Todays Symptoms, Sounds and Observations

Good morning this is a work in progress till I figure out the best way to add to this each day, night.  So hopefully it will begin to make some kind of sense within a few days.   If a major symptom should hit, I will immediately post it here as well as if I feel its urgent, I will also send out a ” Heads Up Update ” for the area that I feel needs to be monitored.

Yesterday was not too bad symptom wise and the sounds had resumed their usual background sound till about 3 PM on Friday.  I had to go out and run some errands and coming back into the house I noticed I was a bit spacey.  So after I brought in the groceries due to the colder weather it made sense to bring in some firewood and fill up my garage wood box and my wood wagon.  So I carefully did that and it was a good thing I was careful. I noticed I was walking off the edge of the sidewalks, walking into the edge of the flower beds.  So once I filled the wood boxes I came in the house and went to check on my kitty Sabrina and found myself walking into walls and hitting cupboard edges as I walked around them.  So this is usually pretty classic for a larger water event,  an Oregon event or a Japan over 6.0. * Oregon causes major blurred vision which so far is not too bad * But this is classic for volcanic activity.
I also am experiencing some R rib pains of  what I call The Domino Islands and L rib pains of what I call Oceania.
My stomach ache is back which is Sierras/ Nepal, Cascades or Landers Quake Zone.. I also had sharp heart burn Friday which for me has been a full or partial halo, a CME or filament collapse on the sun. So far no solar flu but will post what when it happens as well.  As I was finishing this update, I began to experience slight to mild pain deep in both ears.. A good indication of a larger water event or Italy, Sicily Greece/Crete and or Palm Springs, Whittier Pasadena/Burbank CA but so far I am NOT getting the sharp heart pains of these same locations.
Also the earaches/pressure etc.. can go with Coalinga CA area.
Whatever is building I expect we will know within 12-72 hrs. or less.  12/2/16   2:21 PM PST


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