Anatomy of A Quake April 24, 1984

May 15, 2016
My apologies for missing the post of Friday night, Saturday morning.  We had a family health emergency and I was not able to access needed info for the update.  I am going to combine the seismic activity from the 13-14th in one update and go forward from there.
Seismic Synopsis May 13-14 2016

The activity was about the same as the previous 3 days but there has been a lot more activity in the area of Turkey and Hawaii as well as some of the Wasatch and New Madrid small events in TN, KS and NM as well as the continued activity in OK.

The largest quake on the 13th was a 5.4 in Pakistan.  This is part of an area of quake locations that are proceeded by intense deep L side earaches.  This is China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India including the Nicobar and Andaman Islands.
Quakes in Chile as well as Argentina this is the L side headache eye pains and neuralgia.  Peru, Columbia this is the R side leg pains, can include Charlie horse pains.
Taiwan has had numerous quakes with the largest being 5.1 this area causes the deep R side earaches along with Leeward, Windward and Trinidad Islands.   Kyushu Japan had a 5.0 and Fiji * R rib pains * had a 5.1.  A small quake in WA state 2.1 and a 4.3 in Nepal which is the stomach pains.
Quakes in Crete, Greece, Turkey and Dodecanese Islands all cause the headache and earaches and can cause heart pains. Make sure you are not having a medical emergency  when you experience the heart pains, many quakes may cause the heart pains but they can also as you know be a sign of a life threatening medical condition.
Hawaii has had several quakes, this is sharp heart pains and sharp heart pains.  Russia had a couple of quakes near Caucasus this one is R side headache, and low frequency dual tones like Japan.   Since I did not update on for the 13th I do not have the specifics for the CA activity but I do have it for the last 24 hours so will post it at the end of the next update.

Biological symptoms continue with the most painful being the R lower rib pains * Domino Islands* and the L rib pains * Oceania *   L shoulder blade pains of Japan are still being felt as well as achy heart of Turkey etc… volcanic symptoms of headache and back of head pains.  Some stomach pains for Nepal and Sierras, Big Bear CA etc.


Seismic Synopsis May 14th 2016

In the last 24 hours the largest quake was located in the Northern East Pacific Rise which really has no specific symptom. Had it been over a 6.0 then earaches and or ” frogs ” might have been present.
There was more activity in KS  which is part of the New Madrid which is low back pains and seismic flu* as is OK which is still very active.
Taiwan continues to shake with quakes of 4.0, 4.4, and 4.5  again this is the R side earache. These are most likely related to the larger event of a few weeks ago.
Southern CA has been shaking again with quakes in many locations.  Numerous quakes in Anza, Idyllwild, Julian, Borrego Springs, Big Bear etc. All can cause sharp/jabby heart pains, mostly on the L side.

There was activity about 90 miles from Bakersfield which is part of the Coalinga Parkfield, Fresno and Grapevine/ Castaic all of these locations are tired into Bishop which is part of the Sierras.
The has been quakes in Hollister and Gilroy which are part of the area of the Geysers, I know these may not be physically linked to The Geysers but I base my connections of symptoms and patterns so for me they are the same.  Hawaii also continues to shake most likely due to the volcanic activity on the Big Island.  Nepal had another 4.5 which is the stomach pains a bit more intense than the Sierras ” green apple bellyache”.

Getting some dental pains this is mostly related to Santa Barbara Channel which can cause instantaneous anger  as one of the most common symptoms. * again be aware this is another symptom that can be part of heart related emergency *

Chile Bolivia and Argentina all cause the same symptoms but Chile is the strongest instigator.   Domino Islands R side rib pains, Loyalty Islands, 5.0Japan, Bonin Islands, L shoulder blade pains 4.8

Italy, Sicily, continue as precursors to Turkey as well as Aegean Sea, chest pains sharp and earaches sharp.

The Geyser continue to shake with a total of  258 quakes, this means that the  4.0+ is over due but could hit at any time.

Quakes are at 205 Southern CA into MX and Mexico proper.

Los Angles is still ok at 58 quakes

Long Valley is up a bit with 70 quakes

Mammoth Lakes CA is 136 so that is up and all  over quake activity is at 921 down from 2 days ago  but as I said previously this is most likely due to the fact they removed the oldest data so for a 7 day total its more quakes but reports show less since they removed one of the days of high activity.  End..

The Morgan Hill quake of April 24, 1984
It was almost Easter and I was in Sacramento and wanted to come home to Salem and see my parents and kids which I had not seen in some time.  I made plans to drive up and was packed and ready to head out at dawn.  I drove I-5 and it was not a bad road, I experienced the same symptoms I always did when I went through Anderson and Willets area and finally I was coming to Black Butte which was close to Mt Shasta.

I could not figure out why I always got dizzy and  experienced a instant headache each time I passed the mountain. That day there was a lot of traffic due to Easter weekend and I was looking at Black Butte and then it dawned on me, Shasta was covered in snow all the way to the base and here was Black Butte and it was just a dark gray rocky cone.. no snow. Then I realized it must be hot enough to keep the snow off the top so this vent was still warm.

So if its warm then its ” active ”  it can cause the symptoms I would experience when I was in that area, the volcanic symptoms I would experience when any of the Cascades were stirring.   So past Shasta and into Oregon, mostly clear but some roadside snow.

Made it to Salem in record time, most people were going the other way and the traffic mid morning that Sunday was  only moderately heavy.  I arrived at my parents in time for dinner and visited with the kids and helped mom get dinner on the table.

My youngest son jumped up and ran into the bathroom and was sick, I was never sure but I believe he was reacting to the quake symptoms since he was not sick again and did not feel sick,  everyone thought it was the flu but I had been picking up quake signals since I arrived in Oregon.  It was headache and upper back pains and earaches and achy heart.. Northern CA?
I ate a bit of dinner, my anxiety was getting hard to control so I  calmly told my family I have to go back to CA now.  My parents were hurt and my kids were not happy either, but I knew I had to go, it was not a choice this was one quake they would know about happening before hand. So I grabbed some turkey and a couple of pieces of pie and grabbed my suitcase and kissed my parents and kids good bye and left.

I drove all night and arrived in Sacramento about 4 AM and fought sleep the entire way which is by the way, another symptom of the Morgan Hill quake.  I did not have a job or a place to live so I drove down to the State Capitol and parked in the parking lot of the small service station/garage across the street from the capital and went in and asked their permission to park there under the safety of their street light. They said yes and I was welcome to use their restroom to wash up etc.

I needed to be there as my plans were to go to the capital as soon as it was open and try to see Senator Montoya  who happened to believe in my work.  I went to Senator Montoya’s office and talked to his assistant as he was out of the office telling her about the quake that was coming.

I left grabbed some toast and coffee and headed to another meeting  I needed to chat with friends and get their perspective.   I left that meeting about half way through and had a quick lunch and then waited trying to decide what to do.  I knew I needed to see the head of the California State Seismic Safety Commission.  I knew they were having their meeting so I kind of crashed that meeting and explained about the quake I knew with certainty  was building.

They said but ” we need time, magnitude and location and probability” I said I can give you time, magnitude and location and probability.  They did not show much interest. Then I knew I needed to see State Geologist Jim Davis, and left immediately it was almost 12:30, time was short and there was not much time.

I drove to the State Water Resources Building, it was a 16 story state building housing all kinds of offices it was almost 1 PM when  I walked into the building and towards the elevators  and then I did something I have no idea why and I had never done before or since.  I walked over to the wall and looked at the escape routes from the building.

Then I walked into the elevator and headed to the 16th floor.  Bear in mind I do not like being above ground floor so this was a rare happening as I have trouble with balance above ground floors.  I walked into the office and asked for State Geologist Davis.  He knew me and there was no love lost  and I am sure he expected me to have horns, but he was polite.  I told him why I had come and that there was going to be a large quake in N CA within 12 hours or less at least a 5.5 or greater likely near Morgan Hill CA.

I knew this because the symptoms were positive for that area of CA… the mid back pains the headache, earaches and achy heart pains.  So he listened politely said thank you and dismissed me by walking away.

I think he almost laughed but I am not sure about that as I left I told him ” when the quake hits you will remember this visit “.  I looked at the clock it was 1:10 PM and left the office.

I headed for  the elevators, waited till the car arrived, walked in with 2 other ladies from that floor and was in route to  the main floor. We stopped somewhere about the 12th floor to pick up another passenger and began our 12 floor descent.

Almost immediately the lights blinked in the car and then the elevator came to a screeching halt.  The ladies were upset and said ” what’s happening?” I said ” we are having a earthquake “they said where?  I told them it was Morgan Hill and at least a 6.0 I was sure now based on the way the elevator reacted.
I knew that the elevator was not the best place to be.  But about 5 minutes of just waiting, scared, yes I too was scared, because any minute the brakes on the elevator could be affected and we would plummet to our death, the elevator was once again moving.  It was slow but we made it to the first floor and when the door opened they asked if we were ok.

They asked if we had felt the earthquake.  I said No but I was sure that is what had caused the elevator to stop and that I was sure the quake was at least a 6.0 and it was in Morgan Hill CA.

I recall as I was leaving wondering what Jim Davis thought when the quake hit? For the record it was Morgan Hill CA and it was 6.2 and it hit at 1:15 PM just as we had started our descent in the elevator.
I heard later that he was in his office chair when the quake hit and the chair rolled clear across the floor with him in it.. I smiled.  <END>





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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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  1. Tim King says:

    Great Story – haven’t heard that one!


    • charking1946 says:

      Don’t you remember it was Easter day and I had driven up from CA and had to leave before we finished dinner? It was hard to leave but it would have been harder to stay I knew I had to go. It was not exactly a choice.


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