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May 11th  Seismic Synopsis

In the last 24 hours things have picked up in the area of The Geysers as well as Mammoth Lakes CA.. The Geysers totals are now 267 so we are definitely still in the ball park for a 4.0+ event. The largest event in The Geysers in the last 24 hours has been a 3.8

Mammoth Lakes volcanic area is different than ” Long Valley ” CA.
the Long Valley quakes are only 84 but Mammoth on the other hand is 157  which is a jump from yesterdays numbers.  Los Angeles is still fairly low with a total of 57 which is just slightly above normal.
Nationally there has been quakes in several locations with OK having a few along with a 3.2 in Western Montana which is about 175 miles from Yellowstone so no concerns there and the largest OK quake today was 2.6 no concerns there but W Montana and Oklahoma have the same symptoms with seismic flu and intense low back pains and the more intense symptoms often proceed a larger event.
Hawaii has had about a half dozen quakes but all under 3.0 …. there has been quakes in the Kuril Islands, 5.0 and Japan 4 locations had quake activity today and all of them were 4.5.
Fiji with the Domino Islands, R side rib pains has been felt today

Taiwan had the largest quake of the day with a 5.8 this morning.  This is to early for the next timeline for a felt A/S so will just assume this is the usual aftershock * A/S * for that quake major quake in April.
Indonesia had several quakes today too this one is the full upper back pains and headache verging on migraine.
Chile this is the L side headache, and L eye pains, often accompanied by neuralgia on the face again on the L side.  Anger, Anxiety, road rage, and over reaction to events, domestic violence and increase suicides.  Bipolar and Manic depressive persons often need medication adjusted.
The R leg pains which woke me about 4 AM with Charlie horses in the calf and foot, that is Peru, Brazil and or a Columbia and they to had quakes today with the largest coming in at 4.7.

Turkey continues to shake with quakes in Crete, Italy, Greece all go with Turkey.. Earaches and heart pains.
Today about 1:15 PM I had the very first inklings that St Helens may be getting ready to do something different. Up to now its been business as usual..   I call it my ” preharmonic pain”.  This is the pain that I feel or pick up before they identify ” Harmonic Tremors ”  I definitely felt it. It was classic,  back of head, base of skull and on the L all symptom specific for St Helens. I have not heard anything but did check with some people I know and they said it was quiet.. which is a misnomer as it is never really quiet.   So I am waiting to check with a friend of mine to see if indeed something happened about that time or shortly after.  I have in the past had up to 3-4 days lead time of St Helens activity. * I will add that Mt Hood and Mt Rainier can cause similar symptoms but I would not expect to see harmonics in either of those locations.

Still in the timeframe for a major quake by midnight tomorrow the 13th. Again I have no idea where, if it happens, this quake would strike since these are not natural events in the true sense of the word.

Total for quakes 1022, The Geysers 267, Long Valley 84 , Mammoth Lakes 157, Los Angeles 57  All of these numbers are up except Los Angeles.


You can go to most blogs on line and find questions about ” the sound ” but for me its a bit different.  I began to hear the sound in 1976 it was May and it was a warm clear day in Salem.  I thought it was a fog horn but that was ridiculous since it was not foggy and although the river that runs through Salem was only a few blocks away, they do not have river traffic to support fog horns..  So I listened and tried to ignore it but it was not being ignored.

I waited till the kids got home and asked them if they heard it, they did not. So I asked my husband and he said no he did not hear anything. So I tried to go on with ” normal ” daily life ( I think that is the last time I can say my life was normal ) anyway with dinner and homework and getting ready for the next days activities ” the sound ” was forgotten. That is until a few hours later when I crawled into bed… ” the sound ” was so loud I sat straight up in bed, shook my husband awake, sure that now he also would hear what I was hearing.  Again, he heard nothing.

So then began the quest to find out what I was hearing. I found I could hear it at my parents which was about 4-5 miles from my location with a river between us I also found that the smaller the room I was in, the louder ” the sound ”  also mom and dad were not able to hear “the sound ” either. I needed to find out  what it was,  where it came from and why?  I made contact with the DEQ and they came to the house sure they would be able to pick up what I was hearing.  They dr0ve off in their car with that ” we will get to the bottom of this look ” About a half hour later they showed up with that ” cat with the canary ” look… * don’t get me wrong, I appreciated their coming but well let me go on.. * they said ” We found the sound ”  I said ” what ”  They said ” Its the Norbest Turkey Plant ” which for the record was about 1 mile from my house.  They thought it was the giant vacuums used to vacuum up the turkey feathers in the loading dock etc. I actually laughed out loud.. I couldn’t help myself.. I thanked them for their time and went into the house.  So began a 3 year quest looking for the origin of what I  was hearing.

After months and months of tiring research and phone calls and meetings I began to note that “the sound” would change and then 3 days later there would be a felt quake.

Not necessarily a large quake but a felt one.  So I contacted Channel 2 KATU in Portland and started calling them after each sound change. I was hearing what seemed to be about 8 different sounds or variations of foghorns all the time.  Channel 2 began to log my calls.. so when things changed abruptly in June of 1979, I called them.  They said NO there was nothing happening. I said ” something is going to happen” I was in tears for some reason I could not understand I was feeling sadness and fear combined.

A few hours later they interrupted the channel programing with the news that there was a ongoing beaching of Pilot Whales along the Oregon Coast, at a small town of Florence. I knew, instantly the whales heard what I heard, became confused and beached.  Now all I had to do was wait for the quake.  3 days later, right on time there was a series of moderate quakes in Big Bear CA. So it all began to make sense.

The whales heard what I heard, they became confused and beached.  Mammalogist were on the site taking samples and trying to figure out what happened to cause 41 massive Sperm Whales up to 30′ long and 20+ tons to beach.  I contacted the paper and told them my theory and that was the beginning of my media attention.

I also contacted the Massachusetts Cetacean Institute and told them my theory which they oddly said ‘ made perfect sense ‘ they said ” Since the fault lines along that area of the coastline run perpendicular to the beach the whales would or could get confused and they would follow the fault line right into the shore.

I felt vindicated but still the scientist said NO.  So a year later the Portland Oregonian ran a story which in part said ” No definitive cause of the had been found from the major beaching a year ago, but that the most logical theory was that the whales beached due to their sonar being jammed by earthquakes being recorded at the same time”.  Vindication.

So the quest continued.  One day a Professor Stone from Oregon State University showed up at my home to take measurements and see if he as able to locate the source of what I was hearing.

He was able to pick it up but unable to identify the source.  So back to the drawing board.  Later another Professor showed up at my home from Oregon State University.  His name was Dr. Leland Jenson. Dr. Jenson had a dual trace spectrum analyzer and he was able to see what I was hearing without any difficulty.  Figuring out the source was not as easy. So he would be doing a measurement and I would say It stopped, it started, it went up it went down and my hearing was matching his graphs.  Something, somewhere was producing ELF, VLF and ULF and I was hearing it.

Dr. Jenson did a lot of measurements and went back to the college he said that someone accidently erased the tapes.  No Comment .
So then it was back to square one, I could hear it, it did exist but no idea where and no idea why I began to hear “the sound ”
This went on for almost another year and then one morning I woke with a intense earache and my heart was really bothering me, sharp needle like jabs.  I was 33 years old and should not be getting heart pains.

I went to a ear specialist and he could not find anything wrong with my ears, no infection or pinkness etc.. in fact I used to be plagued by earaches and actually had a burst ear drum at one time as a child. So the next stop was the cardiologist and one EKG later I was pronounced in good heart health, but each time I would say ouch, it would show up on the EKG.

My heart was ok.  So back home I tried to figure out what was happening. Then about 72 hours after it started, it stopped. Just gone. I was grateful it was gone but I wanted to know why.  It was later that day that I was listening to the news and they carried a story that there were a series of large quakes that hit Italy earlier that day.. I began to think, ” the sound ” caused the beaching and the pain also was tied into the quakes.

Later on a radio show, I heard a report stating that there were numerous reports of earaches before the quake and heart issues with 3 of the heart attacks happening just before the quake hit and that two of those victims had died.

So once again, it was like putting a piece in a puzzle.

For the next 3-4 months it was just ” the sound ” no major pains felt.

Then in mid January 1980 I woke with a headache which quickly escalated into a migraine.  The headache along with ” the sound ” was my daily companion.  Then in March of 1980 “the sound ” began to change, it got louder and stronger and more insistent.   The  headache seemed to be in sync with” the sound ” … so on the 16th of March ” the sound ” was deafening and I could not understand how others could not hear what I was hearing.  So loud, so deep and it was vibrating.  That was the day of the activity  beginning to change at St Helens. Then on the 20th the first quake a 4.2 hit the mountain and she, St Helens,  became a was called a active volcano with a dusting of ash on her slopes.
Tests by the USEPA who came to see me from Las Vegas NV,  could not determine the cause of the sound but they ran numerous tests and did confirm that when I was tested at the Oregon State School For The Deaf that the sound proof room was anything but quiet. It was acting as a high bypass filter and blocking high frequency so it was all frequency below 100 hertz specifically and possibly  below 10 hertz which they questioned if I was one of a  small number of people able to hear that low frequency.  So their test reveled that “the sound ” was in the atmosphere and in the ground and under water in other words it was everywhere.  They speculated that I was hearing Infrasound and or the Schuman Resonance of the planet, even the earth itself.  To date there has been no actual identification of what is/was causing ” the sound”  I hear it all the time, 24hours a day since mid May 1976.  I hear it everywhere, but especially in small rooms, like the bathroom or a walk in closet or the garage at night or if its very quiet. I keep the television on 24 hours a day in order to be able to escape some of ” the sound ” . Sometimes its not as easy to hear and I am expecting a quake so I need to check the signature. So all I have to do is get into the car and close the windows and ” the sound ” will almost drive me out of the car.  I think the car is acting like the hearing booth at the deaf school, keeping out the high frequency but allowing the low frequency in.  I have talked to many people over time about what I am hearing.

I will say its nothing like the ” Taos Hum ”  although one of my signatures may in fact match the Taos Hum, or other sounds that people are reporting do not match what I am hearing.  I now hear 14 different tones or signatures and they are associated with quakes in 14 different general locations.  I have long tones, short tones, dual tones, over lapping tones, wavy tones, short, long tones and long short tones, one that sounds like a horn honking and another that is single tone, dual tone single tone, a combination of wavy and short or a combination of long and way.

I honestly believe that when others report something much higher in frequency, they are likely hearing what I am hearing but at a much higher frequency than I am hearing it.  I can hear the higher frequencies but the lower ones take precedence over the higher ones.  During one of my tests at the US Bureau of Standards Magnetic Testing Labs they ascertained not only could I identify 36, 48,  60,  72 and 84 hertz, I could also identify all the harmonics of these tones.  People ask how can you hear a quake or sound from clear over in Japan?  All you need to remember is that EMF * Electrical Magnetic Fields* move at the speed of light, so distance is not a issue. Also the lower the frequency, the longer the wave, the further it will travel.

As I said in the beginning of today’s blog subject, this is not a new phenomena or issue but thought you might like to understand more how I  am able to predict* forecast * the quakes and if you are also plagued with hearing low frequency like fog horns I would love to hear your story.
















About charking1946

I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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3 Responses to Sound Sound Everywhere

  1. says:

    So fascinating Charlotte. You have had such interesting experiences and I’m glad that professionals have the good sense to take you seriously.


  2. Christina Eason says:

    Would really like to connect with you Charlotte. I feel and experience many of the same biological symptoms as you. Have been seriously disabled in the lead up to the two Eucador Quakes yesterday. Clicking on follow and putting my email address in does not work. I’ve sent a message to your facebook page and no reply. Probably in “others” messages. I am in Australia.
    Christina Eason
    Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia


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