Launching Project Migraine

I had planned to attend an Earthquake Conference in Sacramento CA. I had been in contact with a scientist by the name of Christopher H Dodge.  We had been discussing the sounds I had been hearing as well as the symptoms I had just recently began to experience. Chris was a Biologist in the US Library of Congress CRS Division and translated scientific data from Russian into English. He had a lot of good contacts there.  We had been discussing starting a project to prospectively monitor my earthquake predictions and symptoms and these reports would be logged into a Lexitron Computer.

Since I had plans to go to Sacramento to attend the Earthquake conference, and Chris was going to visit family members in a city not too far from where I was staying in Sacramento, we made plans to meet after the conference.

I was staying at the home of a friend who worked at the warning center part of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services or ” OES ” in Sacramento.  Chris called and we agreed to meet, he arrived at the house and we sat around the table talking, telling stories and finally creating Project Migraine.

Chris felt the name was appropriate since that was the main symptom associated with what I was feeling all the time.  So about 3 AM on a cool March morning sitting around the table in a Sacramento kitchen, drinking coffee,  Project Migraine was born.
I was the Principle Investigator, and Principal Author, Chris was a Co-Author and Principle Project Coordinator and Mike was our Project Publicist, putting it all down in writing and crossing all the proper t’s and dotting all the proper i’s.   So Project Migraine became a reality on March 30, 1981.

The project was a volunteer project that was being undertaken by Chris Dodge of the US Library of Congress, Congressional Research Service.  Although we were using the ” Library of Congress” heading for the project, it was a totally volunteer project.  The US Library of Congress is not mandated for real time research and had no monetary connections with Project Migraine which was all funded by private donations.

We used the Lexitron Computer at Chris’s office to record the predictions and Chris wrote them down on hard copy as well.

When I returned from CA to Oregon after the conference, I went to Seattle to  undergo further testing at the Institute of Applied Physiology and Medicine.

After my tests were done I called a friend who worked for ARC and when his father answered and invited me to dinner and later spend the night instead of staying at a motel I readily agreed.  I was done with dinner when my husband who was in Salem with our children called and said a scientist from Germany had called and wanted to see me as he was in the area, so he asked if it was ok to give this scientist the phone number where I was staying.  I checked and ok’d with the family I was with.

A short time later I rec’d a call from Sten Linnander  who held degrees in both Physics and Geophysics, from the University of Stockholm but he was working in Germany.  Since I was in Seattle and he was in Oregon, he asked how far it was to where I was staying, I said about 3-4 hours and he said much to my surprise, I am coming to see you.

So shortly before dark he arrived and we spoke about what I was doing and Project Migraine.  So I said I wanted to go to the University of WA and talk to the men who had been speaking with me on the phone on and off for over a year and he was pleased since this would also be confirmation of what my claims were for earthquake prediction.

I checked on their address and we took off for Seattle about 10 miles away. Somehow between the two of us we located the University and the USGS office.  We went to the building and were allowed inside and I introduced myself and Sten.  We chatted a bit and I looked at all the seismographs lining the room and all the sudden I was desperately ill.

I ran for the bathroom and was hit with ” seismic flu” both stomach and intestinal varieties.  It was like instant food poisoning but I knew this was not food related.  I came out of the rest room and they offered me a glass of water and I could not even hold the glass I was that weak.  So I guess Sten got the message I needed to go home.

We said goodbye and that is the last thing I recall till we arrived back in Bellevue.  I did not know how he managed to get us back there but he did.  Later when I asked him he said ” You told me how to get there which is bizarre since I had no recollection of the events the previous day.   He said ” You were almost catatonic but were able to communicate ”

After I went into the house, the stomach pains began. I had experienced stomach pains before but these were like I experienced later with Mammoth Lakes CA.  I was shaking and went in to lay down and they brought me water bottles to warm me up.  Then the chest pain started.  I took it for a bit but then knew I needed to go to the hospital. So my host and I headed for Overlake Hospital in Bellevue WA.

I tried to explain my symptoms and their cause to the emergency room doctor what I was feeling and that I was pretty sure it was related to St Helens. I am not 100% certain that he believed me but they did monitor my heart and blood pressure and watched for something that might have been causing the stomach pains.  It was like I recall my labor had been with the birth of my children constant rolling pains.

I was in the hospital for what seemed like forever and finally about 6 hours later, the pain had eased up enough for me to dress and leave and go back to where I was staying in Bellevue.

When we left the hospital it was almost dawn and were about 3 miles away and all the sudden it was as if my feet and hands were in a fire pit full of stinging ants.  I could not stop itching and my hands and feet felt on fire.  I looked in the review mirror and my face was covered in welts.  We immediately  turned around and headed back to the hospital.  I do not think the doctor was all that surprised to see me again.

One look at me and the doctor said ” You are going through a autonomic reaction ” I said what is that.  He said ” You said it was St Helens causing your pain, and there is no way to verify that but something caused your body to go into this state.

This is caused by your kidneys holding all these strange enzymes and then they just dumped all that into your blood stream all at once and you are reacting to all these enzymes with a histamine reaction.  So he gave me a shot of Benadryl and sent me home with a prescription of more pills.  * I could also pick them up OTC *

We got back to the house I visited with Sten for a while and then he had to leave and I had to drive back to Salem which would take about 4 hours and wanted to arrive in daylight.

After a light lunch and visited for about a hour and then I called Chris in Washington DC and told him ” Chris this is Charlotte and I am calling to log a prediction, all hell is going to break loose at St Helens in the next 3 days”.  My call was logged both on the computer and hard copy.  I ate a quick lunch and headed for Salem.  Since it was March, the daylight would not last too long so I wanted to get off as soon as possible to keep daylight all the way back down to Salem. I arrived in Salem in good time just prior to dinner and dusk and I made it home without any other issues.

I was just relaxing, later that evening and Chris called to check if I was ok and if I had anything to add to my prediction.  I said ” No ” and we talked a few minutes and he told me that he talked to his people and they checked and St Helens was very quiet and nothing was happening.

He had called to see if I wanted to change my prediction and again I said ” No ” and this time we hung up.   About a hour later I began to pick up the tattletale symptoms of St Helens stirring the L sided headache and pressure.

No back of head pains as it was not in tremor..   I was dozing the next morning after everyone was gone, not having gotten much sleep the night before and the phone rang.  It was Chris calling from Washington DC. He said ” Have you heard the news ”  I said no what news?”  He said his people called him that morning an asked ” have you heard the news” and Chris like me said “No ” and then they told him ”  St Helens has been put on full eruption alert ” Chris called to tell me I was vindicated and that Project Migraine was off to a rip roaring start.

I wish I had taken the name of the doctor in Bellevue WA, as he was very nice and I would have liked to talk with him and tell him what happened and thank him for his care.

April 10, 1981  St Helens experienced another explosive eruption.  7 Days after my initial call to Chris.  24 hours after my initial call to inform Chris that all hell was going to break loose on Mt St Helens.
Personal note:  My personal opinion of what caused my attack for lack of a better word at the USGS Office in Seattle at U of W.

I had visited Menlo Park in 1969 and was in the main area where there were dozens of seismographs and it was a very exciting experience seeing all that data and lines which signified activity happening in this or that place.  But this was 7 years before ” the sound ” started and 11 years before St Helens.

This time not only was I much closer to the mountain than in Salem, all the seismographs which were in the room at the USGS in Seattle were bringing in data via phone lines to the station.  It was as if each of the seismographs that were mounted at St Helens, Rainier, Hood etc. all the Cascades were all coming into the room at the same time and since the lines carry current, and I respond to current, it was as if I was standing on the very active volcano. Remembering the words of Dr. Frank Yatsu, my neurologist and his warning to me.  ” Charlotte stay away from active volcanoes and strong electrical magnetic fields you will be a permanent basket case or it will kill you ” comes strikingly close to what happened to me in Seattle.

May 20-22nd  Seismic Synopsis:

I know this is late but wanted to cover the last 72 hours since this is my time line for most quake forecasts.

Woke this morning with major headache, disorientation and spaciness. This is a common symptom for me with Oregon quakes. Cats were sick on the 19th and vision was awful even with reading glasses.  I heard from other sensitive’s who were reporting the same symptoms.  This is one where I took Meclizine.  This is an ATC medication but it Deadly for a fetus so do not take if pregnant or you could get pregnant.  I only use the chewable and generic brands like Goldline brand.  They cost about 6.00$ a bottle for 100 tabs.

The largest quake on the 20th was a 6.0 in Australia.  It was felt but no damage reports have come forward.  This quake like many, has had dozens of aftershocks * A/S * and most likely will continue to do so for some time.
This one is the L rib pains of Oceania.

The Domino Islands also continue to shake with quakes occurring in Marianas, and Samoa this is the R rib pains and they can be anywhere from the lower back to just under the upper arm.
Taiwan continues to shake with a 5.2, this is the R side earache
Eastern and Western Turkey also continue to be very active.  The main symptoms you will experience with this area is intense headache and chest pressure, * be sure you are not experiencing a heart event * and L elbow pain.   Turkey always seems to follow or proceed activity in Crete, Greece, Aegean, Caspian and Ionian Seas.

Quakes continue in OK and others along the Wasatch/ New Madrid fault line New MX had a 4.2 quake this is also low back pains and seismic flu.

Columbia and Panama as well as Peru and Brazil all are R leg, ankle, knee and hip pains, Ecuador is L sided with Guatemala.

AK volcanoes are active so this would cause the R side back of head, temple pains.
This also activates my dual tone for the N locations.

Total Quakes on the Index Map… is 757 for CA.

The Geysers are at 207  * quake of 4.0 or greater is possible when total of quakes in this area are over 200. * these quakes cause slight stomach pains and headache and can cause ear issues as well*

Southern CA has dropped to 32 * Los Angeles are surrounding area *These quakes cause mostly sharp heart pains center of forehead pains

Long Valley is at 38 which is part of the Sierras/Nevada Mountains.
*These quakes cause stomach pains.*

The Southern CA quakes are at 136 which include Anza, Julian, Idllywood as well as Mexicali, Brawley, El Centro all cause sharp heart pains.
Cats sick most likely cause is Oregon offshore or inland quakes.  Japan will cause them to get sick if its over 6.0.   Sometimes Landers Quake Zone will cause them to get sick as well.  Vision is off this is Oregon, headache and disorientation is also part of offshore Oregon events.

Seismic Synopsis  May 21

The largest quake during the last 24 hours was 5.5 in Izu Japan.  This is the L shoulder blade pains.
There was a 4.9 offshore Bandon Oregon. Expected. No alerts.

Nepal * XIZANG * causes stomach pains and the quakes continue.

Northwest Territories Australia is getting dozens of A/S for the  6.0 of the 20th.  This is the L rib pains sometimes severe and  can go from your waist area to just under your ribs.

There was a 3.4 about 171 miles W of Eureka CA this can be part of what was feeling but what I expect would be in the range of a 4.0 * Temple to temple headache, achy chest pains and possible ear pains*

Taiwan continues to shake with a 4.2 which is the R earache

The Dominos shaking with more quakes in Samoa and Marianas.
This this is the R rib pains

There was a 4.8 in the Philippines, this is similar to the Cascades but its always R side back of head pains as well as pressure along R temple.

FYR * Former Yugoslav Republic * Macedonia has been getting quakes some are being reported as being felt.  They were 4.8, 4.7 and 4.0

Chile, Bolivia both are continuing to experience quake activity this is L eye , side of face with neuralgia and disorientation/spaciness. Then there are the Chile mental issues, check my link under  Glossary.

There was more activity along the New Madrid Fault with quakes hitting OK and Tennessee … this is seismic flu and Low back pains in the area of the sacrum.

The Geysers continue to shake with numbers near 200 still ongoing.
Continuing to watch for a larger event in N and or Central CA and the Sierras.
Ants all over the floor and counter  Cats ok, several spiders have been exterminated.

Solar flu hit again and I am taking the Lecithin  and TUMS and Hot Sweet Peppermint Tea.  Soda Crackers.

Seismic Synopsis May 22

Largest quake of the last 24 hours was a 5.4 in Bolivia which goes with quakes in Chile, and Argentina.  Chile also had a 5.1 event.  There has been numerous quakes in Chile in the last 72 hours.  So its time to watch the RR Crossings and pay special attention to persons who are bi polar and or manic depressive.  I say this not as a medical professional but from a combination of personal experiences and care givers of persons who may be mentally challenged.  Suicides and other issues surface about the time of Chile quakes check the Glossary.

Western Xizang also had a 5.4 event in the last 24 hours this is part of Nepal and therefore the symptoms would be stomach pains intense at times.

Australia continues to experience a large number of aftershocks *a/s* from the 6.0 event of the 20th.  Again this is the L rib pains for Oceania.

Virgin Islands which is similar in symptoms to Taiwan * which I find interesting * but since its closer to Leeward, Windward and Trinidad Islands which I have always connected to Taiwan, it makes sense. This is the major R side earache.

OK along the Wasatch/New Madrid fault continues to shake with a 3.4 in the last 24 hours.  More quakes continue and will likely not stop till they stop drilling. * my personal opinion *

S China Xinjiang had a 4.1 event, this is part of the China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India with Nicobar and Andaman Islands which for the most part is L earache, if the quake is larger, you may hear a cracking sound like cellophane being crushed.
Afghanistan also was hit this was a 4.4 event.

Guatemala had a 5.0  event.. this goes with Peru/Brazil and or Columbia and as well as Ecuador.. the R leg covers all locations above but the Ecuador, Guatemala can be part of either side. This is the intense pains in the R leg, foot, ankle, knee, and or hip and the L side is the same but it goes with Ecuador.

Speaking of Ecuador its time for an A/S of the April 7.8 quake these aftershocks are due between now and the 27th.

Indonesia, Vanuatu, Taiwan are also due for possible aftershocks to their main shocks in April.
Northern East Pacific Rise is also due for a possible A/S within the next 3-5 days.  Any area can experience a large quake with or without having a foreshock or even aftershocks. Sometimes there will be another larger event and its totally outside of the most common timeline for quakes. But the most common quakes time table..

Main Shock. 12-72 hours + or – 12 hours.  There can be a larger quake within that 12 -24 hours if this was not the main shock and occasionally during the first 12-72 hours.

Total Quakes 693 down only because they removed the last 24 hours of data.
The Geysers… 207,  Long Valley  40, Los Angeles, 31
Mammoth Lakes volcanic  96     Southern CA is still at 141

Solar activity seems to be calm at this time … Major ant invasion seems to be over… I only saw a few ants this morning.  Cat sick several times today this is either Oregon Japan over a 6.0 and or some times major quakes mostly in the water around the world.. the other cat was fine.

Michoacán MX had a quake of 4.5 which is sharp heart pains, and all over headache.









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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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