Monday Update March 6-7 2017

Since my last update there has been some larger quakes that I will mention here.
There was a 6.5 in New Britain Papua New Guinea and there was a 6.0 in the Solomon Islands. Quakes have also been reported along the Wasatch and New Madrid faults.. in such places as Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, Oklahoma and others..
Quakes have continued in Washington state, and more have happened in such locations as what I term ” The Dominos ” which include Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Marianas, Santa Cruz, Solomon, Marshal, Admiralty, Caroline and Vanuatu.. this would be the R rib pains…

Then there was also leg pains, mostly the L this time. This would be the areas of Ecuador and Guatemala…. R side pains are Peru/ Brazil and or Columbia/Guatemala.

The last few evenings I have had deep achy heart pains, gratefully they are in the R side so at this point in time, I can assume its not my heart causing the symptoms. I recently had a check up and my heart seems to be ok.

I rec’d a couple of emails last night reporting symptoms. I will post my reply so it will give you an idea what others are or may be experiencing.

One sensitive reported what they refer to as ” sea legs ” as how they felt.

My response

The report of sea legs are a bit different than what I experience but the outcome is similar. I just start bumping into things. Walls, counter edges, door jams, refrigerator doors, you name it.. I hit it.. then I have the carb/sugar craving that is literally going to turn me into something that a circus tent will be needed to cover me.. not yet thankfully but I already have a issue with weight due to my RSD and that is not helping. I have been fighting the corn craving all night, eating instead cookies and bagels etc CARBS and SUGAR

But I will likely be better off just making the popcorn and  being done with it.
Vision was so bad over the weekend even my reading glasses did not help. That would be usually Oregon/ parts of CA including Simi and Yucca Valley, including Landers quake zone and finally Japan if over 6.0 or greater event.

I had intense deep achy heart pains on and off the last 3 days. Mostly at night and thought it was OR inland or offshore and it was with the 4.0 event in Ferndale they have mostly stopped. But there is definitely a larger event coming… but I feel its one of those events that you can’t know where since its not a natural event.

L leg pains, Ecuador or Guatemala… Japan L shoulder blade pains, Indonesia full upper back shoulder blades I have some ideas but nothing I am able to confirm as yet.

Feel that N CA may not be done with Ferndale or such locations .. watching Sierras and L earache/China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India as well as Nicobar and Andaman Islands Mt Etna with the brow bone headaches and keeping an eye on Iceland.. especially I am watching Katla and Hekla volcanic activity.
Its that kind of feeling I hate, knowing something is going to happen and can’t do anything about it, can’t stop it and can’t identify it with 100 percent accuracy so feel like I am letting people down and my hands are tied.

So far ants are still busy and that’s good.  Cat has not been sick, that is also good so we may be building and it may be up to a couple of days before something shows up, or eases off.. Solar activity is not helping, it was back to almost normal and now we have had Red and Yellow bars on the KP index again today… sadness is the most unsettling symptom I am experiencing.
Never know how or when, if its more personal or large group over 12 persons, or one very important person.

The timing of Terrorist attacks, earthquakes, plane crashes etc… any form of violent and sudden loss of life fits the description of SADNESS.

Wish I could say “ Hope this helps “ but obviously it doesn’t.<end>
We woke with 1 + inches of snow on the ground this morning and the weather in the past has had a impact on my headaches but not sure this would cause the type of headache I had most of the day; The overcast from the cloud cover was so intense I lost Satellite about 2 AM Monday and did not get it back till about 9 AM Monday morning the satellite signals could not penetrate the density of the clouds. There was a 4.8 in Switzerland.. a unusual location but not unheard of but not any specific symptoms have been attributed to that location.

There has been some symptoms for Oregon as stated above, mostly in the form of vision issues, Stalled vehicles, including dead batteries dying while being driven. I also noted some issues with groceries when we tried to scan them yesterday while shopping One machine did not work, tried a second one with the same results. Electronic door openings do;not work when things are changing. Remote control issues again this week.

Expecting more in the Sierras, Imperial Valley, Oceania and Japan as well as Ecuador/Guatemala and CHILE.. Oregon/Washington and California all can cause some issues but we are also faced with more Solar flu. It hit the other evening I had reported a major solar flu attack coming on about 2 AM as I reported in my last update and that attack continued for over 2 days it began to ease off this last weekend and then hit again on Monday. Could it have been responsible for the recent chest pains, possibly, its not unheard of but not as common as other more active areas In any event we are still in the mist of the G1 solar storm hopefully it will be back to normal by Wednesday.
I am sure this is rambling but wanted to get all the symptoms and observations on the record.

Salem, OR March 7, 2017 4:14 AM PST

About charking1946

I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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