Today’s Symptoms Sounds and Observations December 8, 2016

Will be adding a bit to this update… about 5 PM I was reading an email from a friend, I felt bad about something that happened and instantly burst into tears.  This is not me, I do cry at old movies and Christmas movies but this was totally out of character so my alarm bells went off.. this is an event symptom/precursor I hate to report.. this is loss of life.
Suddenly and violently and with no warning.  This can be a quake, tsunami, Act of War, Terrorist attack, fire, Flood avalanche, plane crash, or even a major pile up on winter highways.  There has to be at least 12 persons lose their lives in order to pick it up.  Its usually within 12-24 hrs but can be as long as 72 hrs.

The Chile Connection is also stirring and this is one of the areas I pay close attention to.  This one the precursors are emotional and not so much  physical except for L side headache, eye pain and neuralgia.

Now I have had the same or very similar spaciness and or disorientation as I did before the 6.5 N CA Offshore event and the 7.8
event in the Solomon Islands.  I also experienced similar symptoms before the 6.9 and 7.0 Offshore Oregon events in 1991.

So will end this for now.. and update as needed
Charlotte, Salem, OR  December 8, 2016  9:24 PM PST


Since my last update of the 8th yesterday there has been lots of quake activity.

This morning about 2:30 AM I woke with intense craving for carbs. I had 4 thick slices of toasted garlic French bread and followed that with 2 mini candy bars and then a bowl of frozen yogurt and whipped cream.  I still wanted more but was so intensely sleepy. Sleepiness goes with N CA between Eureka and The Bay and SF Bay proper.. especially around ” the Loma Prieta Quake zone”
We were still within the 1-3 day timeline that follows the activity in The Geysers which was 211 on the 5-6th this was followed by two quakes offshore one was 4.3 and one was 4.4 but the quakes did not slow down.. we were also in the open timeline for a a/s of the offshore N CA event in November. This one was right on time but instead of being a a/s it was apparently a main shock as well as the following the quakes in The Geysers.  Finally, I noted the timeline of the quake and see that it was on the exact day, 36 years ago they had the 7.2 offshore N CA. This one luckily did not cause any injuries and or damage ….. ants did not show up with this one.
The a/s are already showing up but the largest should be between 12-72 hrs. most of them hit 12-24 hrs. plus or minus 12 hrs. but closer to the 12-24 or 72 hrs.  Still have some headache temple to temple and achy heart pains which go with N CA. The Geysers were 211 2 days ago and now back down to 198 so things should calm down.

Then we had the quake in the Domino Islands. This as I have stated before is a group of Islands I so named because when one gets a large quake, they begin to fall  * hit quakes * like Dominos from one island to another…. and this one I am sure is large enough it will cause some of the other islands to have quakes and then the Domino effect will go into effect as well.   The original magnitude was 8.0 from the WCTWC but it was downgraded to a 7.8 as an official magnitude.
Locations of The Dominos are …. Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Marianas, Solomon, Santa Cruz, Admiralty, Marshal, Caroline and Vanuatu Islands.  This time the Solomon’s were hit but yesterday we had Fiji a couple of days ago and then last night we had a 4.9 in Tonga… followed this morning with the 8.0 downgraded to a 7.8 off the Solomon Islands.  If you are a sensitive you will experience major R rib pains before these quakes. Can also have earaches as they go with large water events.

A/S timeline for this quake.
12-24 hrs plus or minus 12 hrs and then 12-72 hrs plus or minus 12 hrs. That would be December 8-9th plus or minus 12 hrs.  Then 8-11th of December plus or minus 12 hrs.  The largest A/S usually hits within 12-24 hrs closest to the 24 hrs and then the other timeline is 12-72 hrs if it doesn’t hit within the first 24 it will hit at almost exactly 72 hrs. * + or – 12 hrs *
Vision is not too bad so I don’t think Oregon is going to get a back lash from the N CA quake.

I see there has already been several A/S of both the N CA event and the Solomon’s event.  Will update as necessary and or tonight.  If you want my full updates, sign up by sending me a email and those will be sent out on Sundays/Monday AM each week.

Charlotte King ~ Salem OR~ December 8, 2o16~ 12:43 PM PST




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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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