St. Helen’s 40 Years Ago Today

Charlotte 2010

Mt.St Helens, 40th Anniversary.

In just over a hour and a half it will be 8:32 AM, this is the day that St Helens, the beautiful mountain in SW Washington erupted in fury and took the lives of 57 people. Including Harry Truman who lived in a cabin on Spirit Lake. The days leading up to the eruption were to say the least “ Interesting and painful “  probably more painful than interesting.

My pains began in late December, early January of 1980. Headaches which I seldom had ever experienced maybe once or twice a year became a daily occurrence.  Trips to the doctor, CatScan’s all showed nothing unusual.  I also began to experience some achy heart pains. Not severe but enough to notice, again, trips to the heart specialist showed nothing to worry about.. so why was I in pain all the time. 

The sounds which I continually heard had began 4 years earlier and they were louder and more intense than I had noticed before.

After about 2 months, there was a change in the sound and the headaches began not only to be over the eyes but at the base of my skull, on the L side.  In mid March the pains were so bad they had to put me on medication, ( a beta blocker ) which helped as well as I was having so much chest pains they also gave me Nitroglycerin.    I was working at the local YMCA and it was getting more difficult to do my job with the intensifying headaches.  I had been calling KATU, ABC in Portland with ‘ predictions ‘ of quakes, no idea for the most part where they were going to happen but the timeline was correct, the sounds I heard, changed, and the quake hit 12-72 hrs. later.. always. 

So one of the staff in the news room, Thomas Brown, ‘ Tom ‘ began to make notes and keep track, I was not aware he was doing that until he sent me a letter confirming 62 out of 62 hits.. 

So when the symptoms began to intensify, on the 12th of March, I was not sure what was happening the pain was non stop and pulsing, or coming in spurts…. So when the pain became unbearable on the evening of March 15th I was going to call my doctor and make an appointment for another brain test.. but then the pain changed, suddenly it stopped, and then within a minute or two began again.. it was only about a hour later I heard that St Helens had just experienced a moderate quake.  That was the beginning.

So began my connection with St Helens. From that point on, when the mountain moved, I felt it.. usually 4 days in advance of larger 3.0 or greater events, but I also felt the smaller ones, they were felt as they happened, in real time.  The days went into weeks, the pain made my days a blur, I am not  sure how I was able to care for my family during that time.  My family tried to be supportive, my parents as well, but my biggest alley was the media, they could confirm what I was feeling, I was not crazy. I somehow was feeling the mountain.

About that time KATU decided to send a crew to the mountain and do some filming so I told them, watch for a moderate quake and I told them when it would likely hit.. they were filming, and sitting in the van and all the sudden the van began to rock, the quake was happening so they had me on the news the next day.. I was on the news or mentioned on the news probably once a week or more. 

I was on the stations morning and evening talk shows.. then I began to get media attention from our local news paper, who did a story on me, that started a flurry of news media sources calling me.. I was home one afternoon not too long after the mountain had been rocked by the 3.4 quake, and had been contacted by Ivan Sharpe who worked for a major news papers in San Francisco. We decided to go to a local park to do the interview, peaceful and would be a good backdrop for photos. 

We were sitting there in the park and Mr. Sharpe wanted me to make a face, to show what it was like, I refused and then it felt like so he could take a photograph.

All he sudden it felt like I was hit in the back of the head by a board, It was impossible to keep from grimacing and tears rolled down my cheeks, he said ‘ this is just what I wanted “ I said, “ It’s the mountain “ and raced for the car, turned on the radio and the announcer interrupted the song on the radio to say “ Folks its official now.. We have a volcano in our back yard, St Helens just experienced a quake with a ash eruption  a 4.1 quake had caused a fracture at the surface of the mountain and the ash had gone thousands of feet high and covered the recent snow pack with a light coating of ash…

Soon after Ivan’s story he wrote about me broke, The National Enquirer, Oregonian, Columbian and many others as well as the wire services called.. and some came to see me.. I was getting lots of local and national attention, I was still experiencing the pain and having a more difficult time doing my job. On April 30, I was at work, my head felt like it was splitting into two parts. 

I went to the bathroom to put some cool water on a paper-towel and on the back of my head, I glanced in the mirror and saw that I had tiny blood spots under the skin on my face.  As I was getting the towel wet, I also noticed that the pores on the backs of my hands had enlarged and they also had small blood spots under the skin, I recall having these spots on and off through adolescence when I had stomach flu.

The doctor said it was from pressure.. so I knew that something was causing major pressure on my body.  I went back to my desk and about 20 minutes later, got up to walk a paper to my supervisors’ desk.  Her desk was directly across the corner from mine.  But instead of walking to her desk, I walked straight across the room and into the wall.. literally.  I was embarrassed and surprised.

But I also knew there was something I had to do that I had been putting off.. I sat down at my desk and typed out my “ Letter of Resignation “ effective immediately.  I knew I could not do the job I was hired to do and honestly, I was not sure what was going to happen next.
So I packed up my personal things and when I went to lunch, I did not go back.

I also called KATU and talked to Tom Brown and told him what had happened and that something was going to happen.. I was not sure what it was but it was something.. so on April 30th there was a quake, per USGS at that time, the magnitude given was near 5.0.That was the largest quake, close to home I had experienced, it was not on St Helens.

After I quit work, at the YMCA I had the headaches constantly, the doctors could find nothing that would help because it was external not being caused my my own body. So being home was about all I could do..

The 16th of May of 1980 I was meeting KATU employee Sandy Poole for lunch, and to pick up a tee shirt from one of the shows I was on, I had noticed that I was having problems walking, so when I met Sandy she noticed I was not walking straight. I was tilting. 

I had to keep myself from walking into walls etc. So it did not stay long to visit, after lunch I headed for Lake Oswego High School, I was the “ Project “ of one of the students. I remember going into the class, I don’t recall, it could have been a science class, there were metal tables in the room. 

I was sitting on a stool talking to the class and sharing what had happened and what the doctors said about it and then I laid my arm on a table just for support and noticed it was “ vibrating “ I made a comment to the students I could feel the table vibrate, did any of them feel it?  No.. so I walked about the room and everything I touched seemed to be vibrating.

I finished my talk and then I made a comment that startled even me.. “ Something major is going to happen on the mountain in the next two days “ that was Friday night.

Friday after dinner things began to ease off a bit.. my husband was going to take the boys camping/hiking the next morning. My daughter had a girl friend staying over.. it was going to be a calm weekend, or so I thought.  Saturday after the men were all gone I was doing my regular chores, the girls were quietly playing.  So after lunch, my headache came back with a vengeance. 

I was so sick I could barely fix the girls their dinner but after dinner they watched tv for a while and then went to bed, or at least to the room to play.  I was just sitting on my sofa, eyes closed, and a program I did not want to watch came on, I got up to change the channel, * no remotes * and the TV was in the corner of the room, but I walked across the room from the sofa and into our fireplace hearth.  I began to laugh, actually I was terrified. I sat down and  remembered the last time that happened before I quit my job, so I looked at the clock and went into the bathroom, yes once again the small blood spots were present on my face and hands…

I made a cup of tea and sat down, trying to decide what to do. About 8:10 I called KATU and asked for Doug Crombie, the Assignment Editor, he was not working, it was Saturday night.  So then I asked for Tom Brown, he was there.  I told him Tom, “ you need to give Doug a message, you guys wanted me to tell you when the mountain was going to blow.. it will have a major event in 12 hrs. or less.  Log my call for 8:20 PM “  then I asked if the Anchorman  Stan Wilson was there but he was not there yet, So I hung up.

I then placed a call to PA to the home of Dr. Melvin Kriethen, and I told him the same thing that I told Tom.  Dr. Kriethen was a scientist in PA who studied the sound and infrasound as it related to pigeons.  He said “Pigeons process any ground motion as sound”, and that was what he thought I was doing as well.

So the girls went to bed, and I tried to go to sleep.  I woke about 4 AM and got up.. could not sleep.  About 5:30 the paper came but I was trying to watch TV to see if anything happened that could account for my reaction. Nothing. St Helens was calm.. too calm.

About 5:45 one of our friends, a police officer in the area, saw the lights on and stopped by, to see if everything was ok. I invited him in for a cup of coffee and we talked about what I was feeling. He stayed about 20 minutes and then said he had to get home. 

I walked him out to his car, and I saw the paper lying there, and bent over to pick it up.  When I raised up, I noticed the sky for the first time that morning, it,  the sunrise, was the color of fire.  I remembered the old axiom,  “ Red Sky At Night, Seaman Delight “  “ Red Sky In The Morning, Seaman Take Warning “  I stood up and I said out loud, “ Oh God, people are going to die today “  I walked back into the house, tears falling. I had no idea what to do.

So I lay down and tried to sleep.  I woke about 8:28 AM, like something shook me awake but there was nothing there.  I had a cold feeling in my stomach and I was scared but not sure why.  I laid there for a few minutes, and kept my eyes closed, my headache was making me dizzy. 

I was just halfway listening to the TV when they interrupted the cartoons and said “ St Helens had just erupted, a 5.1 quake had caused the 450 foot bulge to  fall away and the eruption went both up and out..  The ash was billowing tens of thousands of feet into the air.. people had been killed.
I tried to get up but it was not possible to lift my head.. for about a hour I lay there listening to the reports.

Finally I was able to get up and made breakfast and sat down to watch the news, I called my parents and others I had told about “ Something Big “ happening and we all agreed this would cover that prediction.

So from that day on, to the current time, I was/am in sync with the volcano. If she moved, I felt it, I accurately predicted to Channel 2 KATU ABC all the subsequent explosive and dome building eruptions since that fateful May 18th. 1980 day.

The only exception was a explosive eruption I predicted to KCRA in Sacramento when I was living there.  I had given them a 12 day lead time, very unusual, but I was sure. Originally USGS said NO, then about 2 days before my timeline they said there could be some activity, the mountain was stirring. The day of the eruption, March 19,1982,  the USGS said “ Maybe a dome building eruption “ I held to my prediction, it would be ‘ explosive ‘ I had given a timeline for the eruption.  This time I had media on site, and the prediction happened just as expected.. explosive, un expected..

I have learned so much since that day.  There are specific symptoms for most geographical locations.  Many thousands of people are sensitive, both here and around the world.. but interestingly, I found ‘ most everyone will feel the same pain, at the same time, in the same place in their body that I do,  no matter where they live, in the US and abroad.  Distance was not an issue. Recently found that those who live in Oceania may experience the same symptoms but on the opposite side of their body.

It would not be possible to do all I have done if not for the confirmation from other sensitives and scientists who have listened and had an open mind to thinking outside of the box.

So I continue to learn, to add symptoms and make connections. I watch patterns, and my ants, and my cat.. I get emails, texts and calls from ot her sensitives which is good, it confirms that I am on the right track as well as gives them a sense of “ I am ok I am not dying of some dreaded disease “

Since that day in May, I have predicted thousands of quakes and numerous volcanic events.  Again I watch patterns which I find as accurate as the physical symptoms.
So while for many, St Helens was a disaster, I would have to say its probably one of the best things that has happened to me in my life, it gave me a understanding of my body and how its connected to the Earth.  It has allowed me to help others who are searching for the cause of pain and cravings which the doctors have no explanation for.

Charlotte King ©  May 18, 1980~ May 18, 2020\

PS.. a short note.  On last Friday May 15th there was a 6.6 in Nevada.. near Tonopah and there has been over 660 a/s since then, many over 4.5 and one 5.1. Based on my past experience unless the 5.1 was it, the largest a/s should hit between now and midnight. It could be as long as tomorrow but should be today.  Then we go out 21 days plus or minus 3 days.

There has been 6 quakes this month already with a magnitude of 6.0 or greater.

The Geysers of N CA as of 2 days ago had a total of 228 quakes for 7 days, they remove one day each day so there could have been more. What this means, to me, is that a quake of 4.0 or greater would/will hit N and or Central CA inland or offshore within 12-72 hrs. usually 12-24 hrs.
This morning, May 18th there was a 4.7 followed by a 5.5 that hit offshore N CA about 180 miles from Eureka CA. That was expected but we are still 202 quakes today in The Geysers.  So that could be its not ready to quiet down yet and there could be more 4.0 quakes..

We are in a timeline for another major quake of 7.0 or greater within the next 7 days plus or minus 12 hrs.  So the timeline is from the 15-22nd.  of May.

These major quakes are not identified by location, only by happening.  I use observations to identify the precursors for these quakes.  If there has been recent quakes, its possible to experience some symptoms for that area.

 The aftershocks for some of the recent quakes.

Nevada  15-18th plus or minus 12 hrs.

Solomon /Santa Cruz Islands. 30-5th June

Indonesia Banda Sea  25-29th

Greece 19-24th

Puerto Rico 19-24th

Ocotillo Wells/Borrego Springs CA 28th – 3rd. June.

Recent symptoms
Stomach pains, Sierras, Nevada, Imperial Valley, Wasatch/New Madrid.

Sharp Heart Pain.. Mexico, Southern CA, Greece/Italy, and Washington State

L side shoulder blade, Japan

Earaches R side, Taiwan etc.. and L side China, India etc.

Rib pains, R side ” Domino Islands ”
L side, Oceania 

Full upper back pains, Indonesia

Cascades stomach, back of head pains, headache, earaches, balance issues.
Leg pains, Peru/ Brazil/Columbia/Guatemala/Ecuador

And Finally………………………………..

With the Coronavirus on going.. do not assume you are experiencing quake symptoms.  Be sure do not take chances with your health.
I am NOT a medical doctor, I can only share my past experiences with you.  What you do is your choice.

Thank you all again for your emails and texts and calls. Sometimes I can’t answer the phone when it’s charging so if I missed a call, my apologies. Texts and emails are great too.  I will respond as soon as I get the message.

If you are sensitive, keep your Lecithin and TUMS and Peppermint Tea and Soda Crackers Handy.. as I found out in the previous solar storms the SOLAR FLU attacks can and do hit instantly without warning.  The key is to take your supplements as soon as any symptoms appear. ” Check with your doctor about using the Lecithin and if the Peppermint tea will interfere with any of your current medications.

REMEMBER I AM NOT A DOCTOR, AND THESE SYMPTOMS CAN MIMIC A HEART ISSUE SO BE VERY CAREFUL AND SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS IN SEVERE FORM OR FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME ”    Be sure that your gall bladder is in good working order.  I thought mine was, I had emergency gall bladder surgery, I thought it was due to solar flu.  Solar flu does affect the gall bladder but my gall bladder was compromised.  {When in doubt, check it out}

For anyone who is spacey and or disoriented I have found that I get the  best results in the least amount of time with ATC/Across the counter  “ Meclizine “ not Compazine or Dramamine.  But be sure you get the chewable and 25 mg.  Be sure you check with your doctor to be sure you are ok with taking this ATC drug.  “NEVER TAKE THIS IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR COULD GET PREGNANT Without your Doctors ok “

Always keep water and food for at least 3-7 days and batteries for light. Also know  how to shut off your gas lines, get a key at any hardware store.   I also keep a bowl of solar lights, like you put in the yard in out in the sunlight where you can get them if you have no power just a few can light up the house and they are safe for a child to carry one around with them from room to room.

Although we are in solar minimum, the Sun can cause serious damage to your skin and especially your eyes.. even on overcast days, is too bright so wear your sun glasses, every time you go outdoors wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Go for a product that is an established brand.. don’t go for cheap… some sun screens have been recalled for burning their users.    Sun glasses will stop or at least almost totally stop the chance of getting cataracts’ in your eyes.. the leading cause of cataracts’ is  Sun… even baby’s need eye protection and toddlers if they are out side in the sunlight.

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