Yesterday Today and Tomorrow April 8, 2017

 there has to be thousands of ants.

There has been many quakes since my last update. Mostly in the small to medium range but there has also been a few larger ones. They are  and were in locations that would not usually cause any problems.. these are the memorable quakes.

I have wanted to attend a Prepare Fair here in Salem today but with the solar flu attacks hitting without warning, I hesitate to go anywhere.

It appears they are finally beginning to take this entire quake scenario more seriously… this is good and bad, good because they realize this

Is a possibility and bad because they realize this is a possibility.  The entire premise of the fair is are you prepared for the Big One, what they

Don’t tell you is if the Big One hits off Oregon, in the 9.2 range they have talked about, you and be ready but other than the usual things

Of food etc, you can’t be prepared, there is not a lot you can do. Yes have your EQ Kits and your family emergency plan including your

Out of state contact/number and then just pray it does not happen in our lifetime. Charlotte

M 6.5 – 132km W of Moijabana, Botswana   2017-04-03 17:40:18 UTC  * Reported by most as a 6.7 event *

M 5.1 – 5km W of Ilijan, Philippines   2017-04-04 12:58:48 UTC

M 6.1 – 63km NNW of Torbat-e Jam, Iran   2017-04-05 06:09:12 UTC

M 5.9 – 1km SSW of Talaga, Philippines   2017-04-08 07:09:27 UTC

The main symptoms I have been experiencing these last days has been major migraine symptoms. These are very similar in intensity / pain I experienced with the awakening of Mt St Helens and hopefully this is not another volcano waking up.  R side headaches have been a daily occurrence, this has mostly been tied to events in AK, Philippines and Russia/Iceland.

As noted above the Philippines are definitely more active.  Along with the R side headache there has been corresponding pain at the base of the skull  in the back of the right side of the head. Most of the time this same pain shows up before quakes in the Cascades, Etna, Mexico,  etc.

I have had major solar flu symptoms the last week or so and its been almost a daily happening of taking my Lecithin and TUMS and sometimes like yesterday, 2 times in one day. My headache yesterday was all encompassing.  I believe it was due mostly to the wind storm we had that hit about 7 AM with winds gusting at 60 MPH… with the drop in the biometric pressure, the headaches are very common for me, as well as my ears hurt.   This continued most all day into early evening and then I went to the store shortly after 5 PM and that is when I was hit with the solar flu and had to pull of the road till I could get my meds etc into my system.  It was sudden and without warning which it usually is.. not sure when the Yellow bars showed up on the KP Index, they were not there when I went to sleep about 3 AM this morning.

This is a list of the events and symptoms I experienced for the last 10 days.  I am hopeful that the solar activity is going to ease off now and maybe I will be able to rest better. April 8,  last night the 7th I noticed The Geysers activity was back up over 200 again but with the solar  flu symptoms, all I wanted to do was stop the pain and sleep. Much sleepiness the last few days a good indication that something could be building quake wise in the moderate to large magnitude, especially for an event in the water over 6.5 so I did not put out an update.. but this morning the numbers for quakes at The Geysers is even higher so I am once again posting a forecast for a quake,

 I am forecasting another event, measuring 4.0 or greater in N or Central CA inland or offshore between now and Tuesday AM….

I also have issued my Timeline for a major event 7.0 or greater within the next 7 days that would be April 5-12th Plus or minus 12 hrs..  I have already had 5 precursor events in locations I watch.

I was at my  mom in laws on Wednesday and she had a major ant invasion.. I also had one but mine was in the yard and impossible to photograph but I did get photos of the ones at my moms place.. they were all over the driveway but mostly near the garage door, they were pouring out of a crack in the concrete, all along the edge of the garage door and even climbing up the wall of the house.  There were no winged ants noticed so do not believe this was a mass of ants leaving their nest looking for new locations to start new ant hills… these were massed together so close they were on top of one another.  I am including a photo but it does not do justice to the invasion.  I have had them just like this on my patio and the next day not an ant in sight but with our storm yesterday I was not able to go and check on the status of the invasion.

Cat has been fine, not sick.

Vision is still not great but I was actually able to type a email without glasses so I do not feel that Oregon is in any great danger for a quake at this time.. I just took off my reading glasses and I can’t see any of the letters separately enough to read what I am typing. So once again Oregon may be due for another quake. Magnitude does not impact the symptoms so its just symptoms and magnitudes totally impacted by severity of symptoms.

I have had stomach pains almost daily for a week.  Usually this is related to activity at The Sierras but it can also be part of the activity in Simi Valley, Landers quake zone, including Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Big Bear * with seismic flu * Coalinga area and AK, Iceland, and Cascades etc… almost all related to volcanism.   In the last few years the stomach pains have also been tied into India and Nepal activity.

Just checked my ants and noticed most are gone but they are still going in and out of the wall sockets and up the door jams.. so they have NOT disappeared. When they do, then we can count down 12-24 hrs. up to 72 hrs. for an event.

To read the entire update.. please sign  up for my updates at or click on the link on the  first page of my blog.

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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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