Yesterday Today and Tomorrow October 1~2 2016

My apologies for the tardiness of this update. Of all the times to have issues with my email and computers.   Salem OR 11:12 PM PDT

PS: still open to questions, observations and feedback. Phone, text or email 24 hours.. I will also be posting this update on my blog in its entirety.

10/2 11:15 PM PDT Since the beginning of this update there has been 2 felt quakes in Coalinga, one early AM and one a few hours ago. This was the ears plugged and popping, achy chest and headache with slight stomachache. Speaking of stomach ache.  I have been experiencing major stomach pains since last night. Do not know for sure what is causing them as there are several locations that could be involved. Most likely is the Sierras, Casdades of OR and AK volcanoes, and Borrego Springs, Landers Quake Zone, and Nepal. The Wasatch and New Madrid may cause some stomach pains and I am experiencing some moderate pain in the area of the low back pains, so continue to watch OK, MO, TN, KS, MO and others.  Solar flu hit again early this morning before we had news of the Filament Collapse.. with solar winds still hitting the planet.

I took my Lecithin and Antacid this morning about 10 AM and I am about to take it again, * 12 hrs apart * and I have finished my 2nd cup of very hot and sweet Peppermint Tea and I have eaten an entire tube of soda crackers. Still have pain but not quite so severe.  I had checked the solar reports about 4 and we were ok but just checked again and we had another R bar on the KP Index and then yellow * seems like I am responding more to yellow now than red or as much anyway *  So my major symptom is the stomach pains. Headache but not severe. Back hurts but it could be from bending over this laptop changing all the emails to the correct format. It has taken the best part of last night and all day to get these done. Typing each of them one at a time, trying to locate the original emal so I have the correct name etc.   So all said I am sending this off, will update again Monday night or sooner if symptoms or events merit.

10/02 10:15 AM PDT  The email did not go out at the time I have posted… there was a major problem with the email and formatting issues. I have worked on it for about 16 hours and I think, hope it will go out this morning. This is what I sent to a friend last night. Intense R rib pains, Dominos and heart * Borrego Springs * and Nepal just started sharp jabs of pain under middle of L ribs.. no idea? Probably a Oceania event. Still feel on the verge of chills… have been almost nauseous and R shoulder blade, L shoulder blade, Sierras and Oregon? Offshore.. nothing major. It seems like one symptom is coming on top of another one. It almost feels like the flu you know the ones that cause the aching. Its about 6 AM and I feel somewhat better but still have heart pains.,. Japan over 6.0 or Imperial Valley like Borrego Springs and or more for the area of Mexico with the eruption of the Colima volcano and other MX locations as well as Coalinga.

This is the first update since September 15th so no you have not fallen off my email list.  This alert follows my update from the 15thFor those who wonder what makes our USGS do what ever it is they do… there are plans to begin to set off explosives in 24 bore holes along the Hayward Fault. They are attempting to map the fault. In the past when they did this in Oregon I made it clear to anyone who would listen this was going to cause quakes I also notified KATU in Portland.  I said ” if this makes any difference, it will take about 3 weeks ” not quite 3 weeks that would have been Friday” but its definitely in the ballpark.

To start this off the thought that is on many minds especially those who live or have family in California.

                     The Advisory for a major quake within the next 4 days.

Ok I will tell you what I am feeling and what I think is happening and may have happened.

First and most importantly is that I am not feeling anything of that size building for any area of CA at this time.  In all honesty I have not experienced much if any symptoms of the entire swarm near the Salton Sea.  There has been near 300 quakes but again, except for the first few I have not felt any of them and this includes the 3 that came in at 4.3 magnitude.  Why you ask?  Why I asked myself.  The only thing I can come up with is this, “ These are not natural quakes “  This is not a cop out, all this means is that something not “ Mother Nature “ was causing the quakes.  So I thought about it and remembered that when they had the larger one in June of this year I had noticed there was some geothermal drilling in the area.. so I checked and the information I found says there are 48 geothermal wells along the Salton Sea. Also they are in the process of building a generating plant also on the Salton Sea.  Excerpt:  March 16, 2016 – An Australian company hopes to build a massive geothermal power plant by the Salton Sea, in a development that could raise hopes for clean renewable energy.

 So this adds to the problem.  But I believe that the quakes are being generated by the drilling. They say fracking causes quakes and that is true but it’s the geothermal drilling we need to be concerned about at this time.

Be advised this is a personal opinion and may not reflect that of the scientific community or subscribers but I have been watching these connections to geothermal drilling since 1980 and to blasting since 1981.. from various reports on the internet and elsewhere I see others are beginning to jump on that same bandwagon. In polling other sensitive’s in CA and elsewhere, I found that really none of them were reacting to the major swarm that has the OES and USGS of CA so concerned.  Is there a chance that there could be a major quake?  YES obviously there is always a chance. But they are basing this prediction on a 1% increase or probability.  Why? I think it’s totally a *CYA move, not to be indelicate its a Cover Your A—Move. They have been blasting along the Hayward Fault and that was not a good move* no pun intended * and they are concerned about the area of the Salton Sea because the southern most tip of the San Andreas actually is the Salton Sea and they don’t want to be caught with their pants down so to speak.  Its far better to issue a advisory/warning and have nothing happen, than it is to have something happen and not say anything.  So they are erring on the side of caution and that’s good but still a bit disconcerting. On the good side if there is one, and I think there is, it’s a chance for residents to pull together their emergency supplies and Police and Emergency officials to test their protocol in the event that a quake actually happens. This comes about 20 days before their big shakeout which is the statewide Earthquake Drill that CA has had for many years.

So on to other things. These last 2 weeks have been pretty active.  There has been numerous quakes in Oceania and The Dominos and California, * not including the Salton Sea * and Turkey as well as Greece and Chile, Peru and Ecuador all have had recent quakes. First Oceania: This is the L rib pains and they can run from just under the bottom ribs to just below the arm pit at the top ribs. They can wrap around the chest or the back or both.  This includes but it not limited to these locations. Australia, New Zealand, N and S Island and Christchurch as well as Papua New Guinea including New Ireland, New Britain and Eastern New Guinea Papua New Guinea as well as the Kermadec Islands. * some sensitive’s also experience migraines and other more intense symptoms who live closer to the area *

The Domino Islands: This is R rib pains, again from the bottom rib near the waist line to the upper rib just under the armpit and the pain can and has wrapped around the rib cage, chest and or back. This area includes but is not limited to these locations.  Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Marianas, Santa Cruz, Solomon, Admiralty, Marshal, Caroline and Vanuatu, again those who are closer are showing some symptoms like migraines and stomach pains that I do not experience with these locations. These can also be a stacked symptom, which is what happens when you get more than one set of symptoms for more than one location at a time. Which as most of you know happens more frequently than not.

Then we have Peru/Brazil/ Columbia and Guatemala.. this is the R, leg * ankle, calf, knee and hip pains and it often exhibits as charlie horse symptoms.  Then we have the L leg * again the ankle, calf, knee and hip pains and that is Ecuador and again Guatemala can go with both sides.

Turkey including Aegean, Caspian and Ionian Seas, Crete, and Dodecanese Islands of both Turkey and Greece.. this one is chest pressure, which can be intense, * this one can be mistaken for a real heart issue * so be sure you are heart healthy.  Headache mostly all over, and can include some achy heart pains as well as L elbow pains. These quakes can be from the Aegean or from Turkey but they all connect.

Chile:  The Chile Connection continues. There was a shooting in Pasadena, California this week due to a man who was acting irrationally and police came, he was holding a fire extinguisher and a knife which he did not drop, police finally tasered him and he died.  He was known by the community as well as law enforcement that he was Bi Polar and dysfunctional and he called the police himself because he needed help.  So once again the Bi Polar person was affected by the Chile Connection. There has been other incidents on the news as well.  Domestic violence is up as I saw evidence when I went to the store yesterday AM.. spouses yelling at each other. Mom’s yelling at older kids, younger children hyper and crying.. all point to more Chile.

Here is a classic Chile connection sadly:

Two Sacramento police officers attempted to run over a mentally ill homeless man with their car less than 35 seconds before they shot and killed him.  This has been happening all week.. but mostly in the last 24 hours. One of the more active areas is Antofagasta, and then Offshore Coquimbo, and many other locations are showing up. For the record they are drilling in Chile as well as Turkey and Greece/ Italy and Peru etc as well as Ecuador, can this be just coincidence. There has been numerous quakes in CA besides the Salton Sea.  Small quakes near Los Angeles and San Francisco. Both of which I picked up without any problem since they were natural.  The LA area is sharp heart pains, center of forehead pains.

San Francisco, this one is a bit more involved it goes with other locations based on symptoms. Its inland or offshore,  Eureka to the Bay and SF Bay proper.. this is temple to temple headache, and ear involvement and can also cause achy heart. Can include Ferndale but not always …. Can include yawning if the quake is approximately 72 miles offshore of Eureka. The Geysers which is my “ Canary in the mine “ has been active but not reaching the tipping point of near 200 quakes as yet. This is all geothermal which was confirmed in the Scientific American report stating the Geologist from Menlo Park David Oppenheimer said all the quakes that have happened in the geysers are man made.  So these are the locations I consider from experience part of The Geysers.  The Geysers, The Pinnacles, Gilroy, San Juan Bautista, Los Banos, Tres Pinos and Healdsburg and Cloverdale * these are 21/20 miles from The Geysers respectively.   The symptoms are stomach pains, not bad, and headache all over as well as some ear involvement and can include the achy heart pains.

Then we have the Loma Prieta Quake Zone.. this is San Jose, Morgan Hill, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County… this is achy heart, earaches and intense sleepiness 12 hours before the quake, These all have had recent activity.

Chile: anger, road rage, shootings, domestic violence, suicides and murders, over reaction and reactions to events.  L side headache, eye pains, facial neuralgia ( includes Bolivia and Argentina and their borders )

The Sierras: has also had activity.. this is Mammoth and Mono Lakes, Bridgeport, Ridgecrest, Toms Place, Coso Junction, and China Lakes and finally Bishop.  This is the “ green apple bellyache “ no other symptoms seem to go with the Sierras except when I was in Sacramento I had kidney issues with quakes over 5.0 in the Sierras.

I put Bishop last because this one affects the Kern County areas of Coalinga, Parkfield, Avenal, Bakersfield, Fresno and further south The Grapevine, and Castaic. This one is headache, ears popping and pressured and achy heart pains.

Have had on and off earaches without the headache at times and I have heard from others they too are experiencing earaches.  So this can be two different locations.  This is L ear, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India, as well as Nicobar and Andaman Islands. Then we have the R side earache which is Taiwan, Leeward, Windward Trinidad Islands and the Virgin Islands.  Again there has been numerous quakes in these locations in the last 12-72 hrs. So since this is so late, I do not see much sense in revisiting all the quakes but some of them have caused me to experience the usual symptoms .. Borrego Springs CA which is near the areas of El Centro, and Westmoreland, Ocotillo, Brawley, Mexicali, Calexico, Gulf of CA and Baja CA MX.. this is the sharp heart pains I have had in the last 24 hours with stomach pains.. Imperial Valley

There was lots of back of head pains earlier this week, past experience has shown this is definitely volcano. So there was a surprise eruption in Indonesia. Tengger Caldera Is in Eastern Indonesia. This one was bad as it was a surprise and 200+ tourist were trapped on the mountain but I think they were all rescued.

Still no ants, cat is not acting up but we have had storms and she is a bit skitterish from that but at the moment she is sleeping.   No reports of missing animals have come to me and in checking various locations. So what am I feeling is coming. I have found that when there is a quake swarm, when it stops, if nothing happens within 24-72 hrs if there is a quake its likely to hit after that timeline. So this is pretty close to what USGS has set for their timeline. Speaking of timelines my forecast for a major event, 7.0 or greater hitting by the 30 + 24 hours, we are not out of the time line till midnight tonight. * No longer applies * I looked at the recent quakes and have extended the timeline 12-72 hours. So far no “primary precursor “  Happy to say this one will likely not happen. * I did extend the timeline for this major quake. It has nothing to do with the prediction for CA it is based on the usual precursors and observations I make. * I also reported it to the scientist who I am sending all these forecasts to* so the new timeline is October 1-4th 2016 plus or minus 12 hours.

These were written last night when I was getting ready to send this out so all the locations in red have happened since my update was written. I am feeling mostly “ Coalinga, Borrego Springs, Landers Quake Zone and the Sierras of CA * I am also picking up more for Indonesia, Turkey, Peru and Kuril Islands and Japan and the Wasatch/New Madrid. So the Kuril’s are R side,  Shoulder blade pains and Japan is L shoulder blade pains..full upper back shoulder blade pains.  Low back pains, into the sacrum and seismic flu as well as teeth chattering chills can be with these locations. Watching OK and KS as well as MO, MT, AZ and TX, and ID and Chile as well as N CA. although there are many locations that can be affected. Oceania and The Domino Islands as well as the Philippines, and AK So will close for this one, and will be sending out a very short update for the next week to keep you up to date on what is happening with the “ advisory/warning “ and to report any and all symptoms or changes and events that I hear about.  This is the time when I need feedback.  Symptoms, observations and events. Thanks in advance for your time and help. To put this warning in a bit more perspective I contacted a retired geologist/volcanologist friend in CA and asked him what he thought about the warning.  He said “ What Warning”  that’s how much it affected people.. scientific people. I read the advisory to him, LA times has the best more in-depth report I have seen.  He agreed it was likely a CYA situation. He basically said the same thing I did about its better to have a failed prediction than one they did not say anything about. I checked the Sacramento Bee and did not find the story doing a search and using various buzz words so apparently the State Capital is not all that concerned.  They mentioned Governor’Jerry Brown’s Earthquake early warning system they are trying to implement ..hmmm. So all that said, I am not overly concerned.  But as I said, I will be definitely keeping an eye on the area and closely monitoring my symptoms and those of other sensitive’s who are closer to what would be the epicenter of the quake, should it occur.

Another update tomorrow night since I will be doing one each night for the next week.  They will be a bit shorter but I will share anything I feel and or find out.

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Salem Oregon

October 01, ~ October 02, 2016

2:30~ 11:16 PM PDT October 02



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