Fault Finding In Camas Washington

Seismic Synopsis May 16, 2016

In the last 24 hours there has been numerous quakes across the nation and around the world.  The largest quake was a 5.9 that came in for Loyalty Islands, which are part of the area I coined ” the Domino Islands”
This area includes other islands and several more have experienced quake activity in the last 24 hours these include Fiji, Marianas and Vanuatu. This is the R rib pains.

Japan has been more active and that would be the L shoulder blade pains. There has been numerous 5+ quakes including a 5.4 off Honshu although other areas of Japan have also felt quake activity in the last 24 hours. This also includes the very low dual fog horn sounds I hear on a 24 hour basis.  The N sound which is Japan became very insistent late the evening of the 16th.

Quakes in Italy and Greece have been getting more prevalent with over 6 in the last 24 hours.  This is the sharp heart pains and the earaches and in the last few year I have found a connection to the quakes in Turkey and Italy, Crete and Greece.  The Aegean and Caspian Seas as well as the Ionian Sea also can cause these symptoms one hits and the n the others follow.
There have been quakes along the Wasatch/New Madrid in such places as Texas, Oklahoma, and Montana … low back pains and seismic flu*

Oceania which is the L side rib pains has been getting some quake activity as well.  The areas hit in the last 24 hours are Australia, and Papua New Guinea.

We have been experiencing a swarm on another Cascades volcano area, which this time is Mt Hood near Government Camp.  This is about 71 miles from Maupin OR which shows the quakes are located 20 miles from that location.  so my guess is we are looking about 58 miles from Maupin and most of the quakes according to the PNSN link are listed as Maupin OR.

When I began to pick up the quakes it was lots of stomach pains and headache back of head L side similar to St. Helens, minus the stomach pains.  The pains were really getting intense and there are several locations which cause stomach pains.  Most often its related to the Sierras and Nepal but it also goes with the Landers CA quake zone, Big Bear as well as the Wasatch, West Yellowstone.  Sometimes it is also Redoubt and Spur as well as Pavlof in AK that involves stomach pains as well.

Since Redoubt is active, along with increases at Mammoth and frequent quakes in Nepal I thought that might be the cause.  Then I remembered the connection to Mt Rainier and Mt Hood, so along with the back of head pains which is classic Cascades, I chose Mt Hood.  I was right with 43+ events in the last 24 hours again this is for the 16th. The next question, were these natural quakes or induced quakes?

Northern East Pacific Rise continues to experience small quakes the largest in the last 24 hours was a 5.5

The only quake that stands out in this time frame is a 4.9 in Egypt.  This is a unusual location and I have no specific symptoms for this area.  Will continue to watch and see if anything pops out at me as to a ‘new symptom’

Chile continues to shake and cause headaches for many * pun intended* the main symptom is L side headache, can be intense, L eye pains, neuralgia on L side of the face and a sense of disorientation and or spaciness.  I actually feel disconnected for lack of a better word.  The Disorientation can cause vertigo as well.   Mental affects, domestic violence, over reaction to events, suicides, shootings, murders, road rage, intense anger and the timing of terrorist attacks not the event and not all but some as well as the shootings etc.
The Geysers continue to be active with increasing quake activity.  The largest quake was 3.2 located near Cobb, CA which is near The Geysers. Since this is geo thermal headache and stomach pains are common.

Solar flu attack was intense the evening of the 16th It took the Lecithin and TUMS and 2 cups of very Hot and very Sweet Peppermint Tea and an entire tube of soda crackers. The solar flu attack lasted 7 hours before it finally eased off enough for me to breathe properly and then  I was still fighting the stomach pains till about 4 AM.
Total quakes 971, The Geysers 258, Long Valley 72, Mammoth Lakes 86, and Los Angeles, CA 42.  They dumped the oldest information and we are down to 896 for a total.  <End>

Fault Finding in Camas Washington

May  25, 1983

It was May 25th and I was driving to Seattle and was going through Camas WA when all the sudden I was hit with intense symptoms, L shoulder blade pains and a headache and dizzy, ears hurting.  

I decided it was a quake precursor and after what happened in Lincoln City in 1991 when I drove what I suspected was a fault there,  I decided I would try it again. Since the traffic was light I drove from I-5 to the downtown area through streets, up hills and finally came to a stop where the pain was the strongest on a slight hill.

I was  parking on the L side of the street near the top of the hill when I noticed there was a split in the curbs. My thoughts were it was a fault

My personal recollections:

I made note of the location and then I called the Camas Department of Public Works and a man named Mike Parker spoke to me.   I told him what I thought was happening and he politely listened. He had heard of my ability to predict quakes and volcanic activity and was interested in my feelings due to how close it was to Mt St Helens.

I had never felt anything in Camas the times I had been there before. So why now?  

I had told him how I had driven the faults in Woodburn OR and he offered to take me out for a drive to see what area I was feeling and if I could locate a fault he knew about. I also told him that based on my symptoms I thought there could be a quake building.

After calling the City of Camas Public Works Department and speaking to Mike Parker,  Assistant City Engineer, and agreeing to meet he offered to take me out and see what I would feel in an area he knew was a known fault and then to an area he suspected as having a fault but it was not confirmed. 

First we drove out to Lacamas Lake and I closed my eyes, and we drove it about 3 times and each time we drove to it from a different direction. Each time I picked up on the same area where I felt something always ending up at the same place.

I told Mr. Parker that due to the headache and heart pains and back pains that I thought that there could be a larger quake in Japan building.  

Then we went to another location and again I felt something I had my eyes closed and we drove up and around for a while and again I directed him with turn R turn L, and finally when it was strongest Stop.

This felt different than the other known area fault, plus my symptoms picked up again. That was it. When I opened my eyes, I did notice that this unknown or suspected fault area was very close to where I had parked when I originally felt something coming into Camas. I thanked Mr. Parker for his time and left. He promised to send me a report. So I waited and about a week later I received a letter.

Mr. Parker sent me a report of the test of the previous week noted below in italics.

Michael A Parker, P.E.,  Assistant City Engineers Report:

I  received a call from a lady from Salem Oregon by the name of Charlotte King. Ms. King Called me in my office to inform  that she felt ‘ uncomfortable” in some areas of Camas.

Having heard of her abilities to predict earthquakes and volcanoes, I was interested in her feelings due to our close proximity to Mt St Helens. After meeting Charlotte and discussing her areas of concern around Camas she mentioned she could detect faults. I was very intrigued by this statement and decided to take her out by a known fault by Lacamas Lake and also to an area I suspected if having a fault.

In his words: “In a subsequent tour of the area she found the “known” fault with relative ease and with her eyes closed was able to locate it coming from different directions. 

In the area I suspected of having a fault, she began picking it up from approximately 3 blocks away and accurately told me which way to go towards it. She had me stop at the point that her feelings were strongest.  Again, her eyes were closed during this time.  The spot she had me stop was right where I suspected a fault in the area.  I suspected a fault in the area because the expansion joint in the curb had widened from ¾ to 2 ½ inches. 

The waterline had also pulled apart. A waterline to the north along the same general line was pulled apart during the eruption of Mt St Helens in May of 1980.”

As a side note, she told me about her symptoms of an impending Earthquake that were becoming quite strong on the day prior to the Japanese quake this last week.  I did not pay a great deal of attention at the time but I was very surprised to hear about the quake on the radio the following day.

In closing, I would like to state that although I have had some scientific training as an engineer, I am not a trained scientist.  It would appear to me as a layman that there is too much unexplainable similarities in what she ” feels” and the actual conditions and events to be mere coincidences.  I think that her abilities warrant scientific study to determine what is affecting her and how it can best be used.

Mike A Parker, P. E. Assistant City Engineer

City of Camas Department of Public Works.


Why did I feel the symptoms in Camas? My thoughts are this, if I frequency coming in from the Ocean, Japan that is, and the Columbia River runs through the area, then perhaps the same frequency that comes through the ocean can also come through rivers which are offshoots of the Ocean and the frequency travels out and well as in. The next time, several days later on the way back to Oregon, I stopped again when I went through the area, it was normal and there were not any symptoms felt in that downtown area. <End>

Charlotte King

May 17, 2016

2 days later May 26, 1983, there was a major 7.7 in the Sea of Japan.

 Synopsis my theory:  The coming quake was so strong that the frequency was amplified by the water and I picked because the vibration caused the ” suspected ” fault to vibrate and that is how and why I felt the quake precursors. Perhaps this is what causes all the symptoms that I feel, the various faults cause various symptoms depending on what is causing that fault to vibrate.?







About charking1946

I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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4 Responses to Fault Finding In Camas Washington

  1. karenjessup1@gmail.com says:

    Or, as you have said before, faults often follow river beds- or vice versa…?


  2. Karen says:

    Is it because rivers often flow on fault lines,
    which may be influenced by the energy from
    ley lines? I’m really enjoying these personal experiences
    Charlotte. You should write a book.


    • charking1946 says:

      If I had a agent I might try. I have had at least 6 persons offer to help me and it never works. One of them did nothing and I had to get an attorney to get my papers back. Actually writing this blog with some of my personal experiences will help me if and when I decide to try again.


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