I am meant to get this out on the 1st but based on recent activity in CA I decided to wait a couple of days and get a better perspective of what was happening. I want to send my best thoughts to the President and First Lady and all the other Covid19 persons who have tested positive, have had the disease and or lost someone they love through the disease. I also need to thank all the people on the front line fighting this virus. In speaking of first lines, I can’t end this paragraph without saying Thank You to all the firemen and women who are holding the lines with the worst fire season in history for several states but especially Oregon and California. Prayers to all of those who live lost homes and businesses and sadly those they love. We had such a terrible air quality for 5 days here locally they said it was the worst in the world.. normal is up to 50, we were at 590 and above.   

I will be posting between the 1st and 3rd of each month as well as between the 15th and 18th of each month, barring any complications with internet and health. I will also post important information as it becomes necessary. That being said… I have decided to go forward with my updates in this way since my emails are more often than not, not reaching their intended recipient. Based on my email program, I have to stay with Windows 7 so I was gifted with a wonderful used laptop with Windows 7 and that was great as they are hard to find. 

I am hopeful that since I have my email program, I will be able to install it and make it work. With so many emails going out and some wanted and some not, this way anyone can choose to check out my Blog or they can ignore the update. 

The good thing is that the reader can make comments, pose questions and or share observations. As always I will be available 24 x7 for calls, and texts and emails. My personal email address is my cell phone number for calls and texts is 503-999-5745 In the last 72 hrs. there has been a large increase in quakes near and around the Salton Sea and or Westmorland CA which is part of the Imperial Valley. 

The quakes on Sept. 30 and as of this writing they have numbered over 1100 and counting. They have slowed down a bit but they are still producing dozens of quakes a day. My personal thoughts on this is the Salton Sea is the home of 11 on line Geothermal Power Plants. 

They are in the process of extracting lithium from the Salton Sea and this is a very active area. There has been numerous swarms in this area as recently as August 2020 with the swarm being listed as Bombay Beach. The last time before that was in in 2012 with a 5.4 and then 1981 when they had a 5.8 event. 

I was not overly surprised to see that USGS had actually forecast based on the previous swarms their scenarios for a quake. Basically it’s in 3 parts. Part 1.. 90% chance for up to a 5.4 event Part 2 10% chance for a up to a 6.9 event and Part 3 a 1 in 300 chance of a quake 7.0 or greater.. this is all within a 7 day timeline which ends in 5 days on the 8th. 

If you are sensitive, you may be feeling this activity. As usual for S CA its frontal headache and its sharp heart pains. Since this is all part of the Imperial Valley there can also be stomach pains involved. 

On to other locations. I am watching Mexico for another moderate event. All of Mexico is involved but the areas I am watching are Oaxaca, Chiapas and Puebla Mexico as well as Mexico City and Popo. The sharp heart pains and headaches of Mexico are different than the headaches and heart pains of CA. With Mexico the heart pains hits the outside of the body on the L side of the chest, near the ribs.. with S CA the pain is just on the L side of the body. With Puebla the pain starts on the R and moves to the L. and is more grabbing. 

Then I am also watching Chile. As you know, Chile has its own special symptoms. Headache L side, L side eye pains, neuralgia and can include brow pain. Then we get into the emotional side of Chile, Road rage shootings, murders, over reaction to events. Domestic violence, and suicides as well as train incidents RR Crossings. Based on my work with Operation Lifesaver here in Salem, OR I showed that in all but one case of the 30+ deaths on the RR tracks within a year, Chile quakes always follow these events, not necessarily a major event.

 That being said, there was a death in Portland with a pedestrian and train incident on Thursday. Bolivia and Argentina both can also be part of these symptoms. 

The next area of concern is Japan.. I have had some L shoulder blade pains on and off and this is Japan. The N sound has been picking up the last 24 hrs. and I would not be surprised to see a moderate event. If quakes in Japan are over 6.0 then there is often some sharp heart pains that combine with the L shoulder blade pains. These quakes are most often off Eastern, Southern Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Ryukyu and Azu and volcano Islands 

Finally the last area of concern is Philippines,.. this area is R side headache and can include earache as well as R side back of head pains if the quake is of volcanic origin. My concerns are in the areas of Mindanao and Manila and especially near the areas of the Taal and Pinatubo volcanoes. 

This last few days I have been watching for changes in quake activity since the beaching of the whales in Tasmania about 10 days ago. Then we have had major ant invasions reported by at least 2 other sensitives as well as I myself have had 2 major invasions, one then gone and then another one and then gone again.. finally they were all gone Thursday at 2:09 AM. So we are on, based on past experience a timeline for a larger event. 

As those of you who have followed these reports and received my email updates in the past, I often set timelines. I had set a timeline on September 30 through October 7 for possible 7.0 or greater event plus or minus 12 hrs. This is not based only on symptoms but its also based on specific observations I make. So in this case it’s the observations. 

There has been lots of R side rib pains which is tied into the Dominos and this is part of the same areas that caused my spasms last week. A few of the locations I watch are Tonga, Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu and Solomon's.. So this pain and symptoms continue in mild to moderate intensity. 

The L side is Oceania and this is not a surprise. Quakes in N and S Island NZ as well as Papua New Guinea and the Kermadec islands as well as AU.. so this L rib pains comes and goes but was pretty intense about 2 weeks ago just before the whales beaching in Tasmania I am sure they were picking up the changes we were all feeling. 

Solar activity was pretty intense for a few days.. this was not a flare or a sunspot but a solar wind stream. The KP index jumped to red and this is the first time I have seen that level of a solar storm in some time. I know, I was having lots of symptoms and I noted right away, having my gall bladder removed, did not stop the symptoms. The Lecithin and antacid were helpful. 

In the last week I have experienced a number of symptoms. I had the R side low back pains that were just above the waist.. this was in spasm and I recognized it as one of the Dominos which I had experienced before, so drawing on that past experience there was a good chance the quake would hit in the area of Tonga or Fiji as it had in the past. 
So again this information was shared with some and it was no surprise when 2 days ago there was a 6.7 in Tonga and the spasms were gone. 

N CA activity has been a concern. Not so much in the area offshore but more inland. The Geysers have dropped the quake numbers in the last few days to slightly higher than the 200 events I have been watching. But the recent quakes which have been hitting and being reported as “ San Francisco area “ which was and is actually near San Jose, which is part of the Loma Prieta Quake Zone. 

So watching for more of these symptoms. Mid upper back pains, headache can include earache but always SLEEPINESS. So the quakes in San Jose which can include Santa Cruz and Morgan Hill continue to cause a bit of a concern. They have slowed down but are still showing up too often, Since the quake happened in 89 During the World Series game, perhaps these are early “ Anniversary Quakes “ since they can actually be 3 weeks to one month before the date of the main event. So the World Series quake was on October 17th so we are in that timeline? 

There has also been several small events near Livermore CA… again this is an area I continue to watch. The original Livermore quake hit on January 24, 1080. So this is another area I am watching. 

I found it interesting that there has been 4 quakes near Mt Shasta, near McCloud. When I checked my list of events, I can see that the connection is still there I was noticing clear back in 1980.. St Helens, Mt Rainier, Mt Shasta, Sicily * Etna? * Kilauea Hawaii? And Popo, in Mexico,plus we have had activity at Three Sisters in Oregon as well as Newberry Crater.. so many of the NW volcanoes are stirring, at least more than I like and I have to add the most active at this time, Mammoth Lakes CA. 

This one can include Bishop which goes into Coalinga and that has its own tracking but it also includes Ridgecrest and Coso Junction as well as China Lakes.. The last 3 of these events/locations are part of the Searles Valley quake swarm that followed and continues following the 7.1 event last year. 

Recent quakes have been happening along the Wasatch and New Madrid.. both of these areas cause similar symptoms. I seem to experience both sides, the Wasatch is mostly low back pains and stomach pains or stomach flu symptoms. The New Madrid system is also the low back pains, into the sacrum but it usually will cause the Intestinal flu symptoms. Idaho of the Wasatch will also cause the Intestinal flu symptoms. 

In recent days we have had numerous quakes in ID and UT as well as AZ and a few near Yellowstone. But we also have had TX , OK, AR, KS, MO and TN as well as NC and VA so the New Madrid is alive and well.. if the quake is over 4.0 or greater there is a good chance to experience teeth chattering chills. 

S CA has been getting hit in various locations the quakes in El Monte and in the Landers Quake Zone and near Oxnard CA.. watching for small quakes in or near Santa Monica. Keeping in mind in the past that Santa Monica is or has shown to be a trigger before all the larger quakes in S CA so far. 

Over view: 

We have had quakes in Indonesia again and this is the full upper back pains and if its volcanic it can include major headache 

There has been more quake activity in Russia specially the areas of S Sandwich Islands and S Georgia.. and the Kermadec Islands. This one is R side headaches and can include some stomach pains if volcanic but its mostly the N very vibratory sounds. 

Alaska and Aleutians are R side headache and R side earache as well as stomach pains. 
Leg pains, both sides, Peru, Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Ecuador These pains can be from the ankle to the hip. All but the last county is R side leg pains. Ecuador and Guatemala/Nicaragua are L leg. 
China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India as well as Nepal… there has been several quakes in China and India as well and Nepal is also more active. This is the L side earache and with Nepal its earache with sharp heart pains and come stomach pains. 

Taiwan, Leeward Windward Trinidad Virgin Islands as well as Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.. This is the R side earache and lately we have had a larger increase in the activity in the areas of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic as well as Taiwan. If the quake is larger there is usually a addition to the earache of crackling. 

The ants have been active. They were as stated before here and gone, here and gone and back in small numbers and then gone on Thursday at 2:09 AM.. there were reports from others in S CA who had red ants and they were swarming and others in CA who had ant invasions where they acted differently than they had ever done in the past. Even reports of ants from Mexico. 

There are reports of cats being sick, mine included. Earthquake clouds which were very much in evidence the last few days. 

The N Sound has been strong, the S CA sound has been intense and louder.. the N CA sound is basically the same with some change in volume. I have been hearing the Horn Honking sounds over and over the last weeks and each time they change in pitch and volume there is another quake in the El Salvador area and there was just a change again. 

I have eaten more popcorn in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 2 years. So being aware what the corn means, this is right on track. Carbs and sugar came in 2nd and 3rd in my diet. 

I have appreciated all the text with information about clouds, ants, quakes and symptoms.. thank you. 

Watching the following locations Chile, and Mexico as well as Philippines and Japan. The CA Swarm at Salton Sea/Bombay Beach. N CA near San Jose CA Indonesia Peru/Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Ecuador Offshore OR.. Dominos Oceania. 

I welcome all comments, suggestions, observations and or questions. This is a work in progress so it may change in its format in the coming updates. As always thank each and every one of you for standing by during this very long time of no updates. 

It was May 18th I posted my last blog update. I will end this by sharing a bit of news.. 

There are some scientists and professionals interested in what I am doing with the EQ prediction and how I do it and we have signed a non disclosure so I can’t go into detail but I will say proposals have been filed and projects have been approved.
It will be at least 2 years of data and research that will be done.

If you are sensitive, keep your Lecithin and TUMS and Peppermint Tea and Soda Crackers Handy.. as I found out in the previous solar storms this last week, the SOLAR FLU attacks can and do hit instantly without warning. The key is to take your supplements as soon as any symptoms appear. " REMEMBER I AM NOT A DOCTOR, AND THESE SYMPTOMS CAN MIMIC A HEART ISSUE SO BE VERY CAREFUL AND SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS IN SEVERE FORM OR FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME " 

For anyone who is sensitive to the solar flares as I am, this is what I recommend, not as a doctor but as a biological sensitive. Lecithin and TUMS, Peppermint Tea, and soda crackers it has worked for many people who react as I do. Being in Solar Minimum with out much protection from the sun, be especially careful about your eyes and skin. 
I used to have this on my site but removed it, now with Winter/cooler weather due within a few months , I am re-adding it remember with the Sun, snow even on overcast days, is too bright so wear your sun glasses, every time you go outdoors wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Go for a product that is an established brand.. don’t go for cheap… some sun screens have been recalled for burning their users. 

Sun glasses will stop or at least almost totally stop the chance of getting cataracts’ in your eyes.. the leading cause of cataracts’ is Sun… even babies need eye protection. Blu-ray type glasses are best. As we slowly leave Solar Cycle 24 and go into Solar Cycle 25 its going to get more active Sun wise so if you are sensitive be prepared. 
Terms and Conditions: as a reader of my blog you agree.. Not to make predictions in my name without my express permission. Any actions taken by you the reader due to my information I have posted, is your sole responsibility for those actions and remember if you are experiencing any of the symptoms in severe form or for a prolonged time, get checked out medically. 
You may be sensitive, but you may also have a life threatening event happening. Remember the life you save, may be your own. I am not a medical doctor and I am only sharing what has worked for me and many others in the past. Donations gratefully accepted.. information on the blog. (C) 10/3/20
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