Yesterday Today and Tomorrow December 14 , 2016

This update is dealing mainly with volcanic activity…To get my entire updates you need to send me a email with your request to subscribe to my Free Email Updates.

I am sending out a special update because due to the recent swarms at St Helens back in November 2016

And the ongoing swarm at Mammoth Lakes CA in the Sierras which has given us over 100 quakes in the last 12 hrs or less. I felt I would send out a information update since I am getting lots of questions.
For those who know my history with Mt St Helens and those who don’t. I want to share that there is no reason why I would not experience the same warnings

Lead time I had with St Helens back in 1980, that said, there has been some increases at the

Caldera in recent days but this is not unusual. I have seen this happen almost yearly the increase in

Activity is due to the new snow pack and the melting and it goes down small openings in the rock and hits

The hot rocks/ magma chambers and the ensuring explosions are due to the fire and water not mixing well.
There was a swarm at ST Helens but it was mid to late November 2016 but its been pretty quiet since December 9th.

This is what I sent out to a group of other sensitives and interested persons regarding the St Helens activity.

On this I have to stand firm.  St Helens is not in a pre eruptive phase at this time.  I realize there has been alot of quakes and other “suspicious ” activity but as I mentioned in my updates some months ago they are drilling at the base of St Helens ” Because they can, they want to see ” what makes her tick ” and check out the geo thermal resources. I wrote at that time they were playing with fire and I still hold that belief.  But I know that mountain as well as I know the beat of my own heart and at this time she may one again be stirring but at this time I believe she will likely go back to sleep.. if she begins to awaken, I will be the first to know, even before the seismographs, and I will let you know.

Remember what I stated for the record in May 1980..

There is a pattern to activity at St Helens. There are 5 volcanic areas I monitor and or watch.  These seem to be connected at some level

Either magma or something else.. but when one area gets active, there is a more than good chance

That the other 4 locations will also be sending out activity signals.. some come before and others come

After the first event but either way, they all connect to St Helens.

This is the list…. St Helens volcano in Southern Washington

This activity is always proceeded by or followed by activity at one

Or more of the following locations plus or minus 12 weeks and as you can see,

This is once more playing out and fits previous series of events.

There is a couple of secondary locations and they are Mt Rainier, Hood and Shasta all of these locations

Also had confirmed activity at the time St Helens was most active from May to August 1980.
Areas of recent quake activity near St Helens and Mt Rainier







About charking1946

I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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