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This was sent on the 4th of October 2016…

This is the current picture of the sun I just captured. I was correct, it wasn’t over.

Sent 3:22 PM October 4, 2016
Taken from my update of September 15thFor those who wonder what makes our USGS do what ever it is they do… there are plans to begin to set off explosives in 24 bore holes along the Hayward Fault. They are attempting to map the fault. In the past when they did this in Oregon I made it clear to anyone who would listen this was going to cause quakes… I also notified KATU in Portland.  I said ” if this makes any difference, it will take about 3 weeks ” not quite 3 weeks that would have been Friday” but its definitely in the ballpark. Last Monday is when the quakes started at the Salton Sea.


  Quake Advisory through Oct. 4th.

 Day 4 of 4   They said October 4th.. but I am going to keep a close eye on this area till Friday the 7th.


Sent 3:22 PM October 4, 2016
Taken from my update of September 15thFor those who wonder what makes our USGS do what ever it is they do… there are plans to begin to set off explosives in 24 bore holes along the Hayward Fault. They are attempting to map the fault. In the past when they did this in Oregon I made it clear to anyone who would listen this was going to cause quakes… I also notified KATU in Portland.  I said ” if this makes any difference, it will take about 3 weeks ” not quite 3 weeks that would have been Friday” but its definitely in the ballpark. Last Monday is when the quakes started at the Salton Sea.

The last 24 hours have been pretty much status quo. The most bothersome pains were/have been stomach pains this continues from Saturday night/Sunday early morning.  There has been a few times it eased off almost to the point of disappearing but then I am just beginning to relax, it hits again.  I have been drinking Peppermint Tea, and eating soda crackers every few hours. That’s about all I am able to eat at this time.  One of my contacts determined this is likely some kind of a large cramp or vice like pains.  This is without a doubt a precursor symptom for something, what I am not exactly sure.  I know from my other symptoms it does not fit the profile for Southern CA.  If that is what is happening its totally different.  I also know that I have not been notified of any of my other contacts experiencing this same type of pain.  That means that something new is happening.

It could be volcanic since the volcanoes are the most common cause of the stomach pains.  Such as the CA/NV Sierras, Yucca Valley, Big Bear, Joshua Tree and others, as well as Borrego Springs* and Bishop*. Bishop of the Sierras is on a fault that runs into the Coalinga area* This is stomach pains, headache, ears plugged and popping and achy heart pains.   The Wasatch/New Madrid will also cause stomach pains along with low back pains which I have had as well.  The Wasatch is ID, UT, MT, WY, and WEST YELLOWSTONE and parts of TX, NM, and AZ .. and then we get into the New Madrid which involves many states but the main ones I watch are OK, AR, KS, AL, MO and TN.and IL. These are always low back pains, into the sacrum and stomach pains, can include seismic flu* which is the instantaneous onset of stomach or intestinal flu symptoms that come and go within 12-24 hours without a fever.

There has been several small quakes today in Yellowstone National Park, I am not concerned at this time as the other symptoms that go with these quakes are not being felt.
The Wasatch is mostly Stomach flu symptoms where as the New Madrid tends to be intestinal flu symptoms but can include both.  Some persons get teeth chattering chills before quakes in these two locations.

L shoulder blade pains have been picking up the last 2+ hours so this would be Japan, includes but is not limited to

E/S/W Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Tokyo and Mt’s Aso and Asama.
I had been picking up on the Kuril Islands R side shoulder blade pains and there has been several events in that area so that was a correct precursor.
Indonesia is full upper back pains and this is another symptom I am dealing with. Not major but definitely being felt. It can include earthquakes as well as some of their volcanic activity. This is headache from mild to migraine and shoulder blade pains, the volcanoes cause the back of head pains while the quake activity, if its not volcanic in nature will cause a all over headache.

Oceania still active, L ribs are very sore this includes but is not limited to AU, NZ * N and S Island and Christchurch as well as Papua New Guinea * including New Ireland, New Britain, Eastern New Guinea PNG and the Kermadec Islands.

There are also some active volcanoes in these locations which can add to the mix… Mount Barujari Bagana are two areas that are very active.

The Dominos: this is mostly the R rib pains and includes numerous locations including  Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Marianas, Solomon, Santa Cruz, Admiralty, Marshal, Caroline and Vanuatu Islands.  R rib pains also feeling this but seems to be part of the earlier described stomach pains and rib pains.
R earache is Taiwan, Leeward, Windward and Trinidad Islands as well as Virgin Islands. I have experienced a great deal of earaches the last few days and as I posted on the 2, was for Taiwan, there has been a 4.8 in Taiwan and Leeward Islands also showed up.
L ear is more for China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India * Nicobar and Andaman Islands * as well as Nepal. India and Nepal can include stomach pains, especially Nepal.

I have had moderate pain, plugged and popping in both ears this symptom is part of Coalinga, * Avenal, Parkfield, Bakersfield, Fresno, Grapevine and Castaic * I experienced the Coalinga symptoms again late last night. Not sure of the time but I sent a private email to a couple of people.

Speaking of ears, about 10 PM last night I had the puffing sounds of Mt Hood. Don’t know if anything had hit there but I did have the puffing. It was no where as intense as it was a month ago when the same thing happened. Also it was only 3 puffs compared to about 16-20.

Leg cramps again this morning.  Both R and L when I attempted to stretch out my legs when awakening.  I take calcium and other supplements so I do not think this is a lack of something.  R leg is Peru/Brazil/Columbia and Guatemala. L leg is Ecuador and Guatemala.  The areas I am watching are both Peru and Ecuador.

Heart pains, I have had on and off heart pains but experience has taught me this is not the usual sharp heart pains of CA. Yes there is activity in S CA as there is always activity in S CA especially the areas of El Centro, Brawley, Westmoreland and Borrego Springs, as well as Baja CA MX and Gulf of CA and Ocotillo.  I watch Borrego Springs as its heart and stomach pains together.  Early Monday AM I experienced a heart pain that was more like a jab but then it spread out across my chest. One pain, not severe no change in BP or pulse, I took both.  It was center of chest, over sternum where I get the solar flu.  Could be related to the recent solar storm.
Slight vertigo on and off today. Still walking into walls but that is just how I walk since St Helens. Ants are non existent and cat is calm and sleeping when she is not wrapped around my neck like a fur Collar.  Have noticed more electrical interference with electronics the last 24 hours.

Hopefully things will calm down.


Solar: After almost a week on increased solar activity things appear to be winding down but based on my symptoms, I can’t agree. Still getting solar flu.  I have heart burn this morning and in the past this has been connected to a filament collapse or full or partial halo or full CME.. so will continue to watch this area closely.  Have not checked my link since about 6 PM last night, will do so now as I have already dated and timed this update.

  • well its pretty easy to see why I am getting symptoms again. This is much more than they expected.  Included is the inset from Solar ham. Again, I am finding I am reacting more to the Yellow bars lately than the R bars on the KP Index.. I can feel the Red bars but it’s the Yellow ones which are triggering my attacks of solar flu.  All this activity showed up after I checked the site about 6 PM.  Its possible since we have had the solar activity for 4+ days and that is when my stomach pains showed up, they could be connected, but have not been in the past.  Will wait to see what happens when we are back to a stable report.

The first graph was at 7 AM today * the graphs did not populate the blog sorry.

This was at 2:52 today

The green bars based on my feelings are not a true signal that things are quiet. I expect more.

We have new activity in 5 volcanoes.. via the online link I use. 2 in Indonesia, one in Ecuador, one in Russia and one in Costa Rica personally I am sure there are others which may not have come to the attention of the site.
CA activity.. Total in the last 7 days  897 * this is due to the fact they removed the oldest day of activity * but it is way down from Monday

N CA * The Geysers * These are holding pretty good, now at 158  we need 200 to be of concern

Sierras 46 quakes a bit up but nothing to be concerned about… this stomach pain is NOT the green apple bellyache Los Angeles area  34 this is totally normal.  One quake 2.0 near Tarzana, which is not far from Northridge but no concerns.

Near Salton Sea  268 these are not all at Bombay Beach or Salton Sea but include some of Imperial Valley, this is high but a few weeks ago, I was getting these same high readings near Hawthorne NV and The Sierras.

Actually only one quake on the 2nd was Bombay Beach and one was Salton Sea.  The rest of them are in such locations as

Idyllwild, Anza, Julian, Imperial, Brawley, Westmoreland, Banning, Niland, Borrego Springs, Cabazon, and Ocotillo.. so its not just the Salton Sea getting slammed.

OR:  We have had a couple of quakes in Oregon in the last 24 hours. Both have been near Woodburn which is due North of my location about 18 miles.

This could answer a question.. why the recent slight increase of activity near Woodburn? Find BBB Accredited Geothermal Drilling Services near Woodburn so its obvious they Are already in the process of drilling. This is Newberg OR online excerpt.. Geothermal drilling is utilized for residential properties as well as commercial buildings. A geothermal system can provide both heating and cooling for a property.Geothermal drilling for use as a heat source can offer residential home owners and commercial building owners energy savings over the life of the system.We would love to discuss your Geothermal drilling project with you.
Quake activity continues in Oceania, The Dominos, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Taiwan, Wasatch, Japan, Alaska, California, Oregon and more.
Will update again tonight and or sooner as activity dictates.

Cropped Charlotte 2010 TBAWill update again Wednesday sooner as activity dictates.

Charlotte, Salem Oregon/ October 04, 2016 3:23 PM PDT ( 11:45 PM PDT )

Transferred to Blog at 11:44 PM PDT

If you are sensitive, keep your Lecithin and TUMS and Peppermint Tea and Soda Crackers Handy.. as I found out in the previous solar storms this last week, the SOLAR FLU attacks can and do hit instantly without warning.  The key is to take your supplements as soon as any symptoms appear. ” REMEMBER I AM NOT A DOCTOR, AND THESE SYMPTOMS CAN MIMIC A HEART ISSUE SO BE VERY CAREFUL AND SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS IN SEVERE FORM OR FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME ”

For anyone who is sensitive to the solar flares as I am,  this is what I recommend, not as a doctor but as a biological sensitive.  Lecithin and TUMS, Peppermint Tea, and soda crackers   it has worked for many people who react to these events.

If you are in KS and or TN, AR, AL, and or MO , the New Madrid System I would be very watchful for more quakes, be sure you have your Quake Emergency Supplies in a close to you location, this includes medical supplies, personal supplies, change of clothes, pet supplies if applicable and a out of state phone number.  Water and food for at least 3-7 days and batteries for light. Also  know   how to shut off your gas lines, get a key at any hardware store.

With all the recent flares be especially careful about your eyes and skin.  I used to have this on my site but removed it, now  during  the Winter now  I am readding it remember with the Sun,  even on overcast days, is too bright so wear your sun glasses, every time you go outdoors wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Go for a product that is an established brand.. don’t go for cheap… some sun screens have been recalled for burning their users.    Sun glasses will stop or at least almost totally stop the chance of getting cataracts’ in your eyes.. the leading cause of cataracts’ is  Sun… even babys need eye protection.

Feel Free to Call my cell phone if and or when something shows up something, or ask a question.

I do limited texting. 503-999-5745

If I do not answer, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.   I am   not able to return calls to Canada   But I can call the  other countries i.e.,  Alaska , Hawaii and US Virgin Islands and other US Territories.

I am happy to take calls from 6 AM till 1 AM or anytime if you are reporting a quake or major symptoms, observations.

Terms and Conditions: These As a subscriber you agree.. Not to make predictions in my name without my express permission. Any actions taken by you the reader/subscriber due to my information I have posted, or sent out, is your sole responsibility for those actions and remember if you are experiencing any of the symptoms in severe form or for a prolonged time, get checked out medically. You may be sensitive, but you may also have a life threatening event happening.

Remember the life you save, may be your own.  Also remember I am not a medical doctor and I am only sharing what has worked for me and many others in the past.

Donations gratefully accepted..  I was asked by several subscribers to include my address here.  4791 WB Post Drive NE , Salem , OR 97305

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