Yesterday Today and Tomorrow February 16, 2018

February 17, 2018  9 hrs. and 6 minutes since the 7.5 quake in Mexico Friday.

I have to say this quake was not a surprise.  I was expecting it in fact I shared that information with a long time subscriber, a media friend at ABC and a  scientist who is monitoring my forecasts several days ago.   Voicing my concern to all MEXICO.

M 7.2 – OAXACA, MEXICO – 2018-02-16 23:39:39 UTC  This one was from CSEM EMSC which is my favorite link but I always defer to the magnitude be it higher or lower from the West Coast Tsunami Warning Center in AK and this one they said from the get go was 7.5 so I am going with that magnitude.  These are preliminary assessment but they did not downgrade it.

 Tsunami Information Statement Number 1NWS National Tsunami Warning Center Palmer AK 346 PM PST Fri Feb 16 2018  * Magnitude    7.5 * Origin Time    1440 AKST Feb1540  PST Feb 16 2018  2340  UTC Feb 16 2018 * Coordinates   16.4 North 97.9 West * Depth          27 miles * Location       in Oaxaca, Mexico

I also had posted in this last update that I was expecting a quake 7.0 or greater before the 17th of February.  So that was also a hit.

In my last update I also mentioned the top location I was watching and the 2nd location I would expect a quake, the top one was AK and Aleutians with Japan/Russia and N Canada.
That was not the one to hit, the 2nd choice was which was Mexico. Actually I had listed a few other location such as Turkey, and Wasatch/New Madrid Fault and or Taiwan and Nepal.. this is how I listed Mexico.  Keeping a special eye on Mexico, no major symptoms at this time.

 From 2/10/2018

Oh the timeline I had sent to the scientist who is keeping track of my timelines was dated for  February 9-17th plus or minus 12 hrs.  This is for a quake of 7.0 or greater.. based on observations when its set, not so much on symptoms.

So the symptoms began to surface a few days ago.  I made a judgment call and called my connection in the scientific community and shared my fears about Mexico with him, we both voiced we hoped nothing would happen but I added a comment, if nothing happens, then its back to the drawing board, to figure out why nothing happened, Its just as much of a puzzle when something does not happen as when it does  So I began to watch my areas of precursors and shared with at least 3 persons before the quake I was expecting a major quake in Mexico and I thought it would be a tectonic quake as it was in September.

Yesterday I began to get some heart symptoms and my headache picked up but I have to discount my headache for the most part since I am still recovering from my injury which may be causing the headaches.  I was at one of our local food stores yesterday, Fred Meyer and noticed a single male pigeon was walking around in front of my car.  I went up to it and it would not fly, so I tried to see if it was afraid of the cart and again it would not fly.

I had some bird seed in my glove box so I took a scant handful of the seeds and threw it down in front of him, within seconds a female had flown into the area, she proceeded to walk up to him and they ate together. She was a smaller, younger bird.  Then I remembered how the pigeons would/could not fly before major quakes and especially the eruptions of Mt St Helens back in the early 1980’s.

So I thought about why she was able to fly in and he was not able to fly out. Then I also remembered that if the pigeons are on the wires etc. they can fly just fine, it’s the ones who are on the ground who can’t get off the ground. That energy band is much like the ones of St Helens.  That is why the car batteries stalled and that is also why the planes crash, it’s a energy band that is just so high, then its ok. So once you take off from the airport if there is a quake or such building, you have to get out of that band of energy. That’s why the small planes crash/ lose engine power just before landing and just after taking off, its that energy band they hit.   The same one that keeps the pigeons on the ground.  Although I have no proof I am sure that these bands are generated by fault systems that give off a change of energy before a major quake or eruption. I recall when I lived up on the hill in West Salem during the early days of Mt St Helens, and you were driving up the hill, you could actually feel the change in the air/density when you drove through one of these energy bands. When you were in the house I am several other persons who visited me during the early days of St Helens can confirm that you could be hurting in one area of the house and literally step out of that energy and then step back into it.. it was noted on numerous occasions.  I wish I had the documentation of all the early activity of St Helens but I lost all that paperwork in my divorce and subsequent move to Sacramento.

I spoke to a contact and subscriber in MX who felt this quake strongly and they said they were not aware of any major damage, injuries or loss of life for which I am very grateful. They did however experience major damage with the quake on September 19th of 2017 they were about 35 miles from Puebla and this time they were nearly 180 miles from Puebla MX.

Regarding the 7.4 Mexico quake. Based on past experience we can expect to have the usual number of A/S but the most crucial time is from the time the quake hit till that time tomorrow or 15 hrs. from now.. then it goes out to 72 hrs plus or minus 12 hrs.  Within the first 12 hrs. which is 3 more hrs. is the largest chance for another major quake or even a larger one. Then again at 72 hrs. that is possible but its not a common happening.

We still have 24 hrs. plus or minus 12 hrs. before the last timeline expires so more is possible.  At this time I am not picking up anything major but I was picking up sharp heart pains earlier as I stated above. So that’s it about the quake in Mexico on Friday.
Stomach pains have mostly stopped, still getting some moderate pains that go with the Sierras and or Coalinga but nothing major and they are short lived.  The Low back pains with the stomach pains of the Wasatch/New Madrid is also not causing too much problems right now.  I will say that the areas I had mentioned in my previous update many of them had hit..  there has been quakes in TN, OK, NH, and TX to name a few locations * seismic flu was prevalent with most of these locations *
Then we have Taiwan, which includes Leeward, Windward, Trinidad and Virgin Islands. Due to the 6.4 and 6.1 quakes in early February these areas are building for A/S but they can as you know happen any time.  The timeline for a/s for the Taiwan quakes is February 24th through March 2nd plus or minus 12 hrs.
I will mention the Chile connection because there has been many quakes in Chile since my last update.  I will not go into depth to the emotional precursors suffice to say they are shootings, murders, over reaction, spur of the moment events and timing of terrorist attacks.. that persons who had bi polar or manic depression tendencies might be more at risk to be affected. We had all kinds of events, shootings in Salem, Portland, alcohol played a part but there were several accidents persons going the wrong way on highways, yes alcohol but did Chile take away the ability to think clearly and these persons did not have the normal awareness to not driving drunk.  Anyway, there was at least one event involving a fatality that had a train involved. Sadness hit, it was mild when I sent out this last update, it came back and then faded and then it hit again 2 days ago, and did not stop. We all know what happened in FL.. you might say no, this is gun control and people and mental illness and I would say Yes to all of these things, but all the mass shootings as well as all the school shootings since and except Columbine which was not a Chile Connection by the way, has been tied into Chile.

Still watching volcanoes. Especially the one in the Philippines and Cleveland in the Aleutians and one in the Azores.
There are many others which are showing activity but these are the ones that I am watching.  Still getting some L ear pains.. that is China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India the more intense the pain and if there is crackling sounds the stronger the quake is likely to be. Nepal causes the same symptoms but add stomach pains. Oregon volcanoes such as the Cascades, Axial Seamount off shore, and WA Cascades most can cause stomach pains.  There is a mining company which has made a bid to do drilling along the flanks of Mt St Helens. This is not a good idea in any form.

I recall back in 1981 when I was at the mountain and meeting with a Earthquake Engineering Geologist from Golden CO who I had been speaking to by phone since before the major eruption.  I began to feel that “ Get the he— —out of Dodge feeling. Cold chills and hair stood up on my neck. I have come to recognize it as my Fight or Flight symptoms.  I told the geologist that the mountain was going to erupt.  He said when I said within hours.  He was not having any of it.. nicely he said no that is not going to happen. Just as nicely I said YES IT IS.. he took a copy off the machine and I looked at it and could see the quakes many of them.  I asked about them, he said “ Its just the forest service blasting stumps out of the way on the mountain “  I knew then that they were going to be the cause of the eruption.  I said why would any one blast stumps on an active volcano.  So I left and drove back to Salem, just a few minutes after I arrived at 5 PM, turning the corner to cross the bridge to West Salem, you could plainly see the dense ash cloud rising above the hills to the N.  So back to my statement above.. Mining which will involve drilling or blasting can only lead to a reaction from our Lady to the N.. St Helens.
Remember if St Helens gets shaky, often so does Mt Hood and even the Axial Seamount.  With this being Winter and lots of skiers its not good as any shaking causes avalanches.

The Sierras has been having a few more quakes nothing major a 3.2 at Coso Junction is one of the larger events in the last week. The snow fall causes I believe a increase in quake activity as well.  With The Geysers quake numbers up it’s a given the Sierras; Mammoth Lakes ( and other locations ) would respond.  Speaking of The Geysers which can include locations such as Hollister, and Gilroy, Pinnacles, Los Banos, Tres Pinos and San Juan Bautista and Santa Clara County as well as Healdsburg and Cloverdale there has been over 200 quakes, this is a signal that there will likely be a quake over 4.0 within the next 12-72 hrs. plus or minus 12 hrs. Usually its 12-24 hrs plus or minus 12 hrs.
Anyway the quake should it occur is most likely between Eureka and The Bay and SF Bay proper.  They are usually offshore but also happen inland and can go all the way to the Sierras * as I said, there is a connection there * and or to Coalinga which also has a connection to the Sierras.  So that would be between the 16 to the 19th plus or minus 12 hrs.

Still picking up a bit from the Imperial Valley especially the area of Borrego Springs and El Centro; Mexicali , Calexico Ocotillo and

Westmoreland as well as the Gulf of CA and Baja CA MX.. * Heart and stomach pains * Happily there has been little solar flu.  The other day I woke with heart burn and knew it was a filament collapse or full or partial halo and reported it to my contact and 2 days later there was indeed a halo event. That hit us on Thursday but it was so mild I did not experience any problems from it.
We are in a coronal hole wind stream but so far only minor symptoms. As I posted in the previous update the rib pains on the R side are part of the group of Islands I coined { The Domino Islands } and we had the larger one in the Marianas, and I thought the Dominos would begin to fall.. so this is what has happened since my post a week ago.

Tonga, Fiji, Solomon’s, Santa Cruz and Marianas, as well as Samoa.. so 5 more Dominos fell.  Ants came again Friday but left 2 hours later.. I see we have some stragglers coming back  Could be a larger a/s but it might be just a coincidence.  They are all over the table by my laptop and I just brush them on the floor. Kitchen counter clear I just checked it, and cat food dishes are also clear.

Some craving carbs and sugar last night and again right now but I am trying to not give in but Popcorn sounds good right now.

Sabrina was very needy last night * Thursday night /Friday * she would not get off my lap all night except when she wanted to eat she just wanted to be held.
Unusual for her.  Also when she did get up to get water she would walk to her dish and cry if it was empty so perhaps cats also have carb cravings.  I gave her wet food but she only ate dry food, not a lot just a few bites and then climbed back on my lap and under by blanket.
No EQ clouds noted Friday so that was ok but I did see a few on Thursday afternoon when I was out picking up ice. Thank you all for the great feedback on the quake, many of you picked up symptoms and or noted observations such as ant invasions and EQ clouds and bird behavior a calm or stillness.. all can be and were likely precursors for the Mexico quake.

PS: for those who have written, texted or called to check on me, I am healing nicely still some issues with an area over my eye but other than that I am doing well. Only pain I have is headaches and its hard to tell quake from injury. I thank you for your caring and inquiries

Charlotte King ~Salem, OR~February 17, 2018~2:35 AM PST

BLOG.  The address is  you can go there and read a synopsis of the days’ seismic activity and there is a page of Links, and precursors as well as one with a short length feature of my life, and one page to thank specific people for the special help they have given me.

If you are sensitive, keep your Lecithin and TUMS and Peppermint Tea and Soda Crackers Handy.. as I found out in the previous solar storms this last week, the SOLAR FLU attacks can and do hit instantly without warning.  The key is to take your supplements as soon as any symptoms appear. ” REMEMBER I AM NOT A DOCTOR, AND THESE SYMPTOMS CAN MIMIC A HEART ISSUE SO BE VERY CAREFUL AND SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS IN SEVERE FORM OR FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME ”

For anyone who is sensitive to the solar flares as I am,  this is what I recommend, not as a doctor but as a biological sensitive.  Lecithin and TUMS, Peppermint Tea, and soda crackers   it has worked for many people who react to these events. If you have specific medical issues check with you health care professional to see if its ok.

If you are in KS and or TN, AR, AL, and or MO , the New Madrid System I would be very watchful for more quakes, be sure you have your Quake Emergency Supplies in a close to you location, this includes medical supplies, personal supplies, change of clothes, pet supplies if applicable and a out of state phone number.   Water and food for at least 3-7 days and batteries for light. Also know  how to shut off your gas lines, get a key at any hardware store.

Feel Free to Call my cell phone if and or when something shows up something, or ask a question.

I do limited texting.

503-999-5745 if I do not answer, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.
I am   not able to return calls to Canada   But I can call the  other countries ie,  Alaska , Hawaii and US Virgin Islands and other US Territories.
I am happy to take calls from 6 AM till 1 AM or anytime if you are reporting a quake or major symptoms, observations.

Terms and Conditions: These As a subscriber you agree.. Not to make predictions in my name without my express permission. Any actions taken by you the reader/subscriber due to my information I have posted, or sent out, is your sole responsibility for those actions and remember if you are experiencing any of the symptoms in severe form or for a prolonged time, get checked out medically. You may be sensitive, but you may also have a life threatening event happening. Remember the life you save, may be your own.  Also remember I am not a medical doctor and I am only sharing what has worked for me and many others in the past.

Donations gratefully accepted..  I was asked by several subscribers to include my address here.  4791 WB Post Drive NE, Salem , OR 97305. I now have a Paypal Account in response to requests from several subscribers and friends. My account is my email address…

My emails are sent out free of charge to share with friends and family.  Please do not repost them in whole or part to any other lists, social or electronic media without my written permission.  Please ask your friends not to as well.











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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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