Sounds and Ants and Observations April 30, 2017

Note:  Updated May 1, 2017   I thought this had gone out last night but noticed this morning that I had set it for Private instead of public.. another sign of disorientation.
I also accidently deleted all of my April sent files out to March 26, I am so grateful I caught it as that is my  “confirmation ” data base.

There has been 3 quakes in AK this morning. This covers the ants reaction yesterday as well as the N sound being so loud and different.  I also covers my intense carb craving most of the night, mostly bread.  The quakes were near HAINES AK and were 6.3, 6.2 and 4.5, I am hopeful that this will be have a larger event but again based on the ant movement with eggs yesterday I am not ruling this out as well as my stomach is still hurting.
Charlotte King  May 1, 2017  ~ 9:10 AM  * I was not able to upload the video * my apologies.. achy deep L side heart pains as I am closing as well as FROGS a sign there is a 6.5 or greater quake coming so this is not over.

Most of you know how I watch ants to give confirmation of what I am feeling for quake activity.  When the ants are very active something is building if they are carrying their larva which looks like rice, they are leaving the nest and are in fear for their lives and the lives of their babies.  When they disappear like they were never there, then my experience shows that the quake, or volcanic event or even a solar event will happen within 12-72 hrs. but most of the time its 12-24 hrs. or less.  So keeping that in mind, we finally had a day warm enough for me to go out and fill my hot tub which I cleaned out about 2 weeks ago.  I lifted the cover and was almost instantly in the middle of a major ant invasion, most were lone ants but many of them were carrying their egg sacks or larva.   They were going both directions and acted confused.  I did not want to kill them and told them I would not allow them to be at the hot tub.. and I got a small broom and began to brush them off.. into a box and then carried them into the back yard and re deposited them in a safe place.

So with that in mind, I decided to try to video tape the ants and how they are acting.. so this is the video of my ants.. based on past experience something could/should happen tomorrow or the next day but by sure by Wednesday.
I have already set a timeline for a major quake 7.0 or greater between April 26 and May 3rd. 21017 , + or – 12 hrs.   Since I sent out this forecast on the 26th the quake in the Chile was  a hit  I use the magnitude from the West Coast Tsunami Warning Center and they posted it as a 7.2 and I require myself to be at least a 7.0 or I can’t count it.. USGS said it was a 6.9 down sized from a 7.1 this Philippines quake, it was a hit based on the USGS, then the WCTWC upgraded their magnitude. The Chile quake hit on the 24th but was only given a 6.7 magnitude so it was not a hit anyway and I had sent a post to one of my sensitive/subscribers and told her to watch for Chile, more and larger this was following the 5.9 event.  The Official magnitude was 6.9  but the WCTWC gave it a 6.7 so that is my official magnitude and does not meet the /my criteria plus I had not sent out a timeline so was not expecting anything major..  So I’ve  had one hit in my time line but would not be surprised to see at least one more.
I am fairly certain that the ants are responding to  that one more event as well.

There has been a more intense deeper sound in my sound signatures. Its basically N but it vibrates differently.  No sense of location as of yet.

Have been getting some sharp heart pains which go with  S CA into Mexico, Mexico proper,  Borrego Springs, Salton Sea, Japan if over 6.0 and add earaches and you get Italy, Sicily, Greece and well as Palm Springs, Whittier, Pasadena and Burbank/Hollywood. Sharp heart pains and back of head which can be Kilauea in Hawaii..  If you add vertigo and back of head pains you get Washington State…

Some stomach pains, this has been mostly tied into the CA/ NV Sierras and parts of the Landers quake zone as well as parts of the Oregon/Washington Cascades and AK as well as Nepal..  stomach can also be part of the Wasatch/New Madrid fault system.
Had lots of carb craving started again today. In the past this is shown to be a 12-24 hr precursor for larger quakes. Also I am fighting intense sleepiness.
I am sure the ants are reacting to some kind of an event.  I have had 3 quakes I have noted in the last 24 hrs that I would say give some confirmation that a larger quake is on the way.. also earache which also goes with larger quakes, this clarifies in some ways as its always water related when the ears are involved.

Charlotte King
Salem OR ~ April 30, 2017
8:15 PM PDT



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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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