Yesterday Today and Tomorrow June 11, 2016

This is a portion of the update I sent out to my subscribers today.  I am only posting about 1/3 of the total update.  If you are interested and would like to read the entire update, please sign up for my FREE Email Updates.

Lots has been happening since the 5.1 ( which is/was actually 5.7 ) according to the WCTWC…   which makes sense considering how many people felt this event.

The quakes are still happening with over 450 A/S of the main shock of Borrego Springs.

Based on my criteria for an event and a/s the timeline for A/S of this event is through midnight today for the largest A/S or in some cases a main shock.  Then we have the next timeline which is the 12th  through the 13th plus or minus 12 hours.

They are showing over 400 A/S for this quake and that’s probably a bit low.  In checking my CA only link, I see the quakes in Anza, La Quinta and Borrego Springs are all connected to the main quake.  Then before the date of the quake there were many quakes in Anza and Idyllwild and Julian, Westmoreland and Brawley all these locations are within the 50 mile distance from Borrego Springs. 

Quake numbers  CA ONLY… 
Total Number of quakes in 7 days..1664

The Geysers  237

Mammoth Lakes   101

Long Valley  48

Los Angeles CA.. 36

Alamo NV 55

Borrego Springs area including Anza,    867

I have had more L leg pains and even a mild charlie horse last night.

Frogs experienced about 6 AM today * large water event within 12-24 hours * + or – 12 hours.

After the  Borrego Springs quake I have experienced on and off sharp heart pains but nothing like before the quake. 

Mexico quakes are due for A/S these would be Oaxaca ( perhaps Jalisco )  there are also a/s due in the following locations.

The Banda Seas * includes Molucca and Flores Seas *

Solomon and Fiji Islands  ( The Dominos )

Ecuador * includes Peru/ Brazil and or Columbia * R leg, ankle, knee and hip *

Guatemala Can be part of the above symptoms  Ecuador and Guatemala

Molucca Sea

Greece * possible earache and sharp heart pains *

Algeria… 18 events in this area recently.. in checking it looks like they are doing lots of geothermal drilling in this area.

Western AU  ( Oceania )  L rib pains

Coquimbo Chile. L side headache, L eye, L side neuralgia and vertigo/disorientation and anger/suicides over reaction to events.  The Chile Connection.

Kumamoto Japan L side shoulder blade pains

The symptoms I’ve been experiencing are on and off sharp earache. some heart pains, mid back pains and earaches on and off some stomach pains and dental pains, seismic flu.. and back pains all locations.  This is so I can  list areas where I am feeling something but do not have to list all the symptoms each time.

Stomach pains are usually related to the CA/NV Sierras, and Oregon Cascades as well as AK volcanoes, and parts of S CA including Simi and Yucca Valley, * the Landers Quake Zone *  includes Big Bear, Ludlow and Joshua Tree/Landers as well as NEPAL.

L side earache is China, Pakistan,Pakistan, Afghanistan and India including Nicobar and Andaman Islands
R side earache is Taiwan, Windward & Leeward Islands and Trinidad Island and more recently at times Virgin Islands

June 11, 2016   1:07 PM PDT original post time.

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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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