5 Quakes Disappear in Solomon Islands Chain

May 9, 2016 Seismic Synopsis

The last 24 hours have bought quake activity in numerous places both in the US and abroad.  I have been watching the activity in California and Oklahoma as well as Hawaii, Arizona and Alaska.
The CA quakes have been hitting from one end of the state to the other. 2 quakes in Central CA, 2 in S CA  and 5 in Northern CA in the last 24 hours.
The area that seems to be getting the most quakes are the Virgin Islands. This current swarm began on Saturday and continues. In the last 24 hrs. there have been over 50 quakes in the Virgin Islands. Most of them are less than 125 miles from San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I do not have a definitive symptom as yet for the Virgin Islands as most of  them are too small to be felt and being offshore its an even greater chance they will not be felt unless the magnitude is greater.

Chile continues to have more quakes on a daily and sometimes several times a day basis. The main symptom I am hearing from those who have contacted me mention is the anger and disorientation and spaciness.. all part of the Chile connection.  Oceania is also getting more active  L rib pain on and off all night. Turkey is also continuing to shake pay attention to Crete/Greece.
With the precursors in the Ionian and Aegean Seas that would be the next logical location.  L earache hit about 45 minutes ago when I was fixing my morning tea and that immediately said ” China which includes China, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan as well as the Nicobar and Andaman Islands.  Leeward Islands which goes with the Taiwan activity is the R earache.

The largest quake in the last 24 hours was the 5.9 quake near Oaxaca Mexico. This was mostly felt in the form of sharp heart pains.

The quakes have hit the 216+ mark for N CA activity near The Geysers so its time to watch for another 4.0 or greater event in N and or Central CA inland or offshore.  These quakes seldom are above a 5.0 but it has happened this year a quake of 5.6 hit the area.  The last time there was potential for another larger quake due to the activity at The Geysers was in February of this year.  I went back and found my posting and will include a snippet here.

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Quakes still over 200 for The Geysers most of the quakes are actually located at ” the geysers ”  I have found this makes a stronger argument for another 4.0+ event within 12-72 hours more likely 12-24 hours inland or offshore N CA as well as Central CA… some of the quakes at Mammoth are actually closer to Bishop which brings us to the Coalinga  including Avenal, Parkfield, Bakersfield, Fresno and Grapevine/Castaic. With earaches mostly plugged and pressured instead of pain. Coalinga has stomach pains as well as achy heart and headache.  The quakes that followed this were the Big Pine CA  4.8, the Lucerne Valley CA at 4.3 and the Wasco CA at 4.9

This morning I have had the stomach pains again, some low back pains and L side upper rib pains for Oceania. Sharp heart pains and vision issues, possibly more for Oregon.
Cats are ok so far and only a handful of ants this morning.

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Todays topic:   5 Islands Disappear from the Solomon Islands chain.
I have picked this topic due to the fact The Solomon Islands are one of the main islands I watch as part of ” The Domino Islands ”  This is very close to Santa Cruz Islands and the Torres Islands home of Vanuatu another Domino in the Islands   In recent months The Dominos have been shaken by several large quakes the largest was 7.1 There has been a lot of activity in ” The Dominos ” in 2015-2016.  The hardest hit area was The Solomon Islands with a 6.5, 6.6, 6.7. 3 6.8s and 1 6.9 as well as a 7.0 all in 2015 … then we have Vanuatu which has had 2 6.7’s and 2 6.9’s and 1 each 7.0 and 7.1 event.   So this area is being shaken with numerous quakes, some large enough to cause local tsunamis or changes in the sea levels and with reef islands I am sure it would not take much to affect them.. this story is from RT and I have found them to be a good source of information.  I just picked out the facts and wrote it accordingly.
I had rec’d a link to this story and as usual I always check anything that reeks of the online version of the National Enquirer.  In checking there as reference on various sites but what I was looking for was something in main stream media.  I found it… ABC AU did the story.  It is true but its not as sudden as you may have been led to believe from the videos and embellishment by many links.  They believe this is all due to the global warming situation.  The islands which are Kakatina, Rehanna, Rapita, Zollies and Kale.  They are now submerged.  They were not large islands but they lost very old and special plants and trees which can’t be replaced.  There are other islands in this chain which are also in danger the erosion has already begun and they are evacuating families who are still living on these Islands.  The 5 islands that have disappeared are all vegetative Reef Islands and not populated of no more than 12 acres a bit smaller than what comes to mind with the heading 5 Islands Disappear. Actually there are `11 Islands which are/were in peril 5 of which have already disappeared and at least 4 more which have significant wave erosion due to rising ocean levels.  The study also warns that Taro, the capital of Choiseul Province, is set to become the first provincial capital in the world to relocate its residents and services due to the threat of rising sea levels.

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If you want to read this article in its entirety this is the link for RT story








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