Yesterday Today and Tomorrow November 15, 2016

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Since my last update there has been little activity till the quake on the 13th which as you all know was the 7.9 quake offshore N Island New Zealand.  There has been at least 4 a/s of at least 6.0 but in checking the location of such events, it appears that these are not a/s in the true sense, they are actually a totally different location about 162 miles from the 7.9 quake and I felt they were a totally different quake as well. Then today they came out and made a statement pretty much to that effect, it was a different fault, a different quake most likely caused when the initial quake /fault triggered the smaller quakes.  So keeping that in mind we have two different timelines for a/s… they are as follows. 12-24 hrs, plus or minus 12 hrs.. this is for the largest a/s or the possibility of a main shock at which time, the larger of the two would be the main shock and the previous quake would be the foreshock.  With this quake, I am not feeling that will be an issue.

That would be Sunday to Monday up to Tuesday midnight. 11/15 So after the 12-24 hrs, then you move to 12-72 hrs plus or minus 12 hrs.  Then it would be up to Thursday midnight.  Not always but usually its fairly close to the 72 hrs.  11/17 Then the next timeline will be the 30th of November thru the 7th of December plus or minus 12 hrs.

There are other timelines but this is all I will post for now as they can be confusing.   I had sent out a Timeline for another major quake to my contact/scientist who is keeping track of my alerts on the 8th of November. I said New Timeline for a major quake of 7.0 or greater will be November 7-14th plus or minus 12 hrs. This time I had 2 precursor signals and then a third one at 2:12 AM and the quake hit at 3:23 AM PST. November 13

The timeline ran out about 4 hrs ago so that was the only major quake of this forecast. The quakes are continuing in Mexico.  I am learning a bit more about them but I am still not sure enough to make any assumptions. So I will continue to monitor the activity, I have 2 scientist I have been speaking to about this and 2 persons who are actually living

In and around the location of said quakes.  I am hopeful for a update from one of them soon. Will pass along any pertinent information I receive.   The swarm which was causing so much concern in Southern CA as again seemingly put itself back to sleep for the time being.

I am still getting symptoms for Borrego Springs, El Centro and Imperial Valley locations from time to time but not near as often as I was earlier when the quakes were more prevalent.

The Sierras continue to cause quakes and other shaking and as noted the main symptom is the green apple bellyache.  Quakes that seem to be connected to Bishop or West Bishop are known to lead to quakes in Coalinga which is part of the KERN County area.. which includes but is not limited to quakes in Avenal, Parkfield, Coalinga* Fresno, Bakersfield, Grapevine and Castaic CA.  & symptoms for this area are all over headache, stomach ache, achy heart pains and earaches in the form of plugged and pressured feeling like changing elevation.

Oregon has been amazingly quiet.. hopefully it will stay that way.  I had a few symptoms on Sunday which made me think of Oregon but so far I have not heard of any activity, this is not to say something small may have taken place, I will check the links I have and verify the activity With Oregon you get back of head pains * especially Axial Seamount off shore events * and volcanic events.. then there is the blurred vision. This is vision that you are looking for your  reading glasses and then notice you are wearing them.  You can see,  but you can’t focus.  Also Oregon can cause earaches, and *sore throat and mid lower back pains which I have had for 2 days *   which I am others experienced before the “ Spring Break Quake “ March 1993. Earaches can go with any of the larger quakes, especially in the water..  Cats get sick before quakes in Oregon. Ants come up and are highly visible before Oregon quakes, when they go back into their nest, then the quake will strike where ever it is, within 12-24 hrs. or less. * in the case of the Japanese and Chile quakes, the time line was closer to 12-72 hrs before the quake after they disappeared. Well it appears I spoke to soon.. I have checked my source for Oregon quake activity and I have to say I am not surprised but I was a bit taken aback by the locations of the quakes.. making note of the blurred vision and headache, and especially vertigo over the last 7 days.. not severe but enough that I finally had to take antivert type medications * Meclizine * Not safe if you are pregnant or could get pregnant * Quakes in Oregon in the last 2 weeks..

The first one is the one that really surprised me..

Cottage Grove Oregon 1.3 a very small quake but this is the area of the Gales Creek Fault from the Spring Break Quake in 93. 17 hrs ago.Then we had 2 quakes in Molalla OR this is also tied into the Spring Break Quake… a 1.4 / 4 days ago and a 1.5 /5 days ago
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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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