Good Morning.

There has been lots of quake activity since my last update but nothing has been severe enough to merit a new update till the last 24-48 plus hours. Will update as necessary or events, dictate.

Just prior to posting headache is intensifying and this time its temple to temple, could be offshore N CA and or OR.  lots of yawning so this says ” Offshore Eureka to the bay and SF Bay proper ” 
My main symptoms have been on and off rib pains both sides which go with The Dominos and Oceania respectively.  Another 5.6 this morning in New Britain PNG and a 5.2 in the Kermadec’s on the 6th.
Seems to be more activity in this area lately.  Then there has been the headaches.  I do not recall headaches of this intensity and location on my head since 1980 and the awakening of St Helens.  It is so similar to St Helens I keep checking but so far nothing is happening to our lady to the North.  I am curious if they are or have commenced their drilling in or in their words along the flanks of the Cascades looking for new geothermal sources.  I haven’t heard anything specific but that could possibly cause the kind of headache I am experiencing.  I was down with it most of the 3rd of July and fireworks on the 2-4th did not help.  Yesterday AM was a bit better but by last night and today already the pain is at a 8 on the scale of 1-10.    I remember that entire 1-2nd year of activity with St Helens and I am not near as young or healthy as I was 36 years ago.  I am watching our Cascades very closely.
There was some sharp heart pains on and off since about 6 PM last night.  I had been out running and doing errands all day so put it out to possibility of that causing the symptom but then it woke me about 5 AM with sharp needle like pains.  Cats were also ancy… or perhaps only hungry.  In any event I was up so checked updates and nothing showed up.
Had the sugar craving so had some fresh berries I picked up yesterday and a candy bar… YUP something’s up, I don’t usually eat candy bars at 5 AM…
So finally checked the quake reports about 6:10 and there had been a small 3.7 quake near Brawley/ El Centro… what I call my S CA into MX and MX proper zone.
This I am sure was the cause of the sharp heart pains the last 12+ hrs… the quake was within  5 minutes of being 12 hours after the onset of symptoms.

Had sick cats on and off since the 4th.. We had a 3.1 off Bandon and then we had a 4.3 off Newport yesterday.. Wondered about the Axial Seamount being the cause of the headache since it can be very active and unless U of W is sharing information, we would not know it.

I noticed that Misty was attempting to open closet doors and cupboard doors before the quake yesterday this one seemed to bother him more.

The headache can go with that as well but again this was and has continued almost without a break since Saturday.Subscribe to my updates for the full  reports Including some quake activity and ant reports.   * Subscribe * in the subject line *

I have been asked about why I am not posting the full reports on my blog.  The reason is that I am trying to bring people new people into my subscription list so we can share information. I am unable to do that with the blog.  I am just posting the beginning of the update and hopefully you will be interested enough to drop me an email and sign up for my FREE updates. I appreciate your questions, feedback and comments.



About charking1946

I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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  1. beth says:

    Have a dear friend who lives in Landers, CA she reports that the military conducts regular bombing “practice” in that area such that her house shakes and windows rattle, plumbing comes apart as a result of the enormous concussion. Drives her bug nutty. When I see a lot of micro quakes there, I always check to see if they’re bombing there. And they are. For what it’s worth. Thanks for what you report, very valuable information!


    • charking1946 says:

      Beth I have a friend in Joshua Tree and she is often on the phone with me and says they are bombing and some are really big blasts. She has small dogs and it really affects the dogs. I don’t think I could be in that kind of an environment between the noise and the repercussions it would be just too much, not counting the earthquakes.


      • Beth says:

        Charlotte, I was wondering as you are well documented sensitive to the earth movement perhaps you experience symptoms while this occurs. Which may make sense of certain symptoms? Thank you again for all your good work.


        • charking1946 says:

          Beth if I do I am not aware of it, but if I were living in Landers or Joshua Tree etc I think that would change. Headache and ear popping would be the normal effects, similar to what I experienced with the 4th of July fire works.


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