Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Quake Update May 25~28

This is what I send out to my subscribers, usually its about every 3 days depending on the activity it could be up to a week between posts and when things get really active, it can be 2-3 times in one day.  This was sent early on the 28th but much of the information was forecast in the May 25th update.

So this is a portion of my update.  If you want to read the entire report,  subscribe to my FREE Email Updates…often the reports are too long and involved to post it all on the blog so I will only list the first portion on the update.


Since my last update when I listed the locations I was feeling activity, one of the main locations was Oceania.. this area is proceeded by symptoms such as major rib pains on the L side.  The pain can go from just above the waist to just under the armpit.. it can wrap around your back and or your stomach.

Larger events if hitting in the water, you can also experience earaches.. it can be one or both ears.   Areas include Australia, New Zealand, N and S Island as well as Christchurch, and Papua New Guinea, which includes New Britain and New Ireland and Eastern New Guinea PNG as well as the Kermadec Islands.

Major leg pains tonight, stomach pains, and headache, back pains and mild heart pains. Cats sick again last evening.  Ants not invading but more around cat food again. Earaches on and off last 3 hours, could be due to the major quake in Sandwich Islands.

Rib pains still hitting on the L side and that’s more for Oceania and the R ribs are really hurting this is The Dominos which is Fiji and Vanuatu among other islands.

L eye pains this is more for Chile picking up this includes Chile, Bolivia and or Argentina…

Mild solar flu picked up about 9 PM last night.  L ear is hurting as I am finishing this update

KP Index shows all clear and green but report states possible incoming mild storm within 2 days.

Bolded and italics are parts of reports of previous update of May 25, 2016 

Major quake 7.0 or greater timeline May 25-June 2 plus or minus 12 hours.

From: charlotte [] Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 3:36 AM To: ‘charlotte’ Subject: YESTERDAY TODAY AND TOMORROW MAY 25, 2016

Where are the Sandwich Islands?

Captain James Cook discovered the southern eight islands of the Sandwich Islands Group in 1775, although he lumped the southernmost three together, and their status as separate islands was not established until 1820 The northern three islands were discovered by Bellingshausen in 1819. The islands were tentatively named “Sandwich Land” by Cook, although he also commented that they might be a group of islands rather than a single body of land. The name was chosen in honour of  John Moutagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, First Lord of the Admiralty. The word “South” was later added to distinguish them from the “Sandwich Islands”, now known as the Hawaiian Islands

M 7.3 – SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION – 2016-05-28 09:47:01 UTC

Since this post of the 25th when I was picking up Oceania there has been numerous quakes in these areas.. nothing major but the number of events can also cause symptoms to be stronger.

This feels most like Oceania including N and S Island along with Christchurch.. Australia and Papua New Guinea as well as the Kermadec Islands.

M 5.1 – NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G. – 2016-05-27 15:03:44 UTC

M 3.4 – WEST OF AUSTRALIA – 2016-05-27 16:02:32 UTC

M 3.1 – NORTHERN TERRITORY, AUSTRALIA – 2016-05-27 20:39:29 UTC

M 4.8 – OFF E. COAST OF N. ISLAND, N.Z. – 2016-05-27 04:11:24 UTC

M 5.2 – SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS – 2016-05-26 13:09:54 UTC

M 4.7 – EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., P.N.G. – 2016-05-26 18:40:27 UTC

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  1. I had heard about the change in the magnitude but since I monitor 4 sites 2 in the US and two not, I see the same info on all the sites. I think its due to the number of monitoring stations involved. Its like the rings on the water on a lake if you throw a stone in the water…as each ring goes further and further out it activates bells… it reminds me of when I was at the OES Offices in Sacramento at the Warning Center. If there was a quake down in N CA if you watched a few seconds the waves moved out from the shock ( stone ) and as they passed each monitoring station they would set that one off with lights some quakes would start on one end of the state and would end up setting off alarms in the opposite side of the state. With out technology so fast the information comes in before it can be verified and the web sites pick it up via wireless and post it before its been reviewed by a seismologists.
    and bells… so we have the capability to get info so quick, the USGS needed to wait till they rec’d all the data and then they would decide the magnitude of that quake based on the criteria for a quake in that area, taking into consideration the time, location and depth as well as the magnitude.

    Hope this helps and remember its only my personal opinion.


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