned.

Hopefully my next update will not take as long, and my provider will be up and upgraded.

I wanted to add something here.. I have made a few updates on my booklet.. its not perfect, but it has the information that’s needed.
But unknown to me the US Post Office made some changes to mailing in the US.  It used to be that I would be able to weigh the booklet in the mailing envelope and know ahead of time what it would cost to mail them out.  Well the new rules are that they have divided the US into Zones. So it may be $3.75 to mail it to one location in the US and $5.00 to another and this is the US mainland. I did not even check on Hawaii and Alaska.  International packets used to be mailed for 5$ tops.. now its nearly 8$ so this definitely changes my pricing.

Also I will be posting my updates on my Blog within 24 hrs. of sending them out. If you would rather you can make comments on the blog so others will see them or you as always can write, call or text me personally.  I will share that I do not do Messaging.  I do not use FB except on a urgent basis.


Cosmic rays can seed clouds, trigger lightning, and penetrate commercial airplanes. Furthermore, there are studies ( #1, #2, #3, #4) linking cosmic rays with cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in the general population. Our latest measurements show that cosmic rays are intensifying, with an increase of more than 18% since 2015:  this is something I have been watching since 1980 not so much with the cosmic rays but knowing something un-natural was causing all the heart issues and attacks.

Thank you all again for your emails and texts and calls. Sometimes I can’t answer the phone when it’s charging so if I missed a call, my apologies. Texts and emails are great too.  I will respond as soon as I get the message. My BLOG.  The address is  you can go there and read a synopsis of the days’ seismic activity and there is a page of Links, and precursors as well as one with a short length feature of my life, and one page to thank specific people for the special help they have given me.
If you are sensitive, keep your Lecithin and TUMS and Peppermint Tea and Soda Crackers Handy.. as I found out in the previous solar storms the SOLAR FLU attacks can and do hit instantly without warning.  The key is to take your supplements as soon as any symptoms appear. ”

REMEMBER I AM NOT A DOCTOR, AND THESE SYMPTOMS CAN MIMIC A HEART ISSUE SO BE VERY CAREFUL AND SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS IN SEVERE FORM OR FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME ”    Be sure that your gall bladder is in good working order.  I thought mine was, I had emergency gall bladder surgery, I thought it was due to solar flu.  Solar flu does affect the gall bladder but my gall bladder was compromised.  {When in doubt, check it out}

For anyone who is spacey and or disoriented I have found that I get the  best results in the least amount of time with ATC/Across the counter  “ Meclizine “ not Compazine or Dramamine.  But be sure you get the chewable and 25 mg.  Be sure you check with your doctor to be sure you are ok with taking this ATC drug.  “NEVER TAKE THIS IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR COULD GET PREGNANT Without your Doctors ok “

If you are in KS and or TN, AR, AL, and or MO , the New Madrid System I would be very watchful for more quakes, be sure you have your Quake Emergency Supplies in a close to you location, this includes medical supplies, personal supplies, change of clothes, pet supplies if applicable and a out of state phone number.  Water and food for at least 3-7 days and batteries for light. Also know  how to shut off your gas lines, get a key at any hardware store.   I also keep a bowl of solar lights, like you put in the yard in out in the sunlight where you can get them if you have no power just a few can light up the house and they are safe for a child to carry one around with them from room to room.

Although we are in solar minimum, the Sun can cause serious damage to your skin and especially your eyes.. even on overcast days, is too bright so wear your sun glasses, every time you go outdoors wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Go for a product that is an established brand.. don’t go for cheap… some sun screens have been recalled for burning their users.    Sun glasses will stop or at least almost totally stop the chance of getting cataracts’ in your eyes.. the leading cause of cataracts’ is  Sun… even baby’s need eye protection and toddlers if they are out side in the sunlight.

Feel Free to Call my cell phone if and or when something shows up something, or ask a question.  Again I do limited texting.

503-999-5745 if I do not answer, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.
I am not able to return calls to Canada   But I can call the other states, including Alaska, & Hawaii and US territories such as US Virgin Islands or other US Territories.  I am happy to take calls from 6 AM till 1 AM or anytime if you are reporting a quake or major symptoms, observations.

Terms and Conditions: These As a subscriber you agree.. Not to make predictions in my name without my express permission. Any actions taken by you the reader/subscriber due to my information I have posted, or sent out, is your sole responsibility for those actions and remember if you are experiencing any of the symptoms in severe form or for a prolonged time, get checked out medically. You may be sensitive, but you may also have a life threatening event happening. Remember the life you save, may be your own.  Also remember I am not a medical doctor and I am only sharing what has worked for me and many others in the past.

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I really appreciate each and every one of you.

Charlotte King ~ Salem, OR ~ February 26, 2020 ~ 4:03 AM PST

PS Feb,26   At this time when I am placing the update on my blog, I am experiencing back pains both across the upper shoulder blades for Indonesia and mid back for N and Central CA. as well as a  bit of chest pressure which is most likely Turkey   10:54 AM PST.