Todays Sounds Symptoms and Observations December 12, 2016

Quakes in Tonga and Fiji and other Dominos now reacting to the Solomon Island quake.

Major solar flu attack although once again I think I am ahead of the event as there wasNothing happening on the solar sites.

My strongest symptom is stomach pains.  This is a combination of Cascades andAK and Landers Quake Zone/Sierras * Bishop * KERN County and Nepal.I have been fighting this since yesterday mid day.  The Hot Sweet Peppermint teaAnd soda crackers helped but then it came back early AM and then was gratefully gone for a few hours I had to go out and then hit me again when I was relaxing watching old Christmas movies.. so its back to Peppermint Tea and Crackers.

Had a major bout of Chile Connection symptoms very early this morning and this time not only did I get the L side face involvement, a slight bit of anger but this time it also presented in the form of over reaction.. a event that bothered me slightly all the sudden was blown out of proportion and all consuming.  Its easy to see how in the wrong uninformed person this can be a deadly combination.  Thankfully I have friends on both sides of  the Ocean and on different continents who keep me in balance.  Thank you all…

My balance was a bit off again today but not enough I am concerned about it.

I made a promise I would share information that I recd from professionals regarding the unusual signal.. one said “ He had seen it before, some years ago but could not recall what it was and what if anything proceeded or followed the signature “   I can only tell you that this is a man I respect who has given far more than his share to trying to find a way to predict earthquakes and monitors all the signals of the planet most of the time. The 2nd report came in today.  This is also from a trusted source, a man due much respect both my me and his peers.  He is a geologist of some standing and is very open minded. He must be, he accepts all  my forecasts for major quakes for a very long time. He stated that he went back in his records, and all the records he had access to and was not able to find this same signature what was recorded.

His words “I looked at most of the video and am not sure what he is talking about.  His timing must have been off since I went back and looked at the US signal around 610-620Z 12/8 and saw nothing but normal background. Sometimes small quakes occur and USGS doesn’t put out locations, that may be the case here.” I can’t say anything about the results only that I know the person who read my email and watched the video and trust his experience and integrity without question. So all I am waiting for is the report from the Astrophysicist, he has a special gift of connecting the dots.  As soon as it comes in, I will share it as well.

Major back pains again but I think it’s a combination of me and the quake precursors Sharp heart pains which I am sure are related to quake precursors continue. As I said in my update, I am watching S CA into MX and MX proper.  The eruptions at Colima volcano continue.  Borrego Springs, El Centro, Mexicali and Westmoreland/Brawley, Calexico and Ocotillo continue to cause the sharp heart pains.   The quakes in Mexico in such locations as Jalisco, Guerrero, Chiapas, Michoacán, Oaxaca and Colima..  these are usually sharp jabby heart pains on the L side of  the heart and all over moderate to severe headaches.

There is R shoulder blade pains which are the Kuril Islands being the target location.

1:15 AM PST  As I am ending this, the L ribs  are just cutting loose. Really sharp jabs… Oceania.. this time I am watching N Island NZ and the Kermadec Islands. Sharp heart pains L side are showing up.. this is usually S CA into Mexico and Mexico proper as I stated at the beginning of this update but the pains had stopped. They are starting again. Sharp, deep and unmistakable S… Mexico is my best guess with Imperial Valley being next. Since my ears are ok, I am ruling out Italy etc and Palm Springs etc.. but could be Japan over 6.0 Washington will also cause this but I have not had the L wave of vertigo.

More tomorrow Charlotte King ~ December 12, 2016 ~ 7:47~December 13, 2016 AM PST

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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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