Just issued Tornado Warnings again for Clatsop, Tillamook and Pacific Counties.

Thought I would get a short update off since the chance of losing power over the next couple of days is a real possibility. bear with me while I cover some of the events that are happening because I am sure it can affect my symptoms.

Prayers for the entire PNW would be helpful… N CA to Oregon to Western WA.

We are in the middle of the current weather issues in the US throughout the weekend. The first storm hit last night with over

An inch of rain and winds gusting at 30+ .  No damage just lots of wind and rain.  On the Oregon coast however, near Astoria

Which is the gateway to the Pacific here in Oregon, was hit with 100 mph wind gusts and tornado warnings due to severe thunderstorms

This morning. The warnings were extended to 3 counties.  We show a possibility of thunderstorms for our area later today so once again,

I wanted to get this out this morning.  This is the tail of Typhoon Songda which is tracking from Japan.  We can expect up to 8-18 inches of rain

For the 3 systems that are due to hit us, one after another.. and winds in the valley where I am gusting at 55+ tomorrow evening when the worst

Of the 3 storms hits. Tornado touched down in Manzanita OR this morning,  on the coast and major damage homes, roofs, decks, and dozens of trees down could have been F2 or 3.  If you want to check  the weather in your state or city or mine or anyone else’s this is the link I use. Its called and you can go to the different stations listed and often can find a station within a few miles of your home.

OK on to the update. Its about 10:00 AM here and I have a major headache, mostly frontal but getting short bouts of back of head pains as well.  I have taken my anti dizziness medication since I am not experiencing vertigo but definitely dizzy… sitting still nothing else is still..  Just a slight feeling of everything moving around me visually, but not physically.  Since I am not experiencing any sharp heart pain at this time, I think we can rule out Washington state for this one.

I believe that the frontal headache could be due in part to the low pressure systems approaching the state. Also offshore volcanic.Activity will cause this symptom.  Back of head pains, is definitely volcanic and mostly tied into volcanic activity in OR, WA, Indonesia and or Sicity, Mexico etc… This does not have to be an eruption but are caused by volcanism. In checking the CA map for quakes, I see that finally we are up to the target number for quakes at The Geysers, so it was 220 and that tells me that we could have a 4.-4.5 or greater inland or offshore N and or Central CA.. * offshore S Oregon coast as well * and this can include Sierras and Kern County where we have Parkfield and Coalinga… etc.. Solar flu hit last night with a G2 solar storm… this was an expected hit from a filament collapse on the 10th of  October.. I see we had another flare this morning about 3:48 AM so seems we will get another impact within the next 12-72 hours.  I took my Lecithin and TUMS and the pain began to recede about 15 minutes later..  Still picking up Turkey with many smaller quakes happening daily but nothing of size to be concerned about at this time.

Rib chest pains and some heart pains, pressure and elbow pains. Can tie into quakes in the Aegean, Caspian and Ionian Seas as well as Crete/Greece areas… Dodecanese Islands of both Turkey and Greece as well.

I have low back pains again on the L side mostly.. this can be for the Wasatch/New Madrid but it can also be due to the lower rib on the L side reacting to Oceania and or it can be due to my lifting and carrying in firewood yesterday.   Areas in this group are ID, UT, MT,  WY. West Yellowstone with NM, AZ,TX,  the New Madrid affects many locations up to 16 states and they are MO, TN, KS and OK.. but these are only the most common ones, as I said there are up to 16 states that can be affected by this activity.

Vision is really off so hopefully this is just a small 2.0 event inland somewhere and not another 4.5+ offshore of Southern OR coast. We never need a quake but having one during the coming days storms would add insult to injury.

Legs woke me with charlie horses this morning, couldn’t straighten them out or bend them in, ouch.. this would be the areas of

Peru/Brazil/ Columbia, and Guatemale and  L side is Ecuador and Guatemala..

Had sharp heart pains on and off last night, suspect it was due to events in S CA and or  like El Centro, etc as well as the KP Index with the solar G 2 storm. Other than that, its about 11 and I need to get this off… I need to get out for a bit while we are only in wind and no rain but sunshine, the calm before the storm, literally.

N CA activity continues but not too much

San Francisco~ The Geysers,  220  *

Los Angeles, 61 ( up slightly )

Long Valley ~ Sierras,  97 ( up slightly )

Salton Sea area,  142 * down * Sierras      111 * up*

Total quakes 7 days  900   (  up

I am going to check on the quakes now and see what’s happening. Its 10:43 AM PDT

from my last update..

Many quakes in Turkey and Chile… the quakes in Turkey cause the pressure on the chest, wonder if they are also responsible for the pressure on the ribs * bear hug feeling ?  * this continues almost a week now and have not figured out the cause *

* Chile has been a major cause of many symptoms, I have been really upset, angry and jumping on my husband for any and everything, classic… for Chile.  I also have seen more headlines that might be part of  the Chile Connection.  * We have had lots of Chile symptoms, shootings, hit and run accidents, and road rage, anger, over reactions, or no reactions *

Timeline set… October 11 thru the 18 plus or minus 12 hours.  If a primary precursor shows up within the next 12 hrs, I will reset the timeline to reflect that change.  So far nothing happening but we still have multiple days left from this timeline. No primary precursor as yet but still have 4 days for original timeline,


Cropped Charlotte 2010 TBA

October 14, 2016

11:15AM PDT



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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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