Yesterday Today and Tomorrow August 19, 2017

Since its been 18 days since my last update, unless it was noteworthy, I will only be covering activity the last week more specifically the last 4 days. I will touch on events within that 18 day period but they have little effect on the symptoms now.

I suspect that solar activity is picking up as I have been getting more pressure the last few hours, since around dinner time,  but now they are turning into major sternum pains and into my back which is classic solar flu © I have not checked, * you know the ostrich with the head in the sand * I was/am hoping if I don’t look it will go away but  I want to be fair on my updates so I am only going by symptoms.

Its 11:07 PM PDT so we can see what, if anything was happening.* had to stop and take meds, pains are getting intense if I don’t take them, I will be sick all day * Just put water in the kettle for Peppermint Tea seems like this one is going to be a major attack. Gladly the intensity does not usually signify the intensity of the events.  Will try to rest a bit and then get this update done.

12:01 AM

Good morning, its been too long since my last update, I am sorry.  I am trying to turn over a new leaf and set some workable guidelines for myself which includes doing some things on a actual schedule which includes these updates.  I will try, and try being the operative word, to put out at least some kind of an update once a week, that’s the way I used to do it and it worked.  I will put out more than one a week if symptoms or events merit an update.  I have in some instances been known to put out 2 or more in one day.  That said I have a couple of things I want to share.

Today is my 71st Birthday and it’s a big day for me, lots of good things happening around that event this year.  One, I am still here J and two after nearly 41 years of being a earthquake sensitive and nearly 37 years of learning what areas correlate to what part of the body and finding more than myself had these same symptoms, banging my fists or in some cases my head against the brick wall of skepticism, disbelief or doubt sometimes bordering on heresy, the good news is that……

I am finally getting some validation in the form of a portion of a Documentary being done on my work and life. I hope I am not over stating this.  I was contacted a couple of years ago by a film director from Belgium and they were in this area and came to see me and we have been in contact over time when they were working on other projects.  I have recently been contacted again and the writer/director, producer and film crew arrive mid September. I am told we will be filming for 4 days. I am so happy about this coming together.   I will share more of this as things progress. This last update, I was feeling major activity, the quakes that actually hit were not 7.0 but close.  But as I have often stated, unless they are 7.0 or greater, I can’t take credit for a accurate forecast.

So another one that did not hit the 7.0 mark, but it always intrigues me when I see that one in the high 6.0+ range does hit in that timeline.  Which shows me my feelings were accurate but the magnitude was a bit off.

Since my last update the weather has been mostly hot. We had 12 straight days over 90 and 3 near 100 before we had a break last Saturday night Sunday with rain. Not a lot but enough to cool it down and help clear out the smoke from at least 4 forest fires.  This is a concern with the major total solar eclipse to be viewed here on Monday.

Salem Oregon, my city,  is the first city in the US to view the eclipse in its totality. I am not forgetting Lincoln City and Dallas, Corvallis and others but they are referring to more than 100,000 people. Its been crazy here, traffic, grocery shopping and highways like parking lots at times, even running out of gas at several stations.  I just hope we get through this event with joy, peace and awe..  which is what it deserves.

The last couple of days the sun has been more active again and I have been picking up on it again, for me with solar activity it seems that I am picking it up about 12 hrs before the event and with some of the larger flares, CME’s, Full or partial Halos and or filament collapses, it has on occasion been 24 hrs in advance. We have had Red Bars on the KP Index more often. * as noted above * I know the last few days I have had more pain and pressure in the chest before the flares and eruptions on the sun. Peppermint Tea and soda crackers are almost a staple now as is the Lecithin and antacids like “ Tums “ and others.

I am happy to report that the activity in and around Mammoth Lakes has calmed down immensely.  Where we were getting 400+ quakes for 7 days we are down to about 171 to 210 my last check. They have not deleted the last day yet.  Yesterday we had 171 and before that 131… the stomach pains definitely had been a daily symptom.  But again this has calmed down some. I have been getting so much of the L side headache and eye pains and still some slight neuralgia for Chile. The quakes in that area continue and some include Bolivia and Argentina.  The anger, road rage, timing of terrorist attacks, over reaction to events, shootings, suicides and domestic violence all have been higher with this activity.

The recent incidents at Charlottesville and Barcelona come to mind and  No Chile did not cause the events but it definitely could have had an impact on those involved, and the mindset of the crowds. So I keep hoping that Chile will calm down but I continue to see more quakes in that area.   Still getting on and off L and R earaches. This is China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India/Nicobar and Andaman Islands as well as Nepal * with this area add stomach pains * Then we have R earaches which is Taiwan, Leeward, Windward, Trinidad and Virgin Islands.  Both have been giving symptoms and both have had events in the last week.

We had activity at the Bogoslof Volcano in the Aleutians  R side back of head and frontal R side headache

There was also had L side back of head and full upper back across the shoulder blades this is Indonesia and the Sinabung Volcano.
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I use my body to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world and teach others how to do it as well. I have been doing this since 1976 and have accurately predicted major quakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 with the prediction for Mt St Helens major eruption I was 12 minutes off.
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