More Whales Beach In New Zealand… what the beachings mean to me. 2/10/17

The original beaching of 416 whales was very sad on Farewell Spit in NZ.. this is an area of frequent beachings.  Then there was another 100 or so whales that came in on Saturday morning and now they are reporting at least 200 more have also beached on the Farewell Spit.  Some of the whales had to be put down, in order to stop the suffering.

I have been following beachings since 1979 and whales.. I put part of what I do together due to the beaching in Oregon on June 16, 1979. Where 41 massive Sperm Whales beached and died. These are massive creatures. They weigh upwards of 30 tons and are up to 30 feet long.   The sadness of the major beaching in 1979 here in Oregon was so terribly difficult but it had one bright spot, if anything this terrible could have a silver lining.. It allowed me to put together what I was hearing and feeling and connected it to the whales and earthquakes. Even scientist were agreeable when I explained what I had felt and heard before the beaching began.

This is from my latest update February 10, 2017

My first beaching experience, June 16, 1979

My very first prediction for a quake was made to Geologist, Rick Lester, USGS at Menlo Park, CA.  Precursors in the form of sounds had alerted me to this area being likely to receive a large quake.  I called him on August 3rd 1979, then on   4th there was a beaching of Pilot Whales in FL and I knew they were picking up that quake.. then on the 6th of August right on time, there was a 5.7-6.3 depending on which data you accept the quake hit. COYOTE LAKE EARTHQUAKE 6 AUGUST 1979..

We had the June 16th, 1979 beaching right here in OR at Florence at the Oregon coast.. I had called our local TV station in Portland as I had been awakened by the ominous sound change that I heard in the early morning hours of that day.. within a few hours, the beaching was in full swing. 41 massive Sperm Whales died that morning of June 16th.  I knew that this was related to quakes coming I had already been hearing what I had identified as earthquake sounds for Northern and Southern CA and the sounds were unmistakably Southern CA… so I reported that information to my contacts in that area.. less than 3 days later, there were 3 moderate quakes in Big Bear CA, definitely Southern. I was certain this is what the whales had been feeling and reacting to.

I called the Mammalogist at MA. Cetacean Institute and shared my belief that the whales beached before/because they were picking up on the quake before it happened in CA.. The scientist I spoke to asked me a lot of questions and then said “ That it made perfect sense as the fault lines in that area run perpendicular to the beach and the sound/vibration which could have driven them toward the beach would also affect the fault lines which could potentially be picking up a pre quake vibration from the EMF which caused the whales to become confused and beach.  I shared that info with our local scientist and they said no, but a year later it was in the paper that on the anniversary of the beaching, it was the consensus of the scientists that the whales beached due to their sonar being jammed by earthquakes happening during this same time. There were 4 moderate quakes in all and the largest was the 4.8 at Big Bear, CA.

Then we have the Japan 9.1 quake in 2011… this one was proceeded by a beaching of dolphins at least 400 of them on a remote island in the area of New Zealand they did not find them till about 2 days after the quake and they were in deep decay already. 

 More than 100 pilot whales died in a mass stranding on a remote New Zealand beach on February 20, 2011, two days before a large quake struck the country’s second-largest city Christchurch. February 22, 2011

M 6.1 – South Island of New Zealand  2011-02-21 23:51:42 UTC

By Brian Clark Howard, National Geographic
PUBLISHED February 15, 2015

Rescuers and volunteers were scrambling on Friday to save nearly 200 pilot whales that were stranded on New Zealand‘s South Island. At least two dozen of the whales were reported dead, and more than 80 people descended on the beach near the shallow waters of Farewell Spit to begin the difficult task of moving survivors back into the water.  * Friday was the 13th of February *

7.1Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge   2015-02-13 18:59:12 UTC

Sunday 28th Nov 2004 In New Zealand rescuers succeeded in returning to the sea 20 of the 21 pilot whales found alive on a beach near Whangamata on the North Island’s east coast, and put down the last one.  More than 50 of the pod of 73 whales, which lay undiscovered on isolated Opoutere beach until Monday, had died.

7.0Hokkaido, Japan region   2004-11-28 18:32:14 UTC

Monday, November 29, 2004.

A total of 97 whales and dolphins died after becoming stranded at King Island off north-western Tasmania, while another 53 whales beached themselves off the state’s east coast. 80 whales and dolphins were counted dead on the beach at Sea Elephant Bay on King Island. More mammals were spotted moving several hundred metres off shore but were found dead, taking the total count to 97 dead.

There are many more instances but this will suffice… probably more than suffice.
I will end by saying that the quakes in Turkey have reached nearly 800 since the 2nd and I am getting concerned for that area as well as Turkmenistan and Oceania, specifically, AU,  N and S Island NZ.. PNG and the Kermadec Islands. in that proximity.   Japan or the Dominos is also a distinct possibility with the recent quakes in Solomon’s etc. since it was an 8.0 an A/S of 7.0 or even greater would not be out of the question.

If this beaching means anything we should have a quake of large to major magnitude within 72 hrs. Coupled with the precursors I have identified and the ants, sadness being experienced by several sensitives all say that something major is building.  Its possible it could be a major and unexpected eruption but its usually quake related.  This could be as above locations I listed or it could be an entirely new and unexpected location/event.c2t6qllveaenjg2


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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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