Yesterday Today And Tomorrow April 19, 2017

Its 1:42 AM Wednesday April 19th and I for the first time in a number of days have been hit with sadness.  Not major at this point but sitting here watching a television program, I find  tears rolling down my cheeks.  So what is happening?   Not sure.  All I Know is that this symptom is always followed by a life changing/ending event for at least 12 persons.  It can be natural like a quake, landslide, volcanic eruption, man made problems like airplane crash, fire, explosion, ship sinking etc and or act of war.. the criteria is for at least 12 persons will lose their lives suddenly, violently and without warning within 12-72 hrs. plus or minus 12 hrs. Its usually less but can be as long as 3 days depending on the event.  I hope this will not happen but its almost always never wrong.  It can also be a very important person, ie, President, Pope, etc a person who affects the lives of many and or family member or extended family.

Since my last update there has been numerous quakes but no major events.  The timeline for the last major quake, I am happy to say passed with only a 6.3 event so that is good. To extend that, the new timeline started 2 days after the old one expired.  This one is from April 15th thru the 22nd  plus or minus 12 hrs.  There has been small quakes, moderate quakes and even some larger event but again nothing major.
The symptoms that have plagued most sensitives since the last update are headaches/ sharp and mild heart pains, both right and left sides, earaches again, both R and L sides, shoulder blade pains, R and L side, as well as full upper back pains, stomach pains, R leg pains and then the last 24 hours L leg pains, * charlie horses* R and L rib pains, and low back pains into the sacrum, seismic flu, solar flu and vertigo… and Chile.

So I will start at the beginning.


Headaches, always present in one way or another, temple to temple N and or Central CA inland and or offshore.  Similar headaches may be tied into offshore Oregon events.   Then we have the back of head pains, these are without question volcanic in origin.  L side I have found goes with the Cascades, Indonesia, Mexico, Sicily, and offshore Axial Seamount.  The R side back of head pains would be Philippines, AK, Russia, Kamchatka, Montserrat and others… then we have full back of head involvement which would be more HI ….
Mexico can also  cause all over headache mostly over front top of head..  All of these have shown up in the last 2 weeks.
There has been numerous quakes in Alaska since the last update.

Heart, the main areas for heart pains, sharp in nature are Mexico and parts of Southern CA,  Washington State and Hawaii… mild or achy heart pains go with offshore OR/CA and some volcanic activity, some geothermal locations like “ The Geysers “  like Etna and Kamchatka/Iceland etc.. 

Southern CA into Mexico and Mexico proper includes Imperial Valley ie, Borrego Springs, and El Centro, as well as Gulf of CA and Baja CA MX.

With sharp heart pains and the Landers quake zone which includes Yucca Valley and or Joshua Tree…  which can cause the achy heart pains

As stated as well as offshore activity of both Oregon and California.. WA state has sharp heart pains.

Washington State has experienced a large number of quakes but nothing of size, just lots of smaller events.  There has been a few near Seattle but most are/were further towards British Columbia and closer to Mt St Helens.

Speaking of
St Helens, I will be adding the quake report here.. only 8 quakes

Mt Hood, 1 event noted within 30 days

Mt Rainier, 8 quakes

Newberry Crater 0

Washington Quakes…29 quakes since the 14th of April 2017

Oregon offshore Waldport  4 events on the 15th of April.. * Offshore Oregon coast less than 40 miles from Newport Oregon.

One Ferndale and one Rio Dell, CA on the 18th of April..

Largest 4.2 off Bandon on the Southern OR Coast on the 11th of April
And 3.8 at Waldport on Central Oregon Coast

Much smaller event near Ferndale on the 18th..

Earaches,  The R earache has been on and off for several days and picked up again in the last 2 days.. this would be more like Taiwan, Leeward, Windward, Trinidad and Virgin Islands, as well as Antigua and Barbuda * in checking I found these last two locations are part of the Leeward Islands and that would trigger the same symptoms as Taiwan, etc..  Myself and others reported having some R ear involvement with the quakes in Antigua and Barbuda.. similar to Mt Hood symptoms..
The L earache is more like China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India /Nicobar/Andaman Islands and *Nepal * this last one has the L side earaches of India but also includes a stomach ache.

Shoulder blades,  R side is Kuril Islands and L side is Japan but can go a bit further including some Aleutian quakes.
 Full upper back shoulder blade pains, is Indonesia, this can include various locations including Java, Jakarta, Irian Jaya, Halmahera, Celebes, Sulawesi and Sumatra and Banda Ache  and many more but these are the most common locations some of these since the last update.

Stomach pains, there are several different kinds and I will address a few of them.  The Sierras is what I term the “ green apple bellyache “ and then we have the Borrego Springs stomach pains like Nepal is sharp into the stomach almost feels like small electrical shocks, the stomach pains of Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree, which go with seismic flu… and the stomach pains involved with solar flu… I have experienced all of these variations since the last update.

Leg pains,   The R side is Peru/ Brazil and or Columbia and Guatemala and the L side is Ecuador and Guatemala.
A few days ago I had major charlie horses on my R leg, It took about 15 minutes to get the leg so I could move it freely so that would have been Peru,Brazil, Columbia and or Guatemala, and then the L leg cut loose a couple of days later and this would have been Ecuador and or Guatemala.

They can hit the ankle, calf, knee, and or hip area.

Ribs,   The R ribs are part of what I call “ The Domino Islands “ and  can include Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Marianas, Admiralty, Marshal, Caroline, Santa Cruz, Solomons and Vanuatu.. the pain can be from just under the arm all the way to just below the waist.
The L side is Oceania and includes but is not limited to Australia, New Zealand N and S Islands, Christchurch and Papua New Guinea including New Ireland and New Britain as well as Eastern New Guinea Papua New Guinea and the Kermadec Islands.

Low back pains,  This is an area that goes with *seismic flu, and goes mostly with the Wasatch/New Madrid Fault Lines, some of the Landers quake zone and parts of Southern CA into Mexico.  It can include pain into the sacrum and at times includes stomach pains.

*Solar Flu, this one is just like it sounds.  Its brought on my solar activity of our Star/Sun.  Depending on the kind of an event, it can change the symptoms.  Pressure in the sternum is classic, it goes into the back and then at times it goes into the stomach… this goes between the sternum and the navel… pressure and pain can be from mild to severe. The latter makes it difficult to breathe.. can affect the heart with some events.
If the event is a filament collapse/eruption or full or partial halo as well as a major CME, there can be heart burn and at times there can be discoloration of skin where its touched by metal especially Gold.

There has been days of solar flu since the last update. Solar sunspot number 2644 * Now 2651 * was most likely the cause and then it finally went behind the sun only to work its way back around this time and once again we are at the mercy for lack of a better word of this sunspot.  They have given it a new number but its well known for causing C and M class flares and could even spark a X class flare.  There was a filament collapse which I reacted to intensely but it was on the back side of the sun.. the last couple of days, things have been blessedly peaceful in the solar flu department, so I am not looking forward to another round of attacks. I just checked the Solar Ham site as I have had some heart burn, the KP Index which has been green/calm had a Red Bar which tells me that the solar storms are beginning.  The report is that a long duration CME was ejected from the sun but was not earth directed. So that’s good news.  This is the time to keep your Lecithin and antacids handy, stock up on the Peppermint Tea and soda crackers.

The Chile Connection, this one is a bit different, although there are symptoms that go with Chile and are hard to ignore, there are also in this case and as far as I am aware the only location that causes an emotional response as well.
L side eye pains, frontal headache, and neuralgia.  Then the emotional responses of anger, road rage, over reaction to events, suicides, domestic violence, shootings, murders and timing of some events such as timing of terrorist attacks.
Today is the 9
th day since my last update.  I don’t mean to be so long between updates but I need to wait till I feel its important to send out an update and then I just do it.. this morning is one such time. Since its been so long since the last update, I will only cover the last 72 hrs. of activity in any detail. There has been many quakes since the 10th that I could list but they are long past.  I will list a few of them that I sent out a email to this or that person/sensitive so it would be my confirmation.

Linda.. CA these quakes are near Corona and as you can see, can be part of quarry explosions but these are close to Murrieta Hot Springs.
I had a interesting experience that happened near Murrieta Hot Springs.

35 miles to Murrieta Hot Springs from the Quarry… I feel that there is a definite connection to the Hot Springs

Since it’s Murrieta and that is/could be why I am feeling volcanic..

I recall stopping at Murrieta when I was on my way to Southern CA to lecture and was so sick the closer I got to the location that

when I arrived, I went in where I was pre registered and told them to keep the deposit, I could not stay there.. the further away I drove, the more the symptoms

Abated.  I later figured out due to the hot springs, my body was picking up on them like volcanic activity.  Might be a good reason for me not to be around large complexes of Geothermal production, same symptoms I am sure would be felt but even more so.

I deleted the ones that were not quarry or near Loma Linda and or Murrieta Hot Springs.

        y/m/d     h:m:s     deg     deg     km

3.1 2017/04/14 07:14:34 34.040N 117.240W 18.0    2 km ( 1 mi) ESE of Loma Linda, CA

1.4 2017/04/13 13:37:30 33.859N 117.504W  2.2    1 km ( 1 mi) NNW of Quarry at CORONA  (Probable quarry explosion)

 1.2 2017/04/13 12:28:35 33.639N 117.155W -0.5    9 km ( 5 mi) N   of Murrieta Hot Springs, CA

 1.2 2017/04/13 12:28:11 33.842N 117.487W  2.6    1 km ( 1 mi) SE  of Quarry at CORONA  (Probable quarry explosion)

 1.0 2017/04/13 04:23:11 34.049N 117.252W 15.2    1 km ( 1 mi) E   of Loma Linda, CA

 1.1 2017/04/12 14:23:34 34.022N 117.224W 17.0    5 km ( 3 mi) SE  of Loma Linda, CA

1.0 2017/04/11 12:16:28 33.671N 117.135W -0.5    9 km ( 6 mi) W   of Quarry at EASTSIDE RES. (Probable quarry explosion)

 1.3 2017/04/11 12:03:56 34.992N 118.185W -0.8    2 km ( 1 mi) SW  of Quarry at TPO-DBM  (Probable quarry explosion)

 1.4 2017/04/11 08:58:33 33.858N 117.489W -0.5    1 km ( 1 mi) NE  of Quarry at CORONA  (Probable quarry explosion)

 0.9 2017/04/11 08:42:06 34.040N 117.237W 18.4    2 km ( 1 mi) ESE of Loma Linda, CA

 1.0 2017/04/11 06:24:04 33.996N 117.246W 13.9    6 km ( 4 mi) SSE of Loma Linda, CA

1.8 2017/04/10 15:53:35 34.023N 117.231W 15.9    4 km ( 2 mi) SE  of Loma Linda, CA

1.2 2017/04/10 12:07:20 34.050N 117.355W -0.3    0 km ( 0 mi) W   of Quarry at SLOVER  (Probable quarry explosion)

 1.3 2017/04/10 12:05:59 34.983N 118.194W -1.0    4 km ( 2 mi) SW  of Quarry at TPO-DBM  (Probable quarry explosion)

 1.4 2017/04/10 10:10:45 33.819N 117.482W -0.5    4 km ( 2 mi) SSE of Quarry at CORONA  (Probable quarry explosion)

There are some quakes that I will report on..
The Geysers, since my last update we have had 200 plus quakes.  This is a clear indication that a quake over 4.0 should hit within 12-24 hrs, 72 hrs. at the most, should being the operative word,  the quakes are still over 200 quakes but we still have not had a quake of  the targeted 4.0 or greater, inland or offshore N and or Central CA…including The Sierras.
If you want to read the rest of my update please sign up for my FREE Email Updates at or use the link on this blog.
You can also call me anytime at 503-999-5745 voice or text.. 24 hrs. I appreciate questions, feedback and or observations.

Charlotte King Salem, OR April 19, 2017 5:02 AM Just for Confirmation below this point… new information with Meclizine ….  This will not be a regular thing but some are asking how do we know you are actually forecasting this or that quake. This will show what I said and some of the events that have happened. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Also do not take Meclizine if you are pregnant, or might get pregnant, it can cause death or sever damage to the fetus.

BLOG.  The address is  you can go there and read a synopsis of the days’ seismic activity and there is a page of Links, and precursors as well as one with a short length feature of my life, and one page to thank specific people for the special help they have given me.

If you are sensitive, keep your Lecithin and TUMS and Peppermint Tea and Soda Crackers Handy.. as I found out in the previous solar storms this last week, the SOLAR FLU attacks can and do hit instantly without warning.  The key is to take your supplements as soon as any symptoms appear. ” REMEMBER I AM NOT A DOCTOR, AND THESE SYMPTOMS CAN MIMIC A HEART ISSUE SO BE VERY CAREFUL AND SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS IN SEVERE FORM OR FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME “

For anyone who is sensitive to the solar flares as I am,  this is what I recommend, not as a doctor but as a biological sensitive. Lecithin and TUMS, Peppermint Tea, and soda crackers   it has worked for many people who react to these events.

If you are in KS and or TN, AR, AL, and or MO , the New Madrid System I would be very watchful for more quakes, be sure you have your Quake Emergency Supplies in a close to you location, this includes medical supplies, personal supplies, change of clothes, pet supplies if applicable and a out of state phone number.  Water and food for at least 3-7 days and batteries for light. Also  know   how to shut off your gas lines, get a key at any hardware store.

With all the recent flares be especially careful about your eyes and skin.  I used to have this on my site but removed it, now  during  the Winter now  I am re-adding it remember with the Sun,  even on overcast days, is too bright so wear your sun glasses, every time you go outdoors wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Go for a product that is an established brand.. don’t go for cheap… some sun screens have been recalled for burning their users.    Sun glasses will stop or at least almost totally stop the chance of getting cataracts’ in your eyes.. the leading cause of cataracts’ is  Sun… even baby’s need eye protection.

Feel Free to Call my cell phone if and or when something shows up something, or ask a question.

I do limited texting.  503-999-5745 if I do not answer, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.  I am   not able to return calls to Canada   But I can call the  other countries ie,  Alaska , Hawaii and US Virgin Islands and other US territories.

I am happy to take calls from 6 AM till 1 AM or anytime if you are reporting a quake or major symptoms, observations.

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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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