Yesterday Today and Tomorrow December 28, 2020

This is not my normal earthquake update. Word Press has changed the way  you create a post and in my opinion it is as not user friendly. All that aside I am attempting to post once again.  After the new year  hopefully I will be able to navigate the new system and begin to post my earthquake updates again.

This is just a message to say Thank You for your support, Friendship and Caring this last year.   I know I was supposed to add a new page on the blog every two weeks.  That was my intention in October. In the words of John Lennon ” Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans”  I have to say I did not make the plans I was hit with in November.   I adopted 3 wonderful 8 week old kittens on October 21. Wow! I have never seen such energy.  I had to baby proof the house like I did when the kids were toddlers. Only worse because they move faster.  Drop  something on the floor, edible or not and the 5 second rule does not apply, so I have had to open many small mouths.and retrieve many things some of which I can’t identify.  My senior cat Sabrina is not happy. She has been the queen of the manor for almost 12 years.  So far no blood has been drawn.

Two weeks after I picked up the kittens from the Humane Society, I began to feel bad.
I thought it might be a cold or even the flu.  I am so careful.  I double mask, wear gloves,  2 pair for each outing, I use hand sanitizer and social distance.  But nothing is 100 %

It began with a headache, and chills, then a low grade fever and just blaaa feeling lasted for about 2 weeks. I was not feeling well enough to drive to get a Covid 19 Test.  I was told it would likely not show up after 14 days anyway.   So I waited, and then my husband got sick.  So we were both sick.  He is also at home but on oxygen assist.
I finally was able to go to the doctor’s office, I had a Antibody test.  It came back
POSITIVE for Covid 19.. the antibody level was high, the doctor said he had not seen a level of antibodies so high. So my body, was/is fighting the virus really hard.  Still tire easily, and an occasional fever but told I am no longer contagious but to still maintain the suggested use of mask, social distancing, washing hands etc. I hope reseach is right and I am not contagious with symptoms. Hopefully I will not have long term effects, since it will be 60 days on January 2nd.  I think I am ok.  That I am sure would not have been possible but for prayers and healing sent on my behalf from all over the US, NZ, Japan, Chile, Philippines, Hawaii and Mexico.  So thank  you.

When my family asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told them I already had my present a real life Christmas Miracle.. 

my husband and I both survived Covid and hopefully this coming year will continue to bring health and happiness to my family and yours.  So have a very Happy New Year, may it be prosperous and full of Joy and Peace and better times for all of us.


Charlotte King

PS many quakes and the Chile Connection is in full forward mode. New updates will hopefully begin after January 1st of 2021.

Charlotte King   12/28/20 ©

My new fur babies….. born on my birthday August 19, 2020

Baby, Merlin and Boots L to R

12 thoughts on “Yesterday Today and Tomorrow December 28, 2020

    1. Thanks hope I will be able to keep up the reports now that I am doing them on the blog format.
      There is so much happening and it will be easier if something is happening to keep all informed.
      Not sure how or what will make an update necessary but likely large to major events, and even some forecast as well as the precursors we all experience. Thank you again. Glad to be back, Literally.


  1. Charlotte – SO glad you two survived Covid – and you have those adorable kitties to bring crazy kitten energy into your lives! Warm wishes, Linda

    Linda Cahan Intuitive Counseling, Coaching, Palmistry & Feng Shui 503.638.6727 PCT (landline) 2455 SW Gregory Drive West Linn. OR. 97068



  2. Awwww Charlotte, I’m so sorry to hear that you had covid! I’ve been so sick the past 10 weeks and couldn’t figure out why. I sent my blood off to a lab in California that tests for long haulers and it turns out that I have it. I must have had covid last December when I was sick. I thought it was just my regular autoimmune crap. This most likely explains why I’ve had such a rough go of it this past year. I’m now taking ivermectin and a ton of supplements and slowly starting to feel a bit better. I’ll tell ya though, I’ve had some of the strangest symptoms I’ve ever had in my life——and I have Lyme which gives out its own fair share! Feel better! Happy Holidays! Smiles, Krizten

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    1. Kirzten thank you I hope you feel better soon. Its hard when the virus holds on.
      I am also gifted with the auto immune issues.. so it makes it doubly hard.. then to also be earthquake sensitive, I had to figure out what I was reacting to. Quakes, virus or my RSD.
      I wish you a very happy and healthy new year and may we get this virus under control.



  3. Charlotte – I hope you are well. Do you feel there will be a catastrophic earthquake soon in Yosemite that will affect surrounding areas? I have gotten alerts in meditation regarding the Sierras. Thank you for your contribution to humanity for so many years.


    1. Linda thank you for your kind words. As you likely know if you are aware of how I make my quake predictions, I can only pick them up, if there is activity building, it could be days from being picked up by the scientific equipment but my body is picking it up. Anyway as for the Sierras, that covers lots of territory. I am watching some areas of the ” Sierras ”
      namely Mammoth Lakes as it always seems to stir about the time of the St Helens Major eruption timeline. Then we have Coalinga which I believe has a direct connection with Bishop in the Sierras, and their major quake hit on May 3, 1983, so we have 2 anniversaries coming up. Then I watch Ridgecrest/and Searles Valley another part of the Sierras.. and lastly on the NV side, I keep a cautious eye on Tonopah NV.
      So based on this information I would say something could be building in the Sierras but at this time, I am not picking up anything major.
      I will say for the Sierras, the main symptom for me and most who are sensitive is stomach pains. It can be just a bad ” Green Apple Bellyache ” and at times its ” Instant hard Labor ” so its not easy to ignore when it gets going. I will continue to watch this area. If its Bishop which leads to Coalinga, its stomach pains, achy heart pains, headache and ears plugged and pressured.
      I hope this helps.

      Charlotte King May 2, 2021


  4. Hi Charlotte –
    I just wanted you to know a new friend told me about feeling extremely tired 2 to 3 days before the Antelope Valley, CA 6.0 earthquake on July 8. Afterwards, the tiredness went away almost immediately. She also heard an eartone, and she has never had that happen before. I will be meeting with her on Tues. to talk about any physical symptoms she is feeling due to EQs on the West Coast. Just thought you might be interested. You don’t post much anymore. Are you well, or is your age catching up with you? ……. Dixie


  5. Dixie if you have my phone number please give me a call, its at the end of the post.
    I have wanted to connect with you but lost your phone number
    Yes age has a way of catching up with all of us after a time. I am ok just tired.


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