St Helens Sleeping or just Waiting?

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To launch this blog today on Mothers Day seems fitting because I am dedicating this first submission to my mom.  So Mom, this is for you I am sorry you did not live long enough to see this how far I have come you were always there cheering me on with each triumph and wiping my tears with each failure. So if there is a cheering section in heaven, I am sure you are there, leading the cheer. Happy Mothers Day to be best Mom a girl could have asked for.

Short synopsis of the day’s seismic activity:

Today there has been a lot of activity in California as well as other places across the world. The quakes have been hitting in Northern as well as Southern CA.

There has also been the beginnings of Solar Flu today that would be recognized by pressure on the sternum and around the chest so far I have not had to take the Lecithin and TUMs but its becoming an pleasant option.

Most of the activity is hitting down S of Los Angeles near Coachella CA  the magnitudes are small by quake standards this is what I call S CA into Mexico and Mexico proper.

Based on my current heart symptoms which began yesterday afternoon, this is not a surprise.  The area would be S California and into Mexico and Mexico proper. These areas include Mexicali, Calexico, Brawley, Westmoreland, El Centro, Gulf of CA, Baja CA MX and the states of Jalisco, Guerrero, Chiapas, Michoacán, Colima and Oaxaca.  The symptoms are sharp jabby heart pains, and all over headache verging on migraine.  Slight nausea is also common with this area.

I have a new timeline for a major 7.0 or greater quake to happen between May 6-13th plus or minus 12 hours. 

These are quakes that often present without symptoms or very few this I believe is due to the quakes not being the usual quakes these are not natural quakes.   I have had some false positives with quakes only coming in at 6-6.9 but they do not count, the only ones that I count are ones that are 7.0 or greater.  I have not missed a single major quake 7.0 or greater in the last 28+ years.   I have some theories as to the mechanism behind these quakes but I am not willing to share that information at this time.

Quakes hits now number over 200 for a 7 day total which tells me that a quake of 4.0 is building and can happen anytime within the next 12-72 hours plus or minus 12 hours.   The quakes generally hit inland or offshore N CA and or Central CA… including The Geysers,  CA/NV Sierras and Bishop into Coalinga, Fresno, Bakersfield and S to Grapevine and Castaic.

There has been quakes in Turkey, Peru, Oceania and Taiwan, Chile,  Japan, AK and Indonesia to name a few…. For a full earthquake update sign up for my Free Earthquake Update Emails  at

So each day I am going to pick a topic, something in the news that pertains to seismic or volcanic activity  or that I have rec’d emails about and use it as my Blog Topic of the day but that is only till someone posts another question or topic that interest them.   Please feel free to comment and or leave feedback. This is a work in progress and I welcome all ideas and or suggestions.

 If something happens in the world of quakes, volcanoes and solar flares that I feel needs to be passed on, I will do this via this blog as well as send out the usual earthquake update.
This way I can get the news to you faster than the regular post although I will continue to do them as well as they will be much more in depth than the blog synopsis.

Today I  will be discussing the news relating to St Helens and the quake swarm happening at the mountain.

This is a headline taken from Nature online.

Mount St. Helens Earthquake Swarms a Volcano Warning Sign, USGS Says

Then I read other reports by geologists who say this is perfectly normal and there has been no seismic signals to make them feel any different.

Mount St. Helens Isn’t About to Erupt Despite Quakes: Discovery

So who do we believe?  I will share with you that I am not overly concerned.
I have not detected any signals called ” harmonic tremors “ which signal the movement of magma within the volcano and these tremors do accompany eruptions both dome building and explosive.  Since the 16 of March of 1980 I have been in sync with St Helens and I have no reason to believe that will change.

Only a couple of months ago, I included in my earthquake update subscribers that my forehead was swelling and I had a bad headache, it had not made it to migraine strength yet.  The headache was centered at the base of my skull just above my neck, more to the L side of my  body, this is classic St Helens.

When I posted this information to my group I checked my link for St Helens activity and found that there was nothing out of the ordinary happening. Then about 2 weeks ago I checked again, this time it showed only 30 quakes in the last month.  So they had not updated their information as yet, but I stuck by my feelings, St Helens was doing something.

I recall mentioning that she always tends to wake up around March.  Will she actually give us a show this time? Maybe.. but only time will tell…in closing, I remind you that there is no way that she will wake without my prior knowledge.  I would like to hear your thoughts about this. S0 what do you think about St Helens recent activity?






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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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