So This Is How It Works March 25, 2017 Symptoms vs Events

When I was first logging all my forecasts/symptoms for Project Migraine, I had a longer lead time for CA than I experienced in OR.. Why, I am not sure but it may be due in part to we had all the volcanic activity which might in some way dampened the signals I was picking up on.  So here it was 12-72 hrs at the outside except Washington State which has always been 4 days.  But in CA most of the predictions were 12-84 hrs and some being up to 5 days lead time. Again I did not have the volcanoes to block the signal, so I picked it up earlier, perhaps it was also due to the faults which CA is loaded with them. As I found out in WA state back in  the 80’s if there is going  to be a major quake or even a larger quake and it is near water, it causes the fault to vibrate and I was able to pick that up several days in advance where as almost immediately after the quake, I did not get any symptoms from the fault even being on it.  Strange stuff earthquakes and such.

So the other evening I was hit with a major headache, but I have headaches almost constantly for the last 37 years so I don’t even think to mention it most of the time, unless its fits the precursor symptom for St Helens. The headache along with earache was on the R side, so was pretty sure it was volcanic and I listed the locations The location would be Alaska, Aleutians, and Montserrat and Philippines and Iceland.

I was  also experiencing R side earaches, and that too, I was sure was a precursor..
The R earache goes with such locations as Taiwan, Windward, Leeward , Virgin Islands and Trinidad Islands..   Just as I was getting ready to hit the send button to send the email to my friend for confirmation, my L ear was also hit with a major pain…  so this time we are looking at China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and if a stomachache is also being felt,  you need to watch Nepal..  * Stomach pains can also include the CA Sierras and Landers CA.. areas.      I did my volcanic test, taking my thumbs and run them up along side the bridge of my nose and tracing my brow bones, OUCH.  If they are sore, or really tender that is a classic precursor to volcanic activity.

Earaches can be large quakes in the water and Italy..

The solar flu, that is intense instant pain in the sternum and it can radiate through to your back. It makes you feel like you have a heavy tight band wrapped around your upper mid section.  Be sure your heart is ok as these symptoms do mimic heart attacks and some times its hard to tell, its best to be safe than sorry.  When in doubt, call 911.

Over the last 20 years or so I have found what seems to work attacks of solar flu.
That would be Lecithin and a antacid like Tums, GasX or if you don’t have any of the above a small glass or cool, not cold water with a scant teaspoon of baking soda in it will often quickly stop the pains.. We have been in a solar wind stream for almost a week and then when it dissipated for a couple of days and then it came back even stronger than before.
The Lecithin can be taken in oil caps form, I use 2  1200 mg caps.  Or it can be dry powdered Lecithin and it will take 4 to do the job and these are 1000mg caps.

If you catch it quickly enough you can stop an attack within 10 minutes of its onset.

So this is the actual email I sent, her name has been shortened to preserve her privacy.

From: Charlotte []
Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 10:19 PM
To: ‘C’
Subject: Checking In

‘C ‘

I too am a bit uneasy.. I am experiencing some solar flu, pressure and back pains but mostly the stomach pains.

Just as one coronal hole stream begins to slow down, another one is expected to kick into gear by March 27th. Coronal Hole #73 will turn into an Earth facing position and possibly bring another round of geomagnetic storming. Aurora sky watchers should again be alert for another show. Image below courtesy of SDO/AIA. * From Solar Ham *

Then there is the R earache volcanic?  Or Taiwan, Leeward, Windward, Trinidad, or Virgin Islands Volcanic would be  “ AK, Aleutians, Philippines, Montserrat, and Iceland? Then a few minutes ago, L side earaches  * China/Pakistan/Afghanistan and India/  * NEPAL * Stomach pains. Sierras, and Landers?

Fighting allergies… brow bone pains, * volcanic * Ears can be large quake in the water, Italy etc. but not getting sharp heart pains. So suspect its quake, in locations above, or water.. or volcanic in areas above.  In the past Iceland volcanic quakes were mostly tied to Hekla and Katla volcanoes.

Since the email above I am adding L eye pain, socket sore, hurts to blink, this is classic CHILE Connection symptoms. So watch for anger, road rage, shootings, murders, over reaction to events and domestic violence as well as  the timing of terrorist attacks, not the attacks themselves.  Experienced a major change in sound last night, it was so deep it almost felt like a vibration. There were 4 strong 2-5 second tones and then one a bit higher and it was ok and then the strong dual tones cut in which would be my sounds for Canada Alaska, Aleutians, Japan and Russia.. there has been quakes in AK, Japan and Russia since last night.

So I thought I would check and see what have transpired since I sent this email on the 21st.  I just added these tonight.

M 5.0 – ICELAND REGION – 2017-03-26 01:07:12 UTC

M 4.6 – ICELAND REGION – 2017-03-26 00:24:49 UTC

M 4.9 – ICELAND REGION – 2017-03-26 01:48:41 UTC

M 4.6 – LUZON, PHILIPPINES – 2017-03-25 22:16:59 UTC

M 4.1 – TAIWAN – 2017-03-25 15:02:58 UTC

M 4.4 – TOBAGO REGION, TRINIDAD-TOBAGO – 2017-03-25 14:46:30 UTC

M 3.2 – VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION – 2017-03-25 23:58:55 UTC

M 3.4 – SOUTHERN ITALY – 2017-03-25 21:57:46 UTC * only picked one out a small swarm.

At this time I am experiencing the R side deep earache and L eye socket pains.
some solar flu, very mild and very sleepy, disorientated, blurred vision, dropsy, all quake precursors. All of these precursors could be tied to quakes in Oregon.  Persons who are sensitive tend to get very sleepy before large quakes.  Vision is mostly Oregon, Simi and Yucca Valley CA also can cause that symptom and add sharp heart with the N sound is Japan if a 6.0 or greater.

If things change I will add to this message.  Oh before I forget about 9:30 PM last night, I can get the exact time since I also sent an email out for that one as well… but all the sudden my R ear went blocked like if you are traveling through mountain passes, in high elevation.  These are the possibilities for the symptom above.

From: Charlotte []
Sent: Friday, March 24, 2017 9:54 PM
To: ‘C’
Subject: RE: quick update

Thanks for the email,  I was going to send  you an update as well. About 20 minutes ago my R ear plugged up. Like when I am crossing a high mountain elevation.  In the past its been one of 3 scenarios, first Coalinga, 2nd would be Mt Hood, and 3rd would be large quake offshore but its usually both ears with large water events.  Whittier CA also can cause this. St Helens is also stirring as my forehead is swelling in several places.

So a day in the life of a biological sensitive came to an end and I finally slept about 2 hours before getting up to begin my new day.

Ants abound, kitchen, living room, in my laptop and bathroom.
No major cat issues, Sabrina is sleeping.
I have had reports from several subscribers as well as friends there are numerous reports of mice coming in.. it could be due to the cold but it seems strange they are coming into houses here in Oregon and some had cats in the homes.  Am using humane way to get rid of them, catch and then will release them and hopefully they will not come back.
 Charlotte King   Salem OR,  March 25, 2017, 8:50 PM PST    ©

Contact 503-999-5745 text or voice  24 hrs.



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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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