Yesterday Today and Tomorrow July 18, 2017

Its been an interesting week.  Many quakes in various locations since my last update.     I tried to remove those who sent me an email if I missed you, please bear with me and I will try to get your name removed as soon as possible. Thanks to a generous donation from a friend and subscriber in Oceania I will be able to get my other laptop hard drive cloned sooner than I thought. There have been about a half dozen notable quakes since my last update on the 7th. They are as follows… with symptoms and reports… the first one was following another bout of L rib pains.  Oceania will cause these symptoms and I was getting reports from others with similar or same symptoms.  Some, like myself was experiencing the L rib pains and I was also feeling enough vertigo to take Meclizine .   I was not really so dizzy as I was spacey or disorientated.  The ants were extremely active and then they were gone… less than 12 hrs later.. 6.6 near Auckland NZ  on the 11th.. the ants came back and I for the most part I was ok. Then I began to notice the symptoms again, I was expecting an a/s for NZ but although there were enough of those, this quake hit in a different area but again Oceania.

M 6.6 – AUCKLAND ISLANDS, N.Z. REGION – 2017-07-11 07:00:07 UTC * more L rib pains * Ant invasions *

6.4 Taron Papua New Guinea.. on the 13th..  so we had 2 events to watch for a/s and they came as expected but nothing of size.. although both of them could have another series of a/s between the 29th of July and the 5th of August.

M 6.4 – NEW IRELAND REGION, P.N.G. – 2017-07-13 03:36:08 UTC  * major L rib pains  especially at the level of the lowest rib * I had been experiencing the low back pains about 2 days and again, I was on alert, based on numbers of emails, texts and calls.  The main symptoms were low back pains, into the sacrum and seismic flu.  This time most of the pain has been intestinal variety not only by me, but many others who also reported similar symptoms.  With all the activity at Yellowstone area MT. I was watching the Wasatch or New Madrid and was not surprised to see a that the activity was picking up again in OK.  More drilling based on my last check into new and or ongoing projects.  This one was smaller but definitely a shock.

M 4.0 – WESTERN MONTANA – 2017-07-17 08:49:49 UTC * USGS reports an upgrade to 4.7 on this event * Although there has been numerous quakes in this area, the quake activity has calmed down some and the numbers of quakes near Yellowstone National Park have also decreased.  Low back pains into the sacrum and seismic flu is common with this area. * there has been over 1200 quakes in recent weeks in this area of MT*

4.2 near Stroud OK.. on the 14th.   So they are now due for an a/s of this quake between now and the 21st.

M 4.2 – OKLAHOMA – 2017-07-14 13:47:35 UTC

Then the next one is due between the 1st and 8th of August.

The ants had been going crazy, into everything. I was going into my high sugar/carb craving mode, into everything. Snack bars, corn chips, tacos, lots of water melon, * for the sugar * and Boscotti’s my downfall I even went outside at almost dark on Saturday night and picked some blueberries and cooked them into a compote and I made crepes with blueberries and whipped cream Sunday AM.. it was all about the carbs and sugar.. then I was so intensely sleepy.  I had to go out so took at Meclizine, I am grateful that I don’t get sleepy from this ATC medication.  I woke about 3 times during the night Sunday with leg pains, mostly on the R side Charlie Horses in the calves.  My husband was also reporting leg pains as were at least 4 of my subscribers.  My main symptom was stomach pains, this has been going on for several days and with all the activity at Mammoth Lakes, no wonder but it was not Mammoth causing my other feelings.  Yes I was responding to all the quake activity but do not get the sense its anything but more drilling. Sunday afternoon I had a burst of energy and checked and apparently the ants did too as they were all over the counter, sink and wall.. after dinner I was so sleepy, thought it was due to the lack of sleep the last few days due to the stomach pains but it was that over whelming sleepiness that I sometimes get before a larger event.  Fixed dinner, again carbs and then after my husband went to bed, he too was more sleepy than usual and I fell asleep… woke and watched tv a while about 10 PM and then watching TV about 11:30 I was hit with one intense sharp heart pain.. it was on the L side and took my breath away. No other pains followed so relaxed.

Checked the KP Index which had been very active with the G2 solar storm and although we were in RED on the KP index, I was not overly affected. But a hour later we went into yellow and that all changed.  Lecithin and TUMS © were my choice of supplements.  30 minutes later all the symptoms had gone. Went to get some water and noticed  Ants all gone, this was on the 16th.

Noticed stalled cars on the highway on the way to mom in laws on Sunday AM. Balance/vertigo being affected. Many are also reporting this from here and in Oceania. I am sure that the solar storm added to the symptoms or intensity of same but I do not believe that this current storm had anything to do with the major quake on Monday.

I do however believe that the solar storms do affect the activity at “ the Geysers “ and this, with CA being in the center of The Geysers, can affect some of the activity at Mammoth and I am sure since there are hot springs can also affect the activity at Yellowstone not in a volcanic threat instance but in just normal quake activity instance.

Well the 2nd photo here is a clear indication of why I had solar flu again yesterday about 4 PM.. this is when I was going on my errand and had to pull off the road and take the supplements, and before I knew about the Russian quake about 1 ½ hours later. As I have shared before, its not always just the Red on the KP Index that can cause major symptoms, sometimes its also the Yellow bars that proceed or follow the Red bars.  Back into green but again, I am not feeling this is over.  We will see.Again major stomach pains.  So it was wait and see.. there was a 6.2 or 6.6 in Russia, depending who is reporting near 4 AM PDT.  I checked when I got up to get something to nibble on, and the ants were not in sight no where so I was sure it was not over.  I thought about the sharp heart pains I had experienced on Sunday night and wondered if there was a connection the stomach pains had also increased.  Checked the reports and although there has been numerous quakes in areas that cause the stomach pains as a precursor this felt different since it did not include low back pains.  So I thought maybe volcanic, checked Mammoth and it had actually calmed a bit.

M 6 .2 – KOMANDORSKIYE OSTROVA REGION – 2017-07-17 11:05:09 UTC * some links reporting this as a 6.6 *

Headache which felt volcanic in origin hit between 4:30- 6 AM Monday AM..  not sure of the time but it woke me up.  It was mostly over the eyes and on the R side.  This would be volcanic and AK? Also there has been lots of activity at the Bogoslof Volcano in the Aleutians and this area also caused lots of stomach pains and the symptoms together being volcanic headache and stomach pains made me wonder about that area.. as well as Landers quake zone of CA and Big Bear even the Wasatch and New Madrid.  Fell back asleep for about a hour and woke with intense stomach pains. Drank hot sweet Peppermint Tea. Was surprised to see that my vision was fairly decent the last few days. Some persons are reporting vision issues but I noticed the exact opposite. So I feel that OR is ok.  But early on Sunday evening I had a slight increase in blurred vision … as I told a couple of other sensitive subscribers, there are some locations other than OR which can cause the eye/vision issues.. these include Simi and Yucca Valley  and I even had some thoughts about Japan, but had not noticed anything for Japan in the past with eye/blurred vision issues.

I had to go out early Monday AM.. was driving down main highway and was hit with the intense stomach pains, same as Sunday night.  Pulled over and took my supplements as it felt volcanic and solar.  So 10 minutes later I was ok. Did my shopping and ran a couple of errands and came home.  Ants are gone again.

Things were quiet as in quiet before the storm.   I had been getting calls and texts from persons in CA, OR, WA and Oceania reporting vertigo, spaciness or balance issues. Now I was walking into walls.  Almost stumbling.  So just went out and sat in the sun for a bit and came in, fixed a light lunch and just decided to watch an old movie. I was getting some low back pains and stomach so watching the New Madrid and or Wasatch.  I had emails from CA and ID with similar symptoms.  Low back pains are most often tied into activity related to the Wasatch * ID, UT, MT, WY and parts of AZ, NM, TX and CO *  with all the quake activity I wondered about MT and WY but not getting any sense of volcanic so no concerns about Yellowstone, but due to intensity of the attack of seismic flu which followed, I am also watching the New Madrid.. especially OK, TN, MO, KS, NY, and IL… it seems like these are the areas where I have been experiencing most symptoms.  The OK quake was also due for an a/s about this time on Monday…

So once again, the sharp heart pains hit about 2 PM, I also had some Japan symptoms, L shoulder blade pains.    Had to run a quick errand about 3:45 and was getting into the car after stopping to pick up the mail.  A friend called from S CA and I decided to sit in the car and chat a bit but when I shut the door the noise was deafening. It was repeated over and over long and short dual tones. I had to open the car door to be able to hear on the cell phone it was so loud.

The short dual tones are not usually common for the N Sound which is Canada, Alaska, Aleutians and Japan * Russia * and with the 2 bouts of sharp heart pains, I was pretty sure we were getting a precursor for a major quake.  I have/had one on the books for a forecast timeline of July 14 thru 22nd plus or minus 12 hrs for a major 7.0 or greater quake.   The sound was similar in intensity to El and San Salvador but totally different in sound signatures. Late Sunday night I had stomach and a few heart jabs. One subscriber/sensitive and I were discussing this and I have to say, there was so many quakes and symptoms I did not list all the locations that could have been included for the symptoms.  One such location I watch and feel intensely was S CA into Mexico and MX Proper.  This includes Mexicali, Calexico, Brawley, Westmoreland, El Centro, Borrego Springs, as well as Ocotillo and Baja CA MX and finally Gulf of CA.. now this is after the fact so but wanted to bring out that there was a 4.1 Gulf of CA event early Monday and then again tonight there was another one this one was 3.4 Baja CA MX

M 4.1 – GULF OF CALIFORNIA – 2017-07-17 05:25:20 UTC  * sharp heart pains and headache *

 M 3.4 – BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO – 2017-07-18 12:32:37 UTC  * sharp heart pains  and headache * Returned home about 5:30 PM Monday afternoon and checked for quakes and noticed there had been a major quake in Russia so checked out the report. That was about 5:52 PM.. based on the UTC time, the quake hit about 8:30 EDT.  So there are many, many aftershocks to this event.  USGS originally came in with a 7.4 and then they upgraded it to a 7.7 but as I have said many times, the WCTWC * West Coast Tsunami Warning Center * gave it a 7.8 and I will use that as the official magnitude for this quake.  Noticed there were several precursors for this event in the 4.0+ range.  We have had several quakes in this area in the last couple of weeks..

M 7.7 – KOMANDORSKIYE OSTROVA REGION – 2017-07-17 23:34:14 UTC  * I will use the 7.8 magnitude for this one *

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Charlotte  King  ©2017


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  1. Christina Eason says:

    Excellent report as usual Charlotte. Really felt it the week before it all happened with severe vertigo and blurred vision. Thank You xx


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