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Its been 16 days since my last update.  Its been a busy time with lots of quakes but nothing that has caused major problems even though there was a 7.2 quake that hit within my last timeline which was April 26 thru May 3rd.  I am going to include some information that may not be of interest to everyone but I feel its important to pass it on.

7.2 29km SW of Burias, Philippines   2017-04-28 20:23:17 UTC

This one caused mostly the R side headache. Along the temple and R side back of head.

Then we had a series of quakes in Chile and more a/s for that area. My heart has been pretty much status quo, except for the recent achy heart pains before the 4.2 offshore S Oregon coast near Bandon OR.. then we have had a series of 40+ quakes in the last 30 days at St Helens but based on my past experience of this mountain/volcano I know the volcanic symptoms and I am not picking up volcanic activity with these quakes, a bit more likely its all part of the usual spring melt of snow and ice and going down small openings in the snow /dome and causing these quakes. ( I am not a geologist or volcanologist this is my personal opinion based on symptoms of past experience )

I have had several days on and off of stomach pains which do relate to volcanic activity and these are at Mammoth Lakes and or in the area of the Long Valley Caldera.  These are the green apple bellyache or an all over bellyache.

This area can include but is not limited to Mammoth, Mono, Bridgeport, Bishop, Coso Junction, Toms Place, Ridgecrest and China Lakes. Quakes at Bishop often tend to lead to quakes at Coalinga area.. this can include such locations as Avenal and Parkfield, with possible connections to Fresno, Bakersfield, Grapevine and Castaic.   All this area causes stomach pains, achy heart pains, headache and ears plugged and popping..

The Geysers have also been busy over 200 each days total for 7 days which picked up just prior to the increase activity in the CA/NV Sierras.  I have noticed in the past when the activity picked up at The Geysers, it also picked up in other locations in CA… more often than not in the Sierras near Mammoth Lakes.

Hawthorne NV has been busy as well but this area seems to get active on a regular basis with little or no effect, although I am sure that the residents of this area might beg to differ with that assessment.

With my past experience being my guide, the areas I consider as “ The Geysers “ include The Geysers, Pinnacles, Gilroy, Los Banos, Tres Pinos, San Juan Bautista and sometimes Healdsburg and Cloverdale can be part of this.  I have also noted recently whenever The Geysers get more active it seems that Cobb CA also has many more quakes.  * Cobb CA is 11 miles from The Geysers *

I rec’d an email this week from a long time subscriber and it concerned me.  I have permission to share but keeping the name out of my thoughts. Back in 1980, when St Helens was very active and I had some name recognition, I could pick up the phone, ( we did not have the internet ) and place a call to USGS at Menlo Park. I could ask for a staff geologist and or regional geologist and I was put through to whoever these geologist who ever they were.   Today the top 3 men I had spoken to are all long retired or no longer with us..

I have been able to call CALTECH or even the head of USGS Reston VA..and always have been able to call through to the Cascade Volcano Center in Vancouver WA and talk to geologist,  it was a time when people answered the phones and not machines.  In some, no many ways I miss that time. Anyway this subscriber emailed me to inform me that a resident a mile or so from her location was surprised to have 2 hot springs, all the sudden break though on his property.

Considering this is not far from Folsom Lake, I was concerned about a possible connection to Mt Lassen volcano about 169 miles away.  This was also a concern because I recall vividly back in 1979,  I had a call from a lady who was with her husband and they were on motorcycles and camping at Mt Hood.  They had hiked in to Bagby Hot Springs which they did on a regular basis and this time it was markedly different. The water once soothing was scalding hot and the steam which they said usually hung about 3-4 feet over the water was going as high as 10 feet.. I did not think much about it other than it was interesting and strange.  It was only 3 months later that St Helens began to show signs of awakening.  Had I known then what I know now, a 3 month lead time could have been given.   So back to the hot springs near Folsom.

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New Timeline  MAY 6 thru 13th plus or minus 12 hrs.

Charlotte King

Salem, OR

May 9, 2017

5:30~6:02  AM PDT



Just for Confirmation below this point… new information with Meclizine ….  This will not be a regular thing but some are asking how do we know you are actually forecasting this or that quake. This will show what I said and some of the events that have happened. Thanks for your patience and understanding.



Also do not take Meclizine if you are pregnant, or might get pregnant, it can cause death or sever damage to the fetus.



BLOG.  The address is  you can go there and read a synopsis of the days’ seismic activity and there is a page of Links, and precursors as well as one with a short length feature of my life, and one page to thank specific people for the special help they have given me through the years of this journey of discovery.

If you are sensitive, keep your Lecithin and TUMS and Peppermint Tea and Soda Crackers Handy.. as I found out in the previous solar storms this last week, the SOLAR FLU attacks can and do hit instantly without warning.  The key is to take your supplements as soon as any symptoms appear. ” REMEMBER I AM NOT A DOCTOR, AND THESE SYMPTOMS CAN MIMIC A HEART ISSUE SO BE VERY CAREFUL AND SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS IN SEVERE FORM OR FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME ”

For anyone who is sensitive to the solar flares as I am,  this is what I recommend, not as a doctor but as a biological sensitive. Lecithin and TUMS, Peppermint Tea, and soda crackers   it has worked for many people who react to these events.

Remember if you are taking prescription medications check with your doctor before trying these various home remedies, this includes the Peppermint tea especially if you are pregnant…… and soda crackers, as well as the Lecithin and TUMS or other antacids.  ( some prescriptions say do not use antacids ) I can only go by what I have found over my 40 years of research but what works for me, may not be the best for or work for you.

The symptoms often mimic a real physical ailment such as heart issues, gall bladder attacks and even stroke, so please see your doctor for any major pain or symptom and be sure you are not in a medical emergency before you assume its biological. 

Solar flu mimics gall bladder, S CA and Mexico mimic heart symptoms/ attacks, and WA and OR events offshore can mimic a stroke as you walk into walls and often slur speech and have a blinding headache.

If you are in KS and or TN, AR, AL, and or MO , the New Madrid System I would be very watchful for more quakes, be sure you have your Quake Emergency Supplies in a close to you location, this includes medical supplies, personal supplies, change of clothes, pet supplies if applicable and a out of state phone number.  Water and food for at least 3-7 days and batteries for light. Also  know   how to shut off your gas lines, get a key at any hardware store.

With all the recent flares be especially careful about your eyes and skin.  I used to have this on my site but removed it, now  during  the Winter now  I am readding it remember with the Sun,  even on overcast days, is too bright so wear your sun glasses, every time you go outdoors wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Go for a product that is an established brand.. don’t go for cheap… some sun screens have been recalled for burning their users.    Sun glasses will stop or at least almost totally stop the chance of getting cataracts’ in your eyes.. the leading cause of cataracts’ is  Sun… even baby’s need eye protection.

Feel Free to Call my cell phone if and or when something shows up something, or ask a question.

I do limited texting.  503-999-5745 if I do not answer, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.   I am   not able to return calls to Canada   But I can call the  other countries ie,  Alaska , Hawaii and US Virgin Islands and other US Terrorities.

I am happy to take calls from 6 AM till 1 AM or anytime if you are reporting a quake or major symptoms, observations.

Terms and Conditions: These As a subscriber you agree.. Not to make predictions in my name without my express permission. Any actions taken by you the reader/subscriber due to my information I have posted, or sent out, is your sole responsibility for those actions and remember if you are experiencing any of the symptoms in severe form or for a prolonged time, get checked out medically. You may be sensitive, but you may also have a life threatening event happening. Remember the life you save, may be your own.  Also remember I am not a medical doctor and I am only sharing what has worked for me and many others in the past.

Donations gratefully accepted..  I was asked by several subscribers to include my address here.  4791 WB Post Drive NE , Salem , OR 97305   

I now have a Paypal account.. this is new to me but I have received numerous emails wondering if I had one and suggesting I get one… so now I do.

My paypal  account name is  charking @  * my email * and just be sure to use the word donation and there are no fees in the US.   My emails are sent out free of charge to share with friends and family.  Please do not repost them in whole or part to any other lists, social or electronic media without my written permission.  Please ask your friends not to as well.

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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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