How To Track Quake and Volcanic Symptoms

When I first began to put this all together the sounds and later symptoms and the quakes that followed each sound or symptom change. I was trying to figure out a format that would not take a rocket scientist to figure out and would be relatively easy to keep up.

Project Migraine had a single sheet of paper called a ” Log In Form ” but it was not what I wanted or needed to keep track of what was happening.


This is the type of calendar I used.

I opted for a calendar. You know the type, they were the large office calendars with large blank squares with only the date on each square.

I would feel or hear something and then 3 days later I would write down what had happened. Remember this was before the internet and WWW so all the information had to come from the newspapers, television news programs and or the radio. Much came from the radio 2nd was the newspaper and television came in 3rd.

Since they were reporting these events on the news they had to have made an impact, so they never reported any thing below a 5.0 magnitude, unless it was felt strongly by many people or there was damage.

I am including a link for a free calendar online similar to the ones I used in the beginning. I used the calendar for almost 3 years to get most of my symptoms and sounds down to memory.  I am also going to include a photo of what they look like when they are filled out.

One thing I did was use colored pens. Black, Blue, Red, Green and Violet. If I was feeling something one day and then 3 days later it happened, it would be in the same color.  Sometimes there were no reports but over 95% of the time something was reported on that 3rd day.

I found this so much easier than a diary although you can put more information on the pages of a book, I like the instant ability to see what day I felt what so if I felt it again, I knew what to watch for.

Here is the link

About charking1946

I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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7 Responses to How To Track Quake and Volcanic Symptoms

  1. smseattle says:

    Thanks for this, Charlotte!

    Liked by 1 person

    • charking1946 says:

      You welcome I hope it helps.


    • Christina Eason says:

      Thank you so much for your amazing blog. So validating for me as I experience almost all the symptoms you talk about and am an extremely sensitive person. I’ve been feeling the full range of symptoms for months now and live in Australia. We have had a huge amount of activity lately. Before any earthquakes over 6 I cannot function about 24 – 48 hours beforehand. Fortunately, my Husband understands and is supportive because I get so scrambled in the brain I cannot walk without holding onto him. Can’t think, make decisions, drive, speak clearly and have a lot of cognitive issues. The blurred vision has become almost permanent even with glasses on. I’ve had migraines all my life before major earthquakes and there is a pain that moves around my body to different spots depending on where the earthquakes are. Have had gall bladder colic that put in in the emergency ward more than once. My Husband gets massive headaches, stomach flu and becomes very hyperactive before earthquakes. I would like to “like” your articles but the website doesn’t allow it….nothing happens. I’ve been trying to join the email list over and over but no notification comes through to my email? The review is the only way I can communicate with you. I’ve tried emailing you too and get no reply.
      Bless you Charlotte and the committment you have to enlighten us all.
      Christina Eason


    • charking1946 says:

      I am sorry that I did not reply to your mesg, I over looked it. Glad you enjoyed my report on tracking quakes and other activity


  2. sparklerblog says:

    It’s great to see what is written by other people with similar symptoms. I am not that sensitive, but I respect the courage it takes to tell others about your unusual reactions to Earth changes that are occuring. They are a way to let others know of impending activity that can affect them. Thank you. ……. Dixie


    • charking1946 says:

      I have found that many people are sensitive but they think they are dealing with physical issues. I think everyone is potentially sensitive but each persons body reacts differently and at some point usually during a specific event, they will begin to feel and react to the precursors given off before quakes. Thanks for your message.


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