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Started this on the 19th and fell asleep so finished it this morning. December 20, 2016    * if you have trouble reading the text when you receive your update just click on reply and it should be easier to read. * I hope this works I have been hearing from some subscribers who like me have older eyes and need larger print.

Sorry for this being tardy yesterday was a regular Monday other than still being covered in snow from the previous snow storm of Wednesday the 14th  … Here in Salem where I live, we had a total of 6-7 inches of snow and a lite coat of ice under that. We stayed below freezing for 4 days. Out coldest temp was 14 degrees but did not stay there that long, mostly we were in the high teens to mid to low 20’s. Oregon has a wind we call the Chinook’s and today it hit again.  We had snow on the yard, roofs, cars, sidewalks etc at noon..  3 hours later there is not a trace of snow anywhere. We had winds gusting to 35 mph all evening and there is no slush or ice or even standing water, its all gone.  Its almost a balmy 51 degrees and windy but no rain.  If the earthquakes and solar activity hold off long enough I need to go out and do my Christmas shopping which I have not even started.

Since the last update when I mentioned Mammoth Lakes the activity has continued with the addition of more stomach pains. I have had a non stop stomach ache since last week.   I checked the CA Only link and it shows that Long Valley CA which is another word for the CA/NV Sierras * Mammoth Lakes * has been very active with the count for the last 7 days up to 389 quakes.  That is a lot of quakes.  Again I have not heard back from my contacts in Mammoth as to what they are doing at their geothermal power plant but hope to hear back soon.

There is still some quake activity near St Helens but its pretty well eased off as I was sure it would and Mt Hood area is still getting a few quakes but again this as I said before is not uncommon.  It’s the depth and magnitude as well as where the quake hits that is the concern of the volcanologist.   No head swelling so suspect for the time being that St Helens is just doing her thing.  As for Hood he is more active but again with the deep snow pack and the weight changes its not all that uncommon. Hood causes headache but mostly it’s the stomach pains which would be hard to distinguish from Mammoth Lakes  and ear poofing which I have not had.

Colima Volcano in Mexico still is showing signs of unrest but nothing major on that one either. So on to the symptoms and locations.
This has week one of not my major complaint I have been sharing with friends and other sensitives is the major rib pains.  Not just one side but both sides.  The L side which was really painful to the point of being into my low back, from the bottom rib and that lasted several days as well as intense sleepiness. I had posted my timeline for a major quake of 7.0 or greater from December 12- 19 so it was not a big surprise when the quake hit in New Ireland Papua New Guinea coming in at a whopping 7.9 .

This was the cause of the major L rib pains and the intense sleepiness and one other symptom I have mentioned before but will be mentioning is the intense craving of carbs and sugar before major events. I put this together some time ago but until the last year I did not have the confirmation to make a an official quake precursor.

The Popcorn is the Choline and B vitamin for clear thinking but its also a very viable carbohydrate. So it started with the Popcorn and is still the carb of choice, there are times when nothing will do but corn in any form.  But there are others, there is chocolate for some sensitives,  the craving of corn continues and can cover several forms from corn to corn bread, to nachos to popcorn.. but I have taken the carb/sugar craving to a new height.

Before the major quake in Papua New Guinea I had 2 large slices of toasted garlic French bread, then a baked potato, 4 small slices of 3-4” squares of toasted raisin cinnamon bread, and a waffle cone of frozen yogurt.  Then a hour later, I had potato chips with mashed avocado and tomatoes and it was still not enough so had 2 tiny mini candy bars.. and that was enough.  At this rate they will be needing a crane to move me around.. its not a want, this is a need.  Its almost a “fix “ as it were..   this is bad enough but the carb attack before the Solomon Isl. in early December was just as bad or worse. <end>

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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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